CCTV Camera Prices in Nigeria (2024)

You are reading this post probably because you are interested in knowing about CCTV cameras or you are planning on buying and installing one in your home or working environment, which is a great choice. CCTV offers this sense of security and peace of mind when installed in homes and offices. The demand for this camera has been on the high of late.

Apart from the fact that one can be able to easily monitor what is going on in and sometimes, around the house, the cameras, to a large extent, restrict burglars from easy access to the house. The CCTV gives this sense of “someone might be watching” feeling, thereby restricting external invasion and helping to maintain orderliness.

cctv camera prices in nigeria

Lots of Nigerians have taken a special interest in surveillance cameras. They are available in different types and operate with various mechanisms. The most distinctive types are the wired and wireless cameras. The cameras can be easily installed in delicate parts of a building. Some people even install CCTV cameras inside and outside the compound for proper security and monitoring. CCTVs are gradually becoming among the most rated and sought-after home and office gadgets.

The era of analog surveillance cameras is long gone. Today, digital cameras have taken over the market. Whether wireless or wired, these types of cameras are generally more effective, easier to use, and can record videos for a longer period. The rate at which CCTV cameras have evolved has been commendable. Right from the days of analog cameras to the latest high-tech digital cameras, CCTV cameras have been embraced all over the world.

The fact that these cameras are so easy to install only makes them more popular with people. You can easily install these cameras in your homes and offices and monitor them right there on your bed. The latest CCTV cameras feature remote controls that allow you control the direction of the camera, zoom images, adjust focus, regulate brightness, and other modes.

Wondering how much CCTV cameras go for in the current market? This post is for you. Here, we will take a look at the prices of common CCTV cameras in Nigeria.

Prices of CCTV Security Cameras in Nigeria

The demand for surveillance cameras has increased in recent times. CCTV systems have been a revelation since their introduction into the market. They have been the difference in lots of stores, houses, offices, and other similar environments. CCTVS serves as a great monitoring and security tool in wherever it is installed. The cameras can be easily installed in various parts of the house although it is more advisable to install one at the entrance of the building though.

CCTV cameras are not overly expensive. Some of the latest high-tech types available are relatively expensive, but you can be sure to get the value for your money. The different types available vary in features, sizes, qualities, and overall performance; hence, prices.

Let us now take a look at the prices of various CCTV cameras available in the market today.

HikVision CCTV Cameras & Prices in Nigeria

  • Panoramic Camera: From N96,000
  • Turbo Dome 720MP Camera: From N7,500
  • Network Fish Eye CCTV Camera: From N85,000
  • Speed dome CCTV Camera: From N135,000
  • 1MP CCTV combo pack: From N130,000
  • 4MP Bullet CCTV Camera: From N45,000
  • Network Vari focal dome camera: From N65,000
  • Hikvision SPEED DOME TURBO HD 4 Inch: From N190,000
  • 2MP Network dome CCTV Camera: From N34,000
  • 2MP WDR fixed Network dome: From N34,000
  • 3MP WDR Fixed Network Dome: From N33,000

Panasonic CCTV Cameras & Prices in Nigeria

  • Panasonic Network Camera: From N65,000
  • Color CCTV Camera: From N184,000
  • iPRO Smart HD CCTV Camera: From N65,000

JVC CCTV Cameras & Prices in Nigeria

  • Mega Pixel IP Camera: From N180,000
  • VN-X352 IP CCTV Camera: From N120,000
  • Fixed Dome CCTV Camera: From N52,000
  • IR Colour CCTV Camera: From N79,000

Samsung CCTV Cameras & Prices in Nigeria

  • SmartCam Outdoor CCTV Camera: From N65,000
  • SmartCam HD CCTV Camera: From N75,000
  • Samsung full pack CCTV kit: From N180,000

Sony CCTV Cameras & Prices in Nigeria

  • Smart Vision Ko CCTV Camera: From N21,000
  • Smart Vision Ufo CCTV Camera: From N22,000
  • Smart Vision Ko CCTV Camera (IC87SH): From N20, 000
  • Smart Vision Ko CCTV Camera (1309IR): From N120, 000

Jiange CCTV Cameras & Prices in Nigeria

  • SJG W11A CCTV Camera: From N45,000
  • SJG W8A CCTV Camera: From N20,000
  • SJG W9A CCTV Camera: From N17,000
  • SJG W9TF CCTV Camera: From N20,000

Hiseeu CCTV Cameras & Prices in Nigeria

  • Mini 720P IP Camera: From N10,000
  • HSY P2 CCTV Camera: From N14,000
  • HSY FH2 CCTV Camera: From N17,000
  • HSY FH2E CCTV Camera: From N17,000
  • HSY TH4 CCTV Camera: From N11,000

T-Net CCTV Cameras & Prices in Nigeria

  • Bullet IP CCTV Camera: From N51,500
  • Sony Low Illumination CCTV Camera: From N30,000
  • IR CCTV Camera (40m): From N45, 000
  • 4MP Outdoor Dome: From N35,000
  • AHD Waterproof CCTV Camera: From N18,000

Wanscam CCTV Cameras & Prices in Nigeria

  • HW0047 Wi-Fi CCTV Camera: From N73,000
  • HW0045 Wi-Fi CCTV Camera: From N51,000
  • HW0038 Wi-Fi CCTV Camera: From N92,000
  • JW0011 outdoor CCTV Camera: From N15,000
  • HW0049 Wi-Fi CCTV Camera: From N13,000
  • HW0043 Wi-Fi CCTV Camera: From N15,000

Szsinocam CCTV Cameras & Prices in Nigeria

  • 2MP SZ-IPC CCTV Camera: From N28,000
  • Wireless NVR 10800P (4): From N70,000
  • 1MP IP Dome CCTV camera: From N24,000
  • 2Mp CCTV Camera: From N20,000
  • SN- IPC IP camera: From N26,000


Some basic factors that influence the variation in the prices of CCTV cameras listed above include currency exchange rate, place of purchase, and Period of purchase, among other factors.

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