Brother Industrial Sewing Machine Price in Nigeria (2024)

The introduction of Industrial sewing machines has been widely embraced and appreciated in the Nigerian market. They have made sewing generally easier, faster, and less stressful. These types of sewing machines are way more effective than traditional sewing machines, churning out more output and saving a lot of time.

Brother Industrial sewing machine price in Nigeria

The Brother Industrial sewing machine is one of the very common brands in the market today. They are available in different sizes and models. This post takes a look at the prices of brand new and used versions of the Brother Industrial sewing machine in Nigeria today.

Brand new Brother Industrial sewing machine price in Nigeria

Nigeria has one of the largest markets for industrial sewing machines in Africa. Just like many other brands, Brother Industrial sewing machines coming in different types and models. A brand new Brother Industrial sewing machine can be purchased for anything between N280, 000 and N500, 000 depending on the model you are going for.

The price as highlighted above is affected by factors like currency exchange rate at the period of purchase and the place of purchase. While the price range is largely accurate, the current global unease as a result of the pandemic could significantly affect how much the products go for. Hence, one should not be surprised if the industrial sewing machine costs a little more than the highlighted price range.

Brand new Brother industrial sewing machine can be purchased directly from various sewing machine stores across the country. They can also be ordered directly from the manufacturers and imported into the country.

Used Brother Industrial sewing machine price in Nigeria

The durability and ruggedness of Brother industrial sewing machines make used versions a reasonable option for buyers that cannot afford the brand new. While these versions might not be as perfectly sleek and fresh as the brand new versions, one can still expect a guaranteed smooth operation and quality functionality.

While the foreign used Brother Industrial sewing machine is available for purchase for between N110, 000 – N350, 000, the locally used versions can be bought for between N150, 000 – N250, depending on the condition of the machine at the period of purchase. For the foreign used versions, factors like the currency exchange rate at the time of purchase also affect the eventual prices they go for.

Just like the brand new versions, foreign used versions can be ordered via various international eCommerce platforms. Locally used versions are also readily available for purchase via local online channels.

Brother Industrial sewing machines: What you will like about them

  • High Efficiency – The main purpose of buying an industrial sewing machine is to enhance efficiency, speed, and ease when sewing. Brother industrial sewing machines get a good grade in this department. While there are a few other brands that do a bit better in this section, Brother Industrial sewing machines rank among the best in the category they fall into, especially considering the amount they sell for in the market.
  • Durable – If you are looking to buy an industrial sewing machine you can use for a very long time, then you wouldn’t go wrong with the Brother brand. Most of their products come with a minimum of 5 years warranty. The sewing machines are highly durable and can be used for a long time. Some of their models even have up to 20 to 25 years warranty on them, which indicates the trust they have in their products.
  • Great Second-hand Value – Brother industrial sewing machines have great second-hand value. If you are looking to resell the machine after using it for a while, you can be assured you’d sell the machine at a reasonable price. This buttresses the fact that the machines are very durable and are relatively easy to maintain.
  • Easy Control – The Brother industrial Sewing machines have easy controls. Most of the models have an easily adjustable speed that can be regulated with ease. The control tabs are also very smooth and one wouldn’t require extra energy to adjust the settings. It only gets easy to control though, after the operator is already used to the industrial sewing machine. It is worth noting that learning how to use the machine and regulating the controls can be time-consuming and quite challenging. This makes it even more difficult for beginners to get a grasp of the operation and control of the machine.

Brother Industrial sewing machines: What you may not like about them

  • Noisy – While this is not true for all the Brother Industrial sewing machine models, some have complained that some models are quite noisy and can be uncomfortable, especially hen they are beginning to develop faults. This is particularly disappointing as many other brands manufacture industrial sewing machines that are not as noisy and uncomfortable. The good news though is that, when managed well and used properly, it can last for a very long time without developing faults.
  • Not Easy for Beginners – Industrial machines are generally not as easy to learn and handle. Brother Industrial sewing machines are even more difficult and more technical to operate, making it quite complex for beginners. The efficiency is guaranteed, no doubt, however, one would find it quite challenging to get a grasp of its operation in the first few tries. Learning to use the industrial sewing machine can be time-consuming and relatively difficult, especially when compared with products of other brands.

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