Cost of Crane Operator Training in Nigeria

Crane Operator Training might not be the most popular training program in Nigeria today, but it surely rates among the very important ones. The training, which is specially designed for people looking to work with cranes, is aimed at training people on safety when using the crane, the dos and don’ts while working, and other safety-related topics.

Crane operators are generally responsible for moving heavy equipment from one place to another. With their jobs prone to accidents, training, and certifications have been made compulsory for people in this space. Here, we will take a look at how much crane operator training costs in Nigeria today.

cost of crane operator training in nigeria

Cost of Crane Operator Training in Nigeria

There is no standard price for crane operator training in Nigeria. This is because there are many factors that play a part in determining the eventual cost of the training.

Location is the biggest factor that affects the cost of crane operator training. For instance, the amount the training will go for in Lagos will most likely be different from how much the training would go for in Port-Harcourt or Abuja. The cost also depends on the training institute.

Let us take a look at how much Crane Operator training goes for in various cities in the country. The prices highlighted below are as gathered in the current market from various sources.

Crane Operator Training in Port-Harcourt

When it comes to offshore jobs, Port Harcourt is one city that surely comes to mind in Nigeria. With many oil and gas companies domiciled in this area, it is easy to see why there are many institutes that conduct crane operator training.

Most training institutes classify their crane operator training into different categories – beginners, intermediates, and professionals or experts. The training is conducted in different periods per stage. Each stage also varies in price. On average, a complete crane operator training in Port Harcourt costs anything from N300,000, depending on the training institute, the duration of the training, and many other related factors.

Crane Operator Training in Lagos

Lagos is regarded as the center of commerce in Nigeria. With many manufacturing companies and oil servicing companies in the city, many crane operator training centers have found a market in Lagos. Just like in Port-Harcourt, most training institutes that conduct crane operator training have categorized the training into several groups to help learners even more.

These categories, however, come at varying prices. The beginner class for instance, usually costs anything from N200,000, depending on the company. The beginner class introduces the crane operation and the basic details the learners should know. The Intermediate class takes the training further to explain various concepts that relate to crane operation. This training stage costs almost the same as beginners’ class.

The Expert or professional class highlights various safety precautions and other advanced to-know in crane operations. Once done with the professional class, the candidate should be able to take any professional certification relating to crane operation as they are regarded as experts in the field. In Lagos, the whole crane operation training is expected to cost anything from N400,000, depending on the already listed factors.

Crane Operation Training in Other Parts of Nigeria

There are also various training institutes that conduct crane operation training across the country. The prices these institutes charge vary, depending on the institution, the number of days the training will go for, the materials that will be provided, the mode of the training, and other similar factors. On average, standard crane operation training in other parts of Nigeria costs anything from N200,000.


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