Best Bottled Water Brands in Nigeria & Prices (2024)

Water sustains life, remember this statement? Well, the bottled water business has become a very huge one in Nigeria and all over the world. There are several brands of bottled water on the market today.

Despite having so many alternatives, it is difficult to pick out one product as the best. Instead, we have carried out a survey of bottled water brands in Nigeria on your behalf. We discuss the brands that we regard as the best along with their prices in this post. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Best Bottled Water Brands in Nigeria

Prices of the Best Bottled Water Brands in Nigeria

There are so many bottled water brands scattered all over Nigeria. You probably haven’t heard the names of some of these brands because they are location-specific. We have tried as much as we can to survey the whole market to check out the top brands all over the country. The list below shows our top picks along with their prices:

  • CWAY Table Water: From N150
  • Aquapac Limited: From N150
  • Eva Table Water: From N150
  • Nestle Bottle Water: From N120
  • Ragolis Bottle Water: From N120
  • SWAN Table Water: From N150


As we mentioned above, these are just a minority of the top bottled water brands in Nigeria. Scarcely do the prices of these products change. They are just about the same price anywhere you find them in the country. However, their prices may differ when you purchase them in big restaurants, clubs, and supermarkets.

Best Bottled Water Brands in Nigeria

Now that you know the prices of these products, let’s look at them in more detail. Before we go ahead, we should tell you the criteria we used in choosing these brands. Basically, they satisfy the qualities of good quality drinking water which include:

  • Odourless (good water shouldn’t have any smell).
  • They don’t contain visible solid particles.
  • Free of contamination and the presence of unhealthy chemicals or toxins.
  • Rich in minerals.
  • Water should be tasteless even though when it satisfies our thirst, we tend to say it tastes good.

Below are our top bottled water brands in Nigeria:

CWAY Table Water

CWAY Table Water is a product of CWAY Nigeria Limited. This product is an innovation to meet the specific demands of the customers. It provides the customer with simplified access to healthy, high-quality bottled table water.

The bottle is pretty attractive and quite compact and portable. At just 750ml or 75CL, you can carry it just about anywhere you desire. This product is great for personal use, home use, and can be served at parties and restaurants. It is also sold in a pack of 12 bottles. CWAY Nigeria Limited also produces dispenser water and sells dispenser machines.

Aquapac Limited

Aquapac Limited produces high-quality bottled water. This company is based in Lagos but has grown to become one of the best producers of bottled water in Nigeria. The bottled water from this company is pure and healthy. It is free from impurities and doesn’t have a taste. You can purchase this product from any top supermarket, restaurant, or hotel within and around Lagos State.

Eva Table Water

Eva Table Water is a bottled water brand that is produced by Coca-Cola. This water is designed to meet the human beings daily need for water. The water passes through several processes to ensure that it is pure and healthy enough for human consumption. It has gone through several tests before being certified as healthy for drinking.

Below is the nutrition chart for Eva Table Water:

  • Calories: 0 calories
  • Total Fat: 0g, 0%
  • Cholesterol: 0%
  • Total Carbohydrates: 0g, 0%
  • Total Sugars: 0g, 0%
  • Protein : 0g, 0%
  • Salt: 0mg, 0%

From the chart above, it is evident that Eva Table Water meets all the requirements for good drinking water. The only ingredient present in Eva Table Water is Purified Water. You can purchase Eva Table Water at supermarkets, roadside stores, departmental stores, hotels, restaurants, etc.

Nestle Bottle Water

Nestle Bottle Water is also known as Nestle Pure Life. This water is gotten from spring water which is regarded as the purest source of water. It has been passed through several processes to ensure that it is clean for human consumption.

Each stage of the production of Nestle Bottle Water has specific tests including sensory, chemical laboratory, and microbiological tests. For Nestle, it isn’t just about the water, but about the packaging. All the packaging materials are passed through several tests as well to ensure 100% quality.

Each of the packaging materials is manufactured to suit food safety requirements. The company selects its suppliers based on certain specified requirements. Nestle shares its know-how on HACCP, NGMP, Analysis, and Quality System methods with all its suppliers.

You can find Nestle Bottle Water in supermarkets, departmental stores, restaurants, pharmacies, and hotels. The physical, hydrological, bacteriological, and chemical control procedures of Nestle make it one of the top bottled water brands in the world.

Ragolis Bottle Water

Ragolis Bottle Water is a product of Ragolis Waters Limited. This company has been on the scene for more than three decades. It is one of the oldest manufacturers of bottled water in Nigeria and one of the best as well.

The company is constantly reinventing and enhancing its standards to meet up the demands of the industry. To confirm the high-quality of Ragolis Bottle Water, the Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON) has awarded the company a prestigious award. This award is the Certificate of Quality Management System. Here are a few reasons why you should buy Ragolis Bottle Water:

  • A designated analytical laboratory where the water is produced.
  • Local and international quality control checks are carried out by several bodies.
  • In-house quality control checks.
  • Constant enhancement of processes.

SWAN Table Water

Just Ragolis Bottle Water, SWAN Table Water has been on the scene for a very long time. This product is gotten from spring water that is drawn from the natural spring in Kerang Hills located in Plateau State.

The water goes through several processes to ensure its high quality. It contains several minerals including potassium, bicarbonate, calcium, sodium, and magnesium. This water has a pH of 7.3 that helps the body maintain health and wellness.

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