Best Sunburn Removal Creams in Nigeria & Prices (June 2024)

Sunburn is a skin condition that is very common among individuals who reside in sunny regions. It refers to a discoloration that appears on the skin of fair individuals resulting from staying long in the sun. This discoloration is a result of the action of ultraviolet rays on the skin.

Sunburn is a condition that varies in degree. It is mild in some people while it is extremely serious in others. The severity depends on several factors like the other kinds of cosmetics used, how much time is spent in the sun, etc. There are several ways to remove sunburn including laser treatment and creams.

Using sunburn creams is far more affordable, especially for people in this part of the world. In this post, we will show you the best sunburn removal creams in Nigeria.

Best Sunburn Removal Creams in Nigeria

Prices of the Best Sunburn Creams in Nigeria

There are so many sunburn removal creams on the market. There are so many that it is impossible to try out each one of them. We have surveyed to find out the best products of the lot. After our survey, we came up with the list of products below and their prices:

  • Bio-Aqua Golden Osmanthus Eye Mask: From N2,600
  • Tydineal: From N1,200
  • Bio-Oil: From N2,700
  • Stephanie Nicholas Sunburn Remover: From N5,650


Note that the prices of these products may change depending on different factors. Some of these factors include location, vendor, government policies, company policies, competition, and other market forces. We will make sure to update this post with the new prices when there is a price change. Let’s discuss each of the products above in more detail.

Best Sunburn Removal Creams in Nigeria

Sunburn is a skin condition that doesn’t respect gender or social status. It forms a dark coloration on the skin and is more noticeable among light-skinned individuals. As we mentioned above, different creams promise to rid the skin of sunburn. We have picked out a few after our market survey.

Before we discuss these products in more detail, let’s tell you what a sunburn remover cream should contain. Every cream that promises the removal of sunburn must contain the following ingredients:

  • Azelaic acid
  • Glycolic acid
  • Retinoid
  • Hydroquinone
  • Vitamin C
  • Kojic acid

All the creams on our list pass this litmus test. Without wasting more time, let’s get to the different creams.

Bio-Aqua Golden Osmanthus Eye Mask

Bio-Aqua Golden Osmanthus Eye Mask is regarded by many as one of the best sunburn remover creams in Nigeria. Asides from containing all the necessary ingredients, this product is made using a special formula. Because of this, it doesn’t just deal with sunburn, it also rids the skin of dark circles and dark spots.

It contains Osmanthus extract which possesses strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-ageing properties. What this implies is that this product doesn’t just rid the skin of sunburn, it makes you look younger. It nourishes the skin with different nutrients, exfoliates the skin, and refreshes the skin. More than anything else, it contains SPF that helps to protect the skin from further damage from UV rays and free radicals. The good thing about Bio-Aqua Golden Osmanthus Eye Mask is that it is readily available.


Tydineal is a cream that has sulfur as its major ingredient. From this, you can tell that it possesses very strong anti-inflammatory properties. This product is great for treating skin infections such as rashes, ringworms, patches, and eczema.

Tydineal also possesses antioxidant properties that make it great for renewing the skin. It helps to rid the skin of wrinkles, fine lines, and dark circles beneath the eyes. This cream also possesses strong exfoliation properties as it helps to rid the skin of dead cells and dark spots. It deals with all kinds of hyperpigmentation issues. You can purchase this product at physical stores or online.


Bio-Oil prides itself in restoring the skin to its original tone and complexion. Sunburn discolors the skin and makes it look patchy. With Bio-Oil, you can get rid of patches and hyperpigmentation. This product also helps to deal with other skin conditions like acne, pimples, dark spots, etc.

Bio-Oil is made from a mixture of different natural oils. As such, it helps to smoothen the skin and also soothe it. This product has a deep-reaching effect as it acts beneath the skin to ensure that the skin holds moisture. Because of this, your skin becomes supple and feels great to touch.

One of the ingredients in Bio-Oil is retinyl palmitate also known as vitamin A. This ingredient helps to combat different skin irritations caused by ultraviolet rays and free radicals. The result of this is refreshed skin with a natural glow and beauty.

Stephanie Nicholas Sunburn Remover

If you are looking for a made-in-Nigeria product, check out Stephanie Nicholas Sunburn Remover. This product promises to work magic on the skin of the user within a 5-day period. While this seems cliché, many users have testified to the efficacy of this claim.

The Stephanie Nicholas Sunburn Remover is manufactured from a formula that contains different natural oils and botanicals. Due to the presence of all these ingredients, this product is very effective and efficient in dealing with sunburn.

Stephanie Nicholas Sunburn Remover doesn’t just remove sunburn, it nourishes the skin and restores lost nutrients. It also helps to restore skin elasticity and evens out the skin tone. This product deals with hyperpigmentation issues and also helps to remove dead cells. Finally, it also acts as a skin moisturizer that ensures that your skin doesn’t go dry and remains soft.

Olay Ultimate Eye Cream

Olay is one of the most popular skincare products on the Nigerian market. It has several products on the market including the Olay Ultimate Eye Cream. This product is perfect for dealing with sunburn.

Olay Ultimate Eye Cream is fragrance-free and is non-comedogenic. It also contains several ingredients that ensure that your skin gets the protection that you desire. The ingredients in this product protect the skin from UV rays and also reverse the effects of sunburn on the skin.

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