Best Beard Oils in Nigeria & Prices (May 2024)

Having a full beard helps a man make a strong masculine statement. The challenge is that most people find it difficult to grow full beard. One of the best ways to solve this challenge is to make use of beard oils. These oils help to make your beard lustrous and attractive.

The challenge with using beard oils is that there are so many oils on the market. It is quite difficult to pick out one that works. In this post, we will discuss some of the best beard oils in Nigeria and their prices.

Best Beard Oils in Nigeria

Prices of the Best Beard Oils in Nigeria

Using high-quality beard oil consistently will make your beard grow quickly and look great. You can purchase beard oils at top supermarkets as well as online stores. However, it is impossible to try out every product on the market. We understand this and have run a quick survey of the products available. Here is a list of the best beard oils in Nigeria and their prices:

  • Rogaine Beard and Facial Hair Fertilizer: From N16,000
  • Andrea Fast Hair Growth Essence: From N1,500
  • Castor Oil for Beard Hair Growth: From N5,000
  • Wisdom Beards Oil: From N1,500
  • Leven Rose Beard Oil: From N11,000


Note that the prices of these products are likely to change frequently. This change is a result of several factors including market forces, government policies, location, vendors, and raw materials. With these out of the way, let’s discuss these products in more detail.

Best Beard Oils in Nigeria

Many Nigerian men these days want to grow beards. It gives them a sense of pride while making them look appealing to the opposite sex. Growing a full beard isn’t so easy because we aren’t all hairy. There is a solution for those who have been struggling to grow luscious beards. You can make use of beard oils.

The Nigerian market is filled with all kinds of beard oils. Most people complain that they purchase many oils with huge promises, yet there are no results. While such oils exist, some oils have proven to be very potent for growing beards. We have suggested some above, and we will discuss them in more detail in this section.

Rogaine Beard and Facial Hair Fertilizer

Rogaine Beard and Facial Hair Fertilizer are also known as Minoxidil. This product is arguably one of the best on the market for rapid hair growth. The topical application of this product improves hair quality and makes it grow very quickly.

You can make use of Rogaine Beard and Facial Hair Fertilizer for other purposes aside from facilitating beard growth. This product is sold at supermarkets, pharmacies, and departmental stores all over Nigeria. Using this product makes your beard full and silky to the touch.

Andrea Fast Hair Growth Essence

Andrea Fast Hair Growth Essence comes in different package sizes. This product doesn’t just work for beard growth, it is also great for people with receding hairlines. Andrea Fast Hair Growth Essence promises to speed up hair growth by at least 3 times.

This product is manufactured from a formula that is made from 100 percent natural ingredients. Because of this, you can rest assured that it won’t cause any irritation to your skin. Apply Andrea Fast Hair Growth Essence to your beard daily to make it healthy, full, and properly moisturized. Note that both men and women can make use of Andrea Fast Hair Growth Essence.

Castor Oil for Beard Hair Growth

Castor Oil for Beard Hair Growth is one of the most affordable beard oil products in Nigeria today. Despite being so affordable, this product works wonders on the beard. It is no secret that castor oil is very good for hair growth. No wonder this product has castor oil as its major ingredient.

Testimonies abound to the fact that Castor Oil for Beard Hair Growth is very good for growing a full beard. You just need to apply a few drops of this oil over your beard area daily. Soon, you will begin to see results. The hair wouldn’t just grow fast, it will also be full and shiny. Some of the benefits of Castor Oil for Beard Hair Growth include:

  • Rapid hair growth.
  • Scalp treatment.
  • Hair and skin moisturizing.
  • Dandruff treatment.
  • Stomach fat reduction.
  • Skin cleansing.
  • Cures constipation.

It is best to apply this product at night before going to bed. You should wash off the oil in the morning using water and a good shampoo or soap. One of the benefits of this oil is that you can mix it with other hair products.

Wisdom Beards Oil

Wisdom Beards Oil is one of the most efficient beard oils on the Nigerian market. This product is a mix of several essential oils. These oils include hazelnut oil, olive oil, and wheat germ oil. It also contains a huge amount of vitamin E that makes Wisdom Beards Oil healthy for the skin as well. The contents of this product make it perfect for moisturizing the beard and skin. It is also a strong antioxidant that makes the skin look fresh and radiant. Finally, Wisdom Beards Oil comes with an alluring fragrance that makes you smell nice as you step into a room.

Leven Rose Beard Oil

This product is 100 percent natural. Leven Rose Beard Oil is made from brewed was and since it is natural, it hardly irritates. You can also use this product for the skin as it possesses strong antioxidant, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. Leven Rose Beard Oil helps to eliminate dandruff and itching from the beards. This product also possesses very strong moisturizing properties. Using Leven Rose Beard Oil makes your beard grow quickly while making it dark and lustrous.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Beard Oil

Growing a full beard is not an easy task. Beard oils make the job easier but then, you need to find the right oil. Here are a few factors to consider before buying beard oil:

  • It is always better to go for oils made from natural ingredients.
  • Choose known brands over unknown brands.
  • Fragrance
  • Ease of application

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