Best Creams for Dark Skin in Nigeria & Prices (2024)

When you have great skin, it boosts your confidence in more ways than you can imagine. You don’t just get great skin, you must put in some effort. The first step to developing great skin is finding the best cream for your skin.

Maintaining dark skin can be quite tricky. If you don’t take care, you may damage your skin tone when you make use of the wrong cream. The question that begs an answer is, “what is the best cream for dark skin in Nigeria?” We will answer this question as well as tell you the prices of these creams in Nigeria. Let’s get started.

Best Creams for Dark Skin in Nigeria

Prices of the Best Creams for Dark Skin in Nigeria

The Nigerian market is filled with thousands of skin products that make all kinds of promises for dark skin. While the variety is great, it puts you at risk because you could pick the wrong product. We understand this so we have come up with a list of the best creams for dark skin in Nigeria and their prices. Check them out below:

  • Topicrem Essentials Ultra-moisturizing Body Milk: From N15,000
  • Nivea Nourishing Cocoa Body Lotion: From N3,500
  • Nivea Even And Radiant Body Lotion: From N3,850
  • Palmer’s Shea Butter Formula Lotion: From N7,360
  • Mixa Soothing Body Lotion: From N4,260
  • Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Glow lotion: From N7,000


Each of these products has different prices based on size. This is why we put the pricing as “from.” You should note that the prices of these products fluctuate depending on several factors. Some of these factors include vendor, location, government policies, and market forces. You can purchase any of these products at a reputable supermarket or cosmetics store. Also, you can order them online via any of the top e-commerce stores in Nigeria.

Best Creams for Dark Skin in Nigeria

As we told you earlier, there are so many products on the market, choosing one is very difficult. In this section, we will take a closer look at the products that we mentioned above.

Topicrem Essentials Ultra-moisturizing Body Milk

Topicrem Essentials Ultra-moisturizing Body Milk is one of the best products on the market for dark skin. In fact, this product is versatile as it caters to the needs of different skin types including dry, oily, and normal skin. It is also great for babies which means you can pick just one for your family.

This product comes with a sun protection factor of 50. What this implies is that you have sufficient protection for your dark skin, one of the best around. It contains SPF that protects the skin from ultraviolet rays from the sun and free radicals.

While this cream comes with fragrance, it is pretty mild, almost unnoticeable. It comes highly rated among users and hardly causes any irritation.

Nivea Nourishing Cocoa Body Lotion

Nivea needs no introduction as this brand has built a great reputation over the years. It has several products that cater to all kinds of skin and cosmetology needs. Many people regard Nivea Nourishing Cocoa Body Lotion as one of the best for dark skin in Nigeria.

This product is formulated primarily from cocoa butter. Another key ingredient in the mix is vitamin C. Both ingredients work with the other constituents of this product to build collagen in the skin. What this does is that it helps to maintain a youthful skin look while boosting the natural skin glow.

Nivea Nourishing Cocoa Body Lotion also helps to lock in moisture so that your skin remains hydrated all day long. With this, you can rest assured that your skin will look great even in harsh weather conditions. This product also comes with a very mild fragrance that doesn’t cause any form of irritation.

Nivea Even and Radiant Body Lotion

This is the second product from Nivea on our list which goes a long way to tell you how efficient Nivea is with skincare. When you look at customer reviews, you can tell that it is one of the best for dark skin in Nigeria.

Nivea Even and Radiant Body Lotion contains several ingredients that ensure glowing natural skin and even tone. Some of these products include stearic acid, cetyl alcohol, oleic acid, BHT, parfum, and sodium carbomer. With all of these together, your dark skin is bound to glow and look great without losing its essence.

Palmer’s Shea Butter Formula Lotion

Palmer’s Shea Butter Formula Lotion is free of parabens. This, among several other reasons, makes it one of the best products for dark skin in Nigeria. It is a mix of shea butter and cocoa butter.

Cocoa butter helps to strengthen the skin while ensuring that it maintains its softness. Also, it renews the skin giving it a clear tone that results in a radiant appearance. One of the major advantages of this product is that it contains lots of antioxidants. These help to renew and replenish the skin. Finally, this product keeps your skin moisturized all day long regardless of the weather.

Mixa Soothing Body Lotion

Mixa Soothing Body Lotion is a very friendly product, especially for dark skin. It is perfect for the whole family as it is versatile for all kinds of skin. Children, babies, and adults can all use this product. It is mild on the skin and doesn’t cause any irritations.

Mixa Soothing Body Lotion is colorant and paraben-free. It is also hypoallergenic as such, you can use it for sensitive skins. This lotion contains panthenol, oat milk, allantoin, and coriander oil.

Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Glow lotion

Vaseline has been on the market for so many years. This brand has grown in reputation and quality with each passing year. It is no secret that Vaseline invests so much in research and development to come up with different skin products.

One such product is the Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Glow Lotion. We have already told you how important cocoa butter is to the skin. This product helps to moisturize your skin and renew its glow. It also helps to ensure that your skin maintains its moisture and doesn’t dry up quickly.

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