Cost of DNA Test in Nigeria (June 2023)

DNA Test has not only grown to be one of the most popular medical tests in Nigeria today, but it also rates among the most important. The test is carried out for various reasons and in this part of the world; it is carried out to mostly identify paternity matches and crime investigation.

Here, we will take a look at some important facts to consider and how much DNA test goes for in Nigeria.

cost of dna test in nigeria

Cost of DNA Test in Nigeria

DNA tests are of various types and require various techniques, hence varying in how much they go for. Although there I a general method for the most popular kind of DNA test, the paternity test, there are several other test methods that can be used to achieve the same result.

A DNA test in Nigeria costs between N50,000 and N120,000 depending on the clinic, procedure, and purpose. For instance, tests involving legal issues might attract more charges and could even be as high as N120, 000 – N150, 000. In addition, clinics, las or hospitals where the test is performed matters. The test is usually more expensive in private clinics, labs or hospitals.

Where Can One Take the DNA Test in Nigeria?

If you are pondering how to get a DNA test done in Nigeria, there are lots of clinics, hospitals and laboratories you can check out. You can easily walk into any of these clinics and take the test, provided you have a good reason to want to take it. While it is easy to locate a clinic or lab to take the DNA test, the more pressing issue lies in how much the test actually goes for. The cost of the DNA test in Nigeria, as already discussed above, has been up for discussion in recent weeks and it is essential to have a rough estimate of how much to put in mind when going for the test.

Importance/Uses of DNA Test

The DNA test has gotten more popular in Nigeria today. There are many reasons why people desire to get the DNA test done. While the test is often done for forensic reasons and some other crime-related reasons in the modern world, one of the main reasons for the DNA test in most cases is to determine paternity. The DNA paternity test helps convincingly define whether a man is the father of a particular child or not. Excitingly, the DNA test also covers maternity test and even sibling tests.

In most cases, DNA tests are linked with ongoing legal cases. For instance, a woman claims a particular man is the father of her child and he firmly denies that. They go to the law court and the main evidence the court requests is a paternity test. This test determines whether the child and the father have the same DNA or not. The DNA test is accurate and can be relied on when conducted properly. The test is biological matchmaking that endorses the biological configuration of both father and child.

The DNA test has helped solve various cases in Nigeria and rates among the most frequently performed tests in the country today. Whether by court endorsement or personal instinct, people have chosen to go for the test for several purposes. While lots of clinics, hospitals and test centers across the country now performs this test, it is essential to consider how much the test go for in Kenya today. In this post, we will take a look at some basic facts about the DNA test, considering how much you need to take the test and other similar factors.

Other Things You Should Know About DNA Testing

Thanks to innovative technology, paternity can now be determined even before a baby is born using prenatal DNA testing. The prenatal DNA testing is possible because a child’s DNA is formed at conception and remains the same. The paternity DNA test is a direct process that does not require any special or intricate process.

The cost for the test is generally not too high and you can even collect your own DNA samples yourself at home before heading to the lab. In certain instances where the DNA test results are to be used in legal cases, it is vital to purchase officially permissible DNA testing from the lab. For a DNA test result to be accepted by a court, an independent third party must collect DNA samples. The third party must confirm the individuality of the DNA donors and to ensure that the chain of custody rules are obeyed.

Once the samples are collected, they are returned to the lab for analysis. DNA test results, depending on the procedure and type, can be gotten within 3 to 7 working days. Although cases concerning the court might take a while longer or even faster, based on the urgency of the result. For an extra charge, some DNA labs can fast-track the result in even less than three days. Parties involved, although some other online DNA labs offer result direct online to the recipient’s page, usually receive test results by hand.

The manner the DNA test result will be presented depends on the type of DNA test and the reason for the test. Paternity and maternity test shows the result and confirms all that needs to be known. DNA siblingship tests are somewhat more technical and the results will be in the form of a ratio chance of a relationship.

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