Cost of Medical Exam for Canada Immigration in Nigeria

Are you planning to travel to Canada anytime soon for work, study, or temporary residency? Then you need to read this post. This post will show you the cost of a medical exam for Canadian immigration in Nigeria. It will also provide several pieces of information that you need to go through the process.

What is the Medical Exam for Canada Immigration?

This exam is also known as the “Immigration Medical Exam” or “IME.” It is a very important aspect of the Canadian immigration process, especially when applying for work in laboratory or clinical environments, permanent residency, or long-term visits. This exam is usually carried out by an individual known as a certified “Panel Physician.” Continue reading to find out more about this process.

Cost of Medical Exam for Canada Immigration in Nigeria

Cost of Medical Exam for Canada Immigration in Nigeria

Would you like to carry out a Canadian Immigration Medical Exam? This section will provide you with the cost of this exam. Note that the cost of this exam may vary depending on your age, medical condition, and recent medical history. That being said, the table below shows an overview of the cost of a medical exam for Canadian immigration in Nigeria:

Age RangeScreeningCost
0 to 4 years oldDetailed Medical History

Full Physical Examination

N34,500 – N39,500
5 to 10 years oldDetailed Medical History

Full Physical Examination


N37,500 – N41,500
11 to 14 years oldDetailed Medical History

Full Physical Examination


Chest X-Ray

N40,500 – N45,900
15 years old and olderDetailed Medical History

Full Physical Examination


Chest X-Ray



Serum Creatinine

N47,000 – N50,000


Note that these prices may vary slightly depending on your location and the physician you visit. We will keep checking for price changes and update this post accordingly when we notice any.


Who Needs to Undergo the Immigration Medical Examination?

Not every person that wants to visit Canada needs to undergo a medical exam for Canadian immigration. This section will show you the different classes of individuals that need to undergo this test. Check them out below:

Staying six months or less

If you will be staying for six months or less in Canada, you are not required to undergo the Immigration Medical Exam. The only reason why you may need to is if you will be working certain jobs. Here is a list of the jobs that will require you to undergo this medical exam:

  • Jobs that will bring into very close contact with others. Examples include:
    • Healthcare jobs.
    • Clinical laboratory.
    • Medical students.
    • Patient attendants in geriatric and nursing homes.
    • Physicians and medical electives on short-term locums.
    • Workers in childcare settings.
    • Workers in schools (primary or secondary).
    • Domestics
    • Day nursery employees.
    • Workers providing in-home care to the disabled, aged, and children.
    • Any other similar job.
  • Agricultural workers that have lived in or visited certain countries. You must have lived in these countries for at least six months to be required to take this test. Click here to see the list of countries.

Staying over six months

You may need to undergo the Canada Immigration Medical Exam if you will be in the country for over six months. Here are the conditions that warrant you taking this exam:

  • You are applying for a grandparent or parent super visa.
  • You will be working on a job that the Canadian public health regulations require you to be protected and protect others.
  • You have lived in certain countries for a minimum of six months in the last year. Click here to see a list of these countries or territories.

When Should You Get Your Canada Immigration Medical Exam?

Many people who want to travel to Canada ask when they should go for their medical exams. You can get it done before you apply for your visa or after you do. Check below for more details:

Before you submit your visa application

There is the option of undergoing your medical exam before you submit your visa application. This exam is known as the “Upfront Medical Exam.” You can undergo this type of IME on one of the conditions:

  • Study
  • Work
  • Visit (this includes grandparent and parent super visa application).

After you submit your visa application

If you prefer to take your medical exams after your visa application, you will get instructions on what to do after you apply. Ensure that you undergo the medical within thirty days of receiving the instructions.