Biscuit Carton Prices in Nigeria (May)

Almost everyone eats biscuits these days. They are among the most popular snacks out there. Aside from snacking on them between meals, we serve biscuits on special occasions or use them to entertain guests. However, the most popular use of biscuits in our clime is as snacks for children to school or to pacify them when crying.

The market is filled with different types of biscuits from a wide array of brands. This post will show you the most popular biscuits on the market and their prices by the carton. It will also show you where to buy these biscuits in Nigeria.

Biscuit Carton Prices in Nigeria

Biscuit Carton Prices in Nigeria

A biscuit is a bread-like snack that is made from flour, fats, and sugar. There are so many types of biscuits. From crackers to wafers, digestive biscuits to cookies, and so on. Different brands produce these different types of biscuits that we can find on the Nigerian market.

Before you step out to purchase biscuits in cartons for your retail business, occasion, or home, you need to first find out the current prices of these items. To do this, you need to first carry out a market survey. We understand this and have done the homework on your behalf. Check the list below to find out the current prices of some of the most popular biscuit products in Nigeria:

  • Newbisco Coaster Biscuit, 180 (a Carton): From ₦4,500
  • Tiffany Glucose Milk And Honey Biscuit Carton: From ₦9,500
  • Haansbro Malt N Milk Biscuit 47g X 48(Carton): From ₦2,300
  • Haansbro Oat N Milk Coconut Biscuit 27g X 48(Carton): From ₦4,000
  • Fastizers Nibit Mini Snacks Milky Cookies – X (1 Carton): From ₦8,980
  • Beloxxi Mini Cracker Biscuits – (1 Carton X 72):From  ₦3,500 – ₦10,000
  • Haansbro Noreos Chocolate Biscuit 34g X 48 (carton): From ₦3,175
  • Maltesers Biscuits (1 Carton): From ₦16,500
  • Haansbro Noroes Chocolate With Orange Cream Biscuit 34g X 48 (carton): From ₦3,175
  • Fastizers Nibit Mini Snacks Chocolate Cookies – X 72 Packs (1 Carton): From ₦8,980
  • Haansbro Noreos Gold Vanilla Cream Biscuit 34g X 48 (carton): From ₦3,175
  • Haansbro Custard Cream Biscuit 34 X 36 (Carton): From ₦2,100
  • Kemps Cracker Biscuit-1 Carton: From ₦6,000
  • Kemps Cream Crackers Biscuit – Carton Of 72: From ₦3,450
  • Pure Bliss Premium Milk Cookies – 12 Pieces: From ₦2,000
  • Purebliss Cookies – 42g X 36: From ₦3,300
  • McVitie’s Digestive Biscuit – Pack Of 24: From ₦3,500
  • McVitie’s Digestive Wheatmeal Biscuits – 400g: From ₦2,800
  • McVitie’s Hobnobs Oat Biscuits 100g – Pack Of 2: From ₦2,000
  • London Digestives – 400g x 12: From ₦28,000
  • Tower Gate – Rich Tea Biscuit – 4 Pieces: From ₦6,000
  • Yale Cabin Biscuits – 6 Packs: From ₦6,500
  • McVitie’s Hobnobs Biscuit – Pack Of 48: From ₦6,000
  • Border Beautifully Crafted Biscuits 48 Mini Packs: From ₦20,500
  • Famous Amos Bite Size Cookies X 42 Pieces – 1 Pack: From ₦21,500
  • McVitie’s All Butter Shortbread – X 4 Packs: From ₦8,499
  • Chic Choc 42g X 24 pieces: From ₦2,500
  • Oxford Cabin Biscuit – 6 Packs: From ₦3,500
  • McVitie’s All Butter Shortbread 200g – X3:From  ₦5,910
  • Noel Super 2 Biscuit Vanilla 600 g x24: From ₦2,400


We will continue to check the prices of these products as their prices fluctuate frequently on the market. Also, you should note that you may experience slight price variations depending on your location.

Where to Buy Biscuits in Nigeria

Biscuits are one of the staple snacks in our country. People eat biscuits between meals when they are in traffic, or as dessert on special occasions. From these facts, you can tell that biscuits are quite popular at this clime so finding them shouldn’t be so difficult.

The easiest way to buy biscuits is to do so in person. You can do this by visiting any of the following locations:

  • Roadside stores.
  • Departmental stores.
  • Supermarkets.
  • Shopping malls.
  • Distributors (if you are a wholesaler or retailer).

Another option you can consider is ordering your biscuits online. This option comes in handy if you are too busy to visit any of the locations above, or you can’t find what you want in any of these locations. Simply place an order on any of the online marketplaces, and you will have your biscuit at your location. Note that this option may require you to pay some extra charge for delivery.