Cost of ECFMG Certification in Nigeria (2023) + Details

The Medical profession remains one of the most cherished, respected and sought-after professions in the global space today. In recent times, many medical students in Nigeria have opted to travel outside the country in search of greener pasture, with the United States of America being the most preferred destination. While the United States are open to welcoming these intending professionals, they are required to sit for and pass some examinations that will qualify them to work as medical professionals in the country. The certification by Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) is designed mainly with the aim of making sure that foreign medical students who enter ACGME-accredited programs in the country are adequately prepared for the rigors of the country’s residency.

Cost of ECFMG Certification in Nigeria

This post takes a look at how much the ECFMG certification costs in Nigeria today. Let’s get started.

What is the cost of ECFMG Certification in Nigeria?

ECFMG is a very common certification in the medical world today. The certification, just like many other professional certifications, come in various levels and the corresponding examinations vary in prices. Over the years, the amount the examination goes for have been reviewed. There are required charges for the application, and the various examination stages required.

As it stands, the application fee for the ECFMG certification stands at $145, which equates to about N69, 600 (with exchange rate of N480 per dollar). The examination fees for the USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 Clinical Knowledge costs $965 per examination, which equates to N463, 200 (with exchange rate of N480 per dollar). For the Step 2 Clinical Skills (SK), the registration for the examination costs $1,600, per exam, which equates to about N768, 000 (with exchange rate of N480 per dollar).

In cases where candidates require an extension of eligibility period for the USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 Clinical Knowledge, they will be required to pay $90, which equates to about N43, 200 (with exchange rate of N480 per dollar). There are also charges involved if you are looking to change your testing region for USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 Clinical knowledge.  Candidates will be required to pay $85 for this, which equates to about N40, 800 (with exchange rate of N480 per dollar).

Candidates that want to reschedule the Step 2 Clinical Skills examination will be required to pay between 0 and $1, 300, depending on the date of cancellation and postponement. This charge equates to anything between N0 and N624, 000 (with exchange rate of N480 per dollar). For Certification Verification Service request, candidates are required to pay $55, which equates to N26, 400 (with exchange rate of N480 per dollar).

Examination Requirements for the ECFMG certification

For candidates that are looking to apply for the CFMG, the very first process is the application. Usually, the application process is open to medical students or graduate. It should be noted however, that only medical students or graduates from schools that are listed in the World Directory of Medical School can apply for the certification. Hence, candidates need to conform that their school is included in the directory before they can apply. To initiate the application process, you are required to request an identification number from the ECFMG website. Once this has been provided, you can start the application.

Once you are done with the application for the certification, you can then proceed to register for the examination. To earn the certification, you are required to pass Step 1 and Step 2 of the United States Medical Licensing Examination. The Step 1 of the examination highlights the basics of medical science, including topics typically taught during the first and second years of medical school in the United States. The Step 2 then tests the candidates’ knowledge in clinical skills.

Passing the examination, does not necessarily qualify the candidate for the certification, instead it makes the candidate eligible for the next examination phase, which is the Step 3 of the USMLE. It is essential to note that some states in the United States have additional requirements that must be met by foreign medical students before they are allowed into the residency program in the state. Candidates are advised to go through these basic requirements as highlighted on the website of the Federal State Medical Boards.  In many cases, these additional requirements include certain medical school training essentials, a specific number of attempts on the licensing examination, and concluding the entire certification process within a specific timeframe. If you are looking to undergo your residency program in a particular state, it is essential to check the requirement of these states.

Educational Requirements for the ECFMG Certification

Before one can apply for the ECFMG certification, one must have medical degree in the bag. This is the most important and basic educational requirement for the certification. The candidate should have completed at least 4 years of medical study in an institution that is listed among the accredited schools as in the World Directory or Medical Schools. It should be noted that you wouldn’t be considered for the certification if the medical school you earn your medical degree from is not on the list of accredited medical schools. Candidates will be required to provide documented evidence to confirm they completed all essential credits required for the certification. Once you are confident you have this requirement, you can then proceed to register for the examination.

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