Caleb University School Fees (2022)

Private schools are beginning to rate so highly in the educational system in Nigeria and it is easy to see why. Decent learning environment apart, Private tertiary institutions have remarkably grown in almost all spheres. While some private universities have stamped their feet in the sands of time and have built a lasting reputation, some many others are still waiting to make a positive impact.

Although some of these private universities are not as popular, some others have gained so much popularity, rating among the very best universities in Nigeria; one of which is CU; this time, Caleb University.

caleb university school fees

Situated at the outskirt of the State of Excellence, Lagos state, this private university combines academic excellence with a great learning culture and impeccable educational standards. The university, like most other private universities in Nigeria today, runs the fastest and smoothest academic calendars. They are affected by neither nationwide nor university board strikes.

While their academic standard, level of discipline, learning facilities and general display of brilliance have unquestionably imprinted the school’s name among the very best in recent times, the school’s tuition fees remain the talk of the town.

Of a truth, Caleb University is not the most expensive university in Nigeria, it is fair to note that it is also not among the most affordable. Unlike some private schools, Caleb University does not feed the students, as feeding charges are not included in the school fees. Despite this, the university remains amongst the most frequented private schools in Nigeria.

Caleb University School Fees

Caleb University is rated among the top private universities in Nigeria today. Although the tuitions are relatively on the high side when likened to how much State or Federal universities pay, their serene environment and amazingly equipped laboratories show why the tuitions should not be quizzed.  The school was established to groom leaders in all spheres and has since lived up to the expectation in various spheres.

If you have always wondered b=how much Caleb University students pay as tuition, you are on the right page, digesting the right information. Here, we will take a quick look at how much students in various departments are expected to pay as tuition per semester. We will also consider reasons why they are seen as one of the best schools in Nigeria. Let’s get started.

College of Social and Management Sciences

  • Department of Accounting: N189, 500
  • Department of Business Administration: N189, 500
  • Department of Economics: N189, 500
  • Department of International Relations: N189, 500
  • Department of Mass Communication: N189, 500
  • Department of Philosophy: N189, 500
  • Department of English & Literary Studies: N189, 500
  • Department of Psychology: N189, 500
  • Department of History & Diplomatic Studies: N189, 500
  • Department of Political Science: N189, 500
  • Department of Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution: N189, 500
  • Department of Public Administration N189, 500
  • Department of Taxation: N189, 500
  • Department of Criminology & Security Studies: N189, 500
  • Department of Banking & Finance: N189, 500

College of Pure and Applied Sciences

  • Department of Microbiology & Industrial Biotechnology: N189, 500
  • Department of Plant Sciences & Biotechnology: N189, 500
  • Department of Zoology & Aquaculture: N189, 500
  • Department of Biochemistry: N189, 500
  • Department of Chemistry: N189, 500
  • Department of Industrial Chemistry: N189, 500
  • Department of Mathematics: N189, 500
  • Department of Computer Science: N189, 500
  • Department of Software Engineering: N189, 500
  • Department of Information Science: N189, 500
  • Department of Environmental Management & Toxicology: N189, 500
  • Department of Forensic Science: N189, 500
  • Department of Cybersecurity: N189, 500
  • Department of Statistics: N194, 500
  • Department of Physics N194, 500
  • Department of Physics with Computational Modelling: N194, 500
  • Department of Physics with Electronics: N194, 500

College of Environmental Sciences

  • Department of Architecture: N194, 500
  • Department of Estate Management: N189, 500
  • Department of Building: N194, 500
  • Department of Quantity Surveying: N194, 500

Accommodation Fees


Infrastructural development of N25, 000.00 per semester is payable fresh students (100 level students and Direct Entry students) for the first year only.

Other Payments    

  • Student Affairs: N2, 000.00 (All Students)
  • Student ID Card: N2, 000.00 (All Students)
  • Parent Forum: N10, 000 (All Students)
  • ICT Certification Training: N30, 000.00 (All Students)
  • College Handbook: N1, 000.00 (New Students Only)
  • Student Handbook: N2, 000.00 (New Students Only)
  • Medical Test: N7,000.00 (New Students only)
  • Jury Fee: N20, 000.00. This is paid by Architecture Students for all levels

Caleb University: What You Should Know About the School

The methodical history of Caleb University dates back to 1986 after Prince Oladega Adebogun established the initial seed for a nursery and primary school in the heart of Central Lagos. The outwardly intractable dwindling standard in public sector education and the demand among many parents for colleges with high academic standards, as well as the inculcation of Christian standards, served as the essential impetus for the establishment of Caleb Nursery and Primary School.

Prince Adebogun felt intensely motivated to establish a university that will do for tertiary education, what Caleb has creditably done for primary and secondary education. It will also be in response to the solicitation of the Federal Government of Nigeria through Act no. 9 of 1993 to permit Private Corporate organizations or individual Nigerian Citizens to inaugurate and run Universities, subject to meeting accepted rules. These guidelines include having an approved Academic Brief, Master plan, University Law and established the capacity to finance such a plan.

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