10 Places to Buy Palm Oil Cheap in Nigeria (2024)

Are you searching for the best 10 places to buy palm oil cheap in Nigeria? Look no further than this post.

Palm oil is easily one of the most important components of Nigerian dishes. We use this oil to prepare a wide range of delicacies, from local dishes to snacks and intercontinental dishes. This is why palm oil is in very high demand throughout the year across all states.

With a product in very high demand, it is likely to be costly. Despite the high cost of palm oil, there are still parts of Nigeria where you can buy this product at cheap prices. In this post, we will show you the best 10 places to buy palm oil cheap in Nigeria.

10 Places to Buy Palm Oil Cheap in Nigeria

Best 10 Places to Buy Palm Oil Cheap in Nigeria

Palm oil is one of Nigeria’s most in-demand food products, and it is easy to see why. We make use of this product to prepare most of our delicacies. If you want to purchase palm oil for resale purposes, it is essential that you purchase it at very affordable prices. To this end, we have compiled a list of the best 10 places to buy palm oil cheap in Nigeria. Our list is split into offline and online locations.

Best Offline Locations to Buy Palm Oil Cheap in Nigeria

There are several locations in Nigeria where you can buy palm oil at very affordable prices. The reason for this is that the product is produced in these locations. Here are the best offline locations to purchase palm oil cheap in Nigeria:

Ebonyi State

The palm oil in Ebonyi State is very high quality and has great taste and feel. It is similar in quality to the palm oil from Enugu State, just slightly lesser in quality. Here are the best markets to purchase palm oil cheap in Ebonyi State:

  • Abakaliki International Market
  • Agoi Ibami Central Market
  • Ahia Ofu Market
  • Amebelu Market
  • Biko Biko Market
  • Ebem Daily Market
  • Effium Main Market
  • Egbizum, Morning Market
  • Eke Market
  • Eke Market, Oso Edda
  • Eke Okigwe Market
  • Ijiman Daily Market
  • Ikpa Commodity Market
  • Max‐lysa superstore LTD
  • Mba Ise Market
  • Mgbom Market
  • Ndibe Beach Road, Afikpo
  • New Kpiri Kpiri Market
  • Ngele Market
  • Nkwagu Market
  • Nkwo abo market
  • Nkwo Achara market
  • Obubura Daily Market
  • Ohaji Egbema Market
  • Okwo Ngbo Market
  • Omege Market
  • Onueke Market
  • Rijo Untonko Market
  • Umunze St, Ntezi Abba, Abakaliki

Enugu State

Enugu State has one of the best qualities of palm oil you will find in Nigeria. From the color to the taste and scent, everything about the palm oil here speaks of high quality. This is probably why the palm oil here is a little more expensive than what is obtainable in other locations mentioned on our list. Regardless, it is still quite affordable and worth every kobo spent. Check below for the best markets in Enugu State to buy palm oil:

  • Afor Opi Market
  • Amahausa Mini Market
  • Eke Agbani, Market
  • Eke‐Aku Market
  • Eke‐Aku Market
  • Eke Mgbowo Daily Market
  • Eke‐Obinagu Market
  • Eke otu
  • Gariki Market Enugu
  • Nkwo Inyi Market
  • Ogbete Main Market
  • Oji River Main Market
  • Old Artisan Market
  • Opi Junction Market
  • Udi market
  • Ugbo‐Odogwu Market

Imo State

The palm oil from Imo State is very delicious and healthy. Also, the palm here is quite more affordable than you will find in most of the other locations on our list. The only issue is that it may not be the same high quality as what you get in places like Enugu and Ebonyi. This doesn’t mean you won’t get great value for your money. Here are the markets in Imo State where you can buy palm oil affordably:

  • Afor‐ajala market
  • Afor Inyishi ﴾Ikeduru﴿
  • Afor Ogidi ﴾Orlu﴿
  • Ahia Mgbirichi
  • Ahia Ohoda
  • Eke Obodoukwu Market ﴾Ideato North﴿
  • Eke Oforola market square
  • Eke Oha Market Onicha ﴾Ezinihitte, Mbaise﴿
  • Eke Opuma
  • Eke Umuagwo
  • Mission Market Ezedibia
  • Nkwo Amafor
  • Nkwo‐Idemiri Amankwo Ebenator
  • Nkwo Ihitte Market
  • Nkwo Mmahu
  • Nwaorieubi Market
  • Obinze Vegetable Market
  • Orie Abacheke
  • Orieagu Market
  • Orie Umuokanne
  • Orlu Market
  • Ukwarasu Market

Abia State

Abi State is one of the best locations to purchase palm oil at very affordable prices. You can purchase from here in commercial quantities, which makes this location advisable for palm oil merchants. Here are the main palm oil markets in Abia State.

  • Umuahia Ultramodern Market
  • Ahia Ohu Market

Anambra State

Anambra State is another location where you purchase palm oil at very cheap prices. There are several markets scattered across the State where you can buy this product. The list below shows the top locations within the State:

  • Afor‐ Udo Nanka
  • Azuiyi Udene, Abakaliki
  • Eke Awgbu Market
  • Eke Market Amichi
  • Eke Market Umuokpu Awka
  • Eke Nibo Market
  • Ekenweje Market
  • Eke Oyinbo market And Park, Amawbia
  • Ezi Ibi Market
  • Nkwo Market
  • Nkwo Market, Omor
  • Okijah Market
  • Orie Achina Market
  • Ùgwù Órìè Market
  • Ugwu Orie Market Ozubuku
  • Uke Market

Best Online Platforms to Buy Palm Oil Cheap in Nigeria

Aside from the physical locations mentioned above, you can also purchase palm oil from online platforms at very affordable prices. This method is preferable for people who just want to purchase palm oil for personal use. When you purchase from online platforms, the product will likely be delivered to your location.

Excess raw foods

This platform allows you to purchase a wide array of raw foods including palm oil. The oils sold on this platform are of very high quality and healthy. You can visit their website, add the product you want to your cart, and make payment.


This platform connects sellers of palm oil to buyers. It is perfect if you want to purchase palm oil in large quantities, especially for export purposes. Simply visit their website, choose the product you want, and connect to the seller to make payment.

Mile 12 Market Online

Mile 12 online, as it is fondly called, is a great online platform for purchasing palm oil and other food products online. The products you purchase will be delivered to your location at a little extra cost. Click here to buy palm oil from this platform.


Jiji is famous for connecting buyers to sellers in Nigeria. You can purchase all kinds of items from this platform, including palm oil. Simply download the app and search for palm oil in the quantity you want. Connect to the seller and negotiate the deal. Usually, the product will be delivered to you, but this depends on your agreement with the seller. We will advise that you make sure of the product before you pay the seller for the transaction.


The final platform on our list is Konga. This platform allows you to purchase different kinds of items, palm oil inclusive. Go on the platform, and select the product of your choice. Add the product to your cart and pay for it.


That’s it for the 10 best places to buy palm oil cheap in Nigeria. This post has shown you both offline and online locations. Do you know of any other locations? Tell us in the comments section.