4K TV Prices in Nigeria (February 2023)

Tired of boring and regular TV experience? It is time for you to try 4K TVs.  4K TVs not only represent a new age for viewers in terms of the viewing experience, but it also marks an outstanding plus in the technology world. 4K TVs offer a clearer and more detailed view of pictures and smoother motion.

The introduction of 4K TVs has been well embraced in Nigeria, with the large rate of sales of the TV confirming this. This post takes a look at some of the common 4K TVs in Nigeria today and how much they go for.

4k tv prices in Nigeria

Prices of 4K TVs in Nigeria

4K TVs are not as readily available as other types of TV. They can be gotten in selective gadget stores across the country.  They can be gotten directly from various manufacturers and some major distributors across the country. 4K TVs are generally expensive. This section looks at the common and most sought after brands and how much their products go for in the current market.

Hisense 4K TV Prices in Nigeria

  • Hisense 49 Inches Smart UHD 4k Curve TV – From N250, 000
  • Hisense 50 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV – From N223, 200
  • Hisense 55 Inches Ultra HD 4K Curve Television – From N263, 000
  • Hisense 55”QLED UHD Smart 4K TV – From N315, 000
  • Hisense 58”Smart UHD 4K TV– From N288, 900
  • Hisense 65 Inches Ultra HD 4K HRD Smart Television – From N375, 000
  • Hisense 65”QLED Smart 4K TV– From N580, 000
  • Hisense 70”Smart UHD 4K TV– From N495, 000
  • Hisense 75 Inches Ultra HD 4K Television – From N650, 000
  • Hisense 100′ inches 4K Ultra HD Smart Laser TV– From N3.5 million

Sony 4K TV Prices in Nigeria

  • Sony 43″ 4k/Ultra High Dynamic Range Android TV– From N300, 000 .
  • Sony 50″ 4K Android Smart TV – From N360, 000
  • Sony 55″ 4K Ultra HD Smart TV With Android OS– From N405, 000
  • Sony 65 Inch 4K Android TV With Google Assistant & Chromecast – From N522, 500
  • Sony 70 inches Ultra HD 4K High Dynamic Range (HDR) Smart TV-70 X 7000F – From N650, 000
  • Sony 75 inches KD-75 X 8500F 4K UHD Smart Android LED TV 2019 New Mode – From N850, 000
  • Sony 75” UHD 4K ANDROID SMART TV– From N1,350, 000
  • Sony 77”OLED 4K UHD SMART ANDROID TV– From N3,600, 000
  • Sony 85 Inches Ultra HD 4K High Dynamic Range (HDR) Smart TV-85 X 8500F – From N1.8 million

Samsung 4K TV Prices in Nigeria

  • Samsung 43 Inch UHD Smart Certified 4K TV –From N370, 000
  • Samsung 49 Inch Premium RU7300 Curved Smart 4K UHD TV–From N480, 000
  • Samsung 50 Inch UHD Certified Ultra Slim Crystal Class Smart HDR 4K TV–From N440, 000
  • Samsung 55 Inches Curved 4K UHD Smart TV – From N500, 000
  • Samsung 65 Inch AU8000 Certified 4K Crystal UHD TV – From N698, 000
  • Samsung QLED Q60A 65 Inch UHD HDR+ Ultra Slim Smart 4K TV – From N1,150, 000
  • Samsung 75 Inch AU8000 Certified 4K Crystal UHD 2021 Smart LED TV– From N979, 000
  • Samsung 75 Inch Q60A Smart QLED HDR UHD 4K TV – From N2 million
  • Samsung 82 Inch Crystal UHD Ultra Slim TU8000 4K Smart TV– From N1.7 million
  • Samsung 85 Inch Ultra Slim Certified Class UHD Crystal Smart 4K TV– From N2 million
  • Samsung 85 Inch UHD Certified Q60A Smart QLED 4K TV– From N4.2 million

Polyster 4K TV Prices in Nigeria

  • Polystar 50″ Inches 4K UltraHD Android Smart TV – From N235, 000
  • Polystar 55” Smart Curved Android TV 4K 2022 Model– From N254, 000
  • Polystar 65″ Inch Android Smart 4K FULL HD TV – From N350, 000
  • Polystar 75” Android UHD 4K SMART LED TV PV-JP75E4KSY TV 2021 Model – From N560, 000

LG 4K TV Prices in Nigeria

  • LG 43” 4K UHD Smart Satellite TV + Magic Remote– From N245, 000
  • LG 50″ UHD 4K Smart HDR WebOS Smart AI ThinQ TV + Magic Remote– From N299, 800
  • LG 55″ SMART UHD 4K SATELLITE TV –From N360, 000
  • LG 55” OLED 4K UHD Smart Satellite AI TV With Magic Remote – From N830, 000
  • LG 65″ UHD 4K TV Active HDR WebOS Smart AI ThinQ– From N560,000
  • LG 65” 4K OLED Gallery Design Smart AI ThinQ + Google Assistant & IR Blaster –From N2 million
  • LG 75” SMART UHD 4K SATELLITE TV+Magic Remote – From N710, 000
  • LG 82” 4K UHD Smart Satellite TV+Netflix,YouTube APP & Apple Airplay– From N1.27 million
  • LG 86 Inch UHD 4K TV Large Screen Design 4K Active HDR WebOS Smart AI ThinQ – From N1.24 million
  • LG 86”Inch ULTRA HD 4K Smart TV W/AIThinQ+Netflix,Youtube APP– From N2.19 million

Panasonic 4K TV Prices in Nigeria

  • Panasonic 43 Inch 4K Smart TV Full HD – From N350, 000
  • Panasonic 49 Inch 4K Smart TV Full HD  – From N400, 000
  • Panasonic 50″ LED 4K SMART ANDROID TV– From N500, 000
  • Panasonic 55 Inch 4K Smart TV Full HD – From N550, 000
  • Panasonic 65 Inch 4K Smart TV Full HD  – From N600, 000

Toshiba 4K TV Prices in Nigeria

  • Toshiba 43 Inch 4K UHD Smart LED TV –From N150, 000
  • Toshiba 50 Inch 4K UHD Smart LED TV – From N160, 000
  • Toshiba 55 Inch 4K UHD Smart LED TV – From N190, 000

TCL 4K TV Prices in Nigeria

  • TCL 50″ Google Android 4K Smart TV– From N263, 000
  • TCL 50 Inch Smart Android UHD 4K Ultra Slim HDR Television– From N315, 000
  • TCL 55 Inch Smart UHD Flat Android 4K HDR LED Television – From N390, 000
  • TCL 55 Inches 4K Ultra HD Certified Android Smart QLED – From N500, 000
  • TCL 65 Inch UHD Android 4K LED Television– From N500, 000
  • TCL 75 Inch 4K UHD HDR CERTIFIED ANDROID Smart TV– From N850, 000


It should be noted that the disparity in prices is as a result of certain factors which usually include currency exchange rate, place and period of purchase and other similar factors. Sizes of the televisions are also factors that affect the prices.

The prices of TVs, like most other electronic gadgets, are unstable, even though prices have been stable over the last few years. It should also be noted that prices of gadgets tend to increase during festive periods, especially towards the end of the year. Another common factor is the location. 4K TVs, like most other electronic gadgets tend to be more expensive in cities like Lagos and Abuja than most other parts of the country.

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