Cashmere Fabric Price in Nigeria (June 2024)

Cashmere fabrics are among the most expensive fabric types in Nigeria today. Aside from the fact that they are generally seen as one of the very best in the market, they are comfortable to wear and are known to be in a class of their own.

The fact that it is also dynamic and can be used to sew different types of dresses makes it one of the most sought-after in the fabric world today and this does not look like it’s changing anytime soon.

With the fashion world tilting towards cashmere fabrics today, this post takes a look at how much it goes for in the market.

cashmere fabric price in nigeria

Cost of Cashmere Fabric in Nigeria

Talk about class, you can easily classify cashmere fabric among the top-rated. Cashmere fabrics come in various types and classes. However, these factors do not necessarily affect how much the fabric goes for in the market. The main factor that affects the price is the number of yards.

On average, 4 yards of cashmere fabric, which is the standard number of yards for a standard cloth, costs anything from N64,000, depending on where you are buying it from. Also, it should be noted that there are some types of cashmere fabric, usually below par, that could cost less than the stated price above.


What You Should Know About Cashmere Fabric

Cashmere is a soft wool fabric laced from the hair of the Cashmere, or Kashmir goat. These fibres are very soft and silky to the touch and weigh nearly nothing. Typically used in clothes, cashmere fabric styles next-to-nothing sweaters, cardigans, shawls, and dresses, and also can be seamed into outerwear jackets and other types of dresses.

Cashmere wool is one of the laxest types of wool known to man. Although it is lightweight, it keeps the wearer relatively warm and cosy during cold seasons. If taken appropriately care of, top-quality cashmere can last for many years without losing its quality and lovely appeal.

Cashmere yarn can be laced or woven into a variety of masses suitable for all sorts of clothes. One of the standout qualities of the fabric is how it feels – soft, lovely and appealing. If you are considering making a nice cardigan to wear to work or dinner, cashmere gives you the perfect option.

Things You Will Like About Cashmere Fabric

It is quite easy to see why cashmere fabric is among the most sought-after today. Used to make native dressing in this part of the world, there are certain features you are likely to love about the fabric. Made of highly sought-after fibres, cashmere is one of the primary thoughts that come to mind when you want to imagine a very soft fabric. Here are some other characteristics of cashmere fabric you’d love.

Warmth – There is this feel that comes with this fabric. The warmth is amazing. While this might not be very well felt in this part of the world, cashmere fabric keeps you warm without necessarily feeling the heat.

Light Weight – When it comes to weight, here is nothing much to complain about here. Regardless of the style you are looking to make with the fabric, you won’t feel the weight.

Durability – If durability is one thing you consider when you want to purchase a fabric, then you won’t go wrong with cashmere fabrics. If properly taken care of, you can be sure to use this fabric for many years without it losing its touch of class and quality.

Silkiness – Cashmere fabrics are silky and so smooth to tough. They feel when worn is amazing.

Cashmere fabric is not itchy and has a great shape, which makes it great for many designs. They are not necessarily straight and tend to cling together. This makes it a perfect fabric material for both children and adults.

Why are Cashmere Fabrics Expensive?

Cashmere fabrics are one of the most expensive fabric types today. While some have come to terms with this, others still question why they are that expensive. Here, we will take a look at some of the reasons cashmere fabrics are more expensive than most other types in the market today.

Top Quality – Quality products are expensive and when it comes to cashmere, you can’t say anything less. The fabric is top-notch and highly rated and hence, one of the most sought after. The fact that it is also dynamic and can be used to make several designs also stands it out, hence, the hefty amount it sells for.

Production – Unlike many other types of fabric, cashmere fabrics are not very easy to make. It requires more time, effort and technique. Also, the fact that it cannot be made just anywhere and by just anyone makes it a unique fabric type. This is one other factor that adds to why the fabric is that expensive.

Availability – Generally, the more available a product, the cheaper it is in the market. Unlike most other fabric types, cashmere fabrics are not the most common in the market. You cannot walk into a random store to purchase a top-quality cashmere fabric. They are selectively available, hence, the increase in how much it goes for.

Are cashmere fabrics overpriced? This is a relative question only the market can answer. As it stands though, they rate among the very best in the market and offer value for money.

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