American University of Nigeria School Fees (2022)

A person’s education is one of the major factors in defining the development of one’s career. A lot of parents now understandably pay more attention to the kinds of schools they enrol their kids and wards in. Apart from the fact that tertiary institutions are one of the most important and delicate parts of one’s career and academic growth, they also define the student in a lot of other ways.

Government institutions have been the general trademark of quality education and academic excellence when it comes to tertiary institutions but that seem to be gradually changing in recent times. Some private institutions have not only shown they are capable of properly nurturing students and helping them advance their careers, they have also displayed academic excellence and a superb standard of learning. One of these private institutions is the American University of Nigeria, Yola.

american university of nigeria school fees

Situated at the heart of Adamawa state, this private university syndicates academic excellence with a great learning culture and impeccable educational standards. The university, like most other private universities in Nigeria today, run the fastest and smoothest academic calendars. The university is growing so fast and thanks to their American academic calendar and standard if teaching, they are rated among the very best Universities in the country as it stands.

American University of Nigeria School Fees

American University of Nigeria, Yola is one of the private universities that offer both postgraduate and undergraduate degrees. Generally, tuition fees of private universities are the most expensive in Nigeria. This is the same for AUN. In fact, the University rates among the most expensive in Nigeria. You wouldn’t have much to complain about though, given the remarkable environment, learning culture and standards of Lecturers on ground.

Here, we will take a qick look at how much students in various faculties in this university pays. We will break the tuition fees down for both Fall and Spring. We will also consider some basic facts about the institution and why they rate among the very best privates universities in Africa.

Tuition (15 units @ N53, 000/Credit)

  • Fall: N795, 000
  • Spring: N795, 000
  • Total 1, 590, 000


Double Room W/Facilities

  • Spring: N325, 000
  • Fall: N325, 000
  • Total: N650, 000

Double Room W/O Facilities

  • Fall: N228, 000
  • Spring: N228, 000
  • Total: N456, 000

Triple Room W Facilities

  • Fall: N250, 000
  • Spring: N250, 000
  • Total: N500, 000

Triple Room W/O Facilities

  • Fall: N180, 000
  • Spring: N180, 000
  • Total: N360, 000

Average Housing Fee

  • Fall: N245, 750
  • Spring: N245, 750
  • Total: N491, 500


21 Meals/wk (3 meals/day)

  • Spring 2018: N339, 150
  • Fall 2019: N339, 150
  • Total: N678, 300

14 Meals/wk (2 meals/day)

  • Spring 2018: N248, 710
  • Fall 2019: N248, 710
  • Total: N497, 420

7 meals/wk (1 meal/day)

  • Spring 2018 : N136, 850
  • Fall 2019: N136, 850
  • Total: N273, 700

Average Meal Plan

  • Spring 2018: N241, 570
  • Fall 2019: 241,570
  • Total: N483, 140

Other Fees


  • Fall 2018: N35, 000
  • Spring 2019: N35, 000
  • Total: N70, 000


  • Fall 2018: N25, 000
  • Spring 2019: N25, 000
  • Total: N50, 000

Student Activity

  • Fall 2018: N30, 000
  • Spring 2019: N30, 000
  • Total: N60, 000


  • Fall 2018: 10,000
  • Spring 2019: N10, 000
  • Total: N20, 000


  • Fall 2018: 45, 000
  • Spring 2019: 45, 000
  • Total: N90, 000

Graduation Fee (only Graduands)

  • Spring 2019: N20, 000
  • Total: N20, 000

Total Other Fees

  • Fall 2018: 145, 000
  • Spring 2019: 165,000
  • Total: N310, 000

American University of Nigeria: Things You Should Know About the University

American University of Nigeria (AUN) is a private institution of higher education in north-eastern Nigeria that offers undergraduate, graduate and professional courses. The institution is the only American style university in Sub-Saharan Africa as it stands.

Founded in 2004, American University of Nigeria is a located in the rural setting of Yola in Adamawa State. Formally accredited and acknowledged by the National Universities Commission, Nigeria, American University of Nigeria (AUN) offers courses and programs leading to formally accepted higher education degrees including pre-bachelor, bachelor degrees, master degrees, doctorate degrees in several courses and degrees.  This 15 years old higher-education institution has a choosy admission policy centred on undergraduates’ past academic record and grades. The admission rate range is between 30 and 40 percent making the university a very choosy institution.  The university boasts of both local and international students in various fields and offer a very high standard of education in selected fields.

Let us take a look at various schools and courses available in the university, including undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

List of Courses Offered in American University of Nigeria, Yola

School of Arts and Sciences

  • BSc Communications and Multimedia Design
  • BSc Natural and Environmental Science
  • BSc Petroleum Chemistry
  • BA Economics
  • BA International and Comparative Politics
  • BA English Language and Literature

School of Business and Entrepreneurship

Undergraduate level:

  • BSc Business Administration (with specialties)
  • BSc Accounting
  • BSc Finance
  • BSc Marketing
  • BSc Management and Entrepreneurship

School of Law

Undergraduate Level:

  • B (Bachelor of Laws)

School of Postgraduate Studies

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • MSc Business Administration
  • PhD Business Administration
  • Masters in Information Technology
  • Masters in Telecommunications
  • Masters of Information Systems Security Management
  • MSc Computer Science
  • MSc Information Systems
  • PhD Computer Science
  • PhD Information systems

School of Information Technology and Communications

Undergraduate level:

  • BSc Software Engineering
  • BSc Computer Science
  • BSc Information Systems
  • Telecommunications and Wireless Technologies

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