1115 Diesel Engine Prices in Nigeria (December 2023)

Agriculture is a very important aspect of human existence. How would we eat without agriculture? More than just feeding, agriculture is a source of income, not just for individuals, but for whole nations. Over the years, we have seen how technology has revolutionized the agricultural sector. We no longer have to use hoes and cutlasses to till and clear large expanses of land. There are different machinery to handle several agricultural processes.

How do we power these agricultural machinery? In most parts of the world, including Nigeria, we make use of diesel engines to power agricultural equipment. There are different sizes of diesel engines on the market including the 1115 diesel engine. This post will answer questions about the price of this engine, show you the most popular products on the market, and discuss a few other important facts about this subject.

1115 Diesel Engine Prices in Nigeria

1115 Diesel Engine Prices in Nigeria

Do you have a farm and are planning to purchase agricultural equipment to improve your processes? Have you been wondering how much it would cost to get an 1115 diesel engine to power your agricultural machinery? This section will provide answers to your question.

Before you set out to purchase a new diesel engine for your farm, you need to find out the current prices on the market. Doing this helps you to weigh your options so that you can invest in the right product. We understand how difficult surveying the market for prices can be, especially for items like 1115 diesel engines. This is why we took out time to help you out. The list below shows some of the popular 1115 diesel engines on the market and their current prices.

  • 1130 Original Sifang Diesel Generator Engine With Key Starter: From N490,000
  • 195 Original Sifang Diesel Generator Engine With Key Starter : From N370,000
  • 175 Original Sifang Diesel Generator Engine With Key Starter:From N200,000
  • Automatic 1115 Diesel Engine With Alternator 10kva: From N650,000
  • 1115 Fagge Diesel Engine: From N426,000
  • Sifang 1115 Diesel Engine:From N680,000
  • 30kva Sifang DIESEL Soundproof Generator 100% Coil :From N750,000
  • 30kva Original Sifang Diesel Generator With Key, 100%Copper :From N950,000


Kindly note that these prices are subject to changes depending on the fluctuations experienced in the market. Such price fluctuations could result from the exchange rate, customs duty, haulage costs, and government policies to mention a few. We will constantly be on the lookout for the latest prices and update this post once we notice any. Also, have in mind that you may experience slight price variations depending on your location.

Advantages of Using Diesel Engines in Agriculture

As mentioned above, diesel engines have been used more in the powering of agricultural pieces of machinery. There is always the debate regarding why diesel engines are being chosen ahead of gasoline engines. This debate is even more profound now that diesel prices are skyrocketing.

For several years, most farmers preferred to stick to gasoline engines. To them, gasoline engines were better, but their standpoint began changing with further research and experience. There are several reasons why many experts are placing diesel engines ahead of gasoline engines, especially in agriculture. This section will beam light on a few advantages of using diesel engines in agriculture.

Less maintenance

Unlike gasoline engines, diesel engines come with fewer moving parts. What this means is that there are fewer engine parts that will suffer wear and tear. Asides from this, diesel engines don’t work with spark plugs or distributor caps like their gasoline counterparts. This means two parts that you won’t have to worry about changing during the lifetime of the machine. Overall, experts state that a diesel engine is far more durable than a gasoline engine and is expected to last longer. When you are buying an engine for use in your agricultural business, you need this sort of assurance. At least, you know that you don’t have to shell out money now and then to purchase a new engine to power your machinery.

More horsepower and torque

For many people, this is the most obvious advantage of using diesel engines for agricultural purposes. It is easy to picture this when you look around and see the kind of vehicles that make use of diesel engines. Every one of these vehicles presents a lot of horsepower and torque. By the way, it is impossible to separate both factors as they work hand-in-hand. Torque refers to the rotating force of a machine’s shaft that produces work. This work is the horsepower and it refers to how much an engine can do. Using diesel engines means that you can generate a lot of horsepower and torque, far more than you will get with gasoline engines.

Fuel efficiency

When you want to pick an engine for your agricultural work, one factor that comes high on the list is fuel efficiency. Nobody wants to purchase an engine that consumes so much fuel as it will eat deep into your capital outlay for your business. The good news with diesel engines is that they come with a highly efficient compression-ignition system. What this means is that the engine heats the air in the cylinders using the high compression system. The result of this process is combustion. Higher compression translates to a higher internal temperature which results in higher energy output and less fuel consumption. In the end, diesel engines consume less fuel than gasoline engines to perform the same set of tasks.

Specifications of 1115 Diesel Engines in Nigeria

Another factor that you must consider when choosing diesel engines is their specifications. We have checked the specifications of some of the engines on our list and put them together in this section.

Diesel Engine with Key Starter 1115 Model

  • Item Type: Diesel engine
  • Model: 1115 Model
  • Item Condition: New
  • Starting Method: Hand cranking/Electric starting
  • Features: single-cylinder, 4-stroke
  • Weight: 180000 grams

Changfa ZS1115GN Diesel Water-cooled Engine

  • Ignition Mode: Compression-Ignition
  • Speed: Speed
  • Cooling Cylinder: Water-Cooled
  • Intake Pressure Impulse: Naturally Aspirated
  • Piston Movement: Reciprocating
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Model NO.: ZS1115GN
  • Number of Strokes: Four-Stroke
  • Cylinder Arrangement Form: L
  • Number of Cylinders: Single-Cylinder
  • Type: Combustion Engine
  • Transport Package: Wooden Case Package
  • Specification: CE, ISO9001
  • Trademark: CHANGWU
  • Origin: China
  • HS Code: 8408909220