Cost of MTA Certification in Nigeria (2024) + Details

Irrespective of the stage you are in your career at the moment in the Information Technology space, earning a Microsoft certification will take you up to another level. Apart from the fact that these certifications will bring with them many opportunities for career advancement or employment, they rank you highly in the industry. One of the most popular Microsoft certifications is the Microsoft Technical Associate certification. This certification is an entry-level qualification that validates candidates’ fundamental technology skills and knowledge in Information technology.

Cost of MTA Certification in Nigeria

In this post, we will take a look at how much MTA certification goes for. We will also highlight some of the core scopes the certification covers.

What is the cost of MTA Certification in Nigeria?

MTA certifications, like many other Microsoft certifications, come in categories and the amount it goes for depends on the examination to be written to obtain the certification. MTA addresses an extensive range of critical technology concepts with examinations that are designed to evaluate and validate core technical concepts in three primary areas: Developer, Database, and IT Professional.

Generally, MTA is an entry-level Microsoft certification and is currently provided for about 14 courses. The MTA examinations cost anything from $62 per examination, which equates to anything from N49,600 (with an exchange rate of N800 per dollar). It should be noted, however, that Microsoft Associate certifications require either one or two examinations, depending on the level of the candidate. This means certifications in this category could cost anything from $165, which equates to anything from N132,000 (with an exchange rate of N800 per dollar).


What you should know About MTA Certification

The Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification is an entry-level certification that authenticates basic technology skills and understanding among candidates who are looking to pursue or are currently pursuing a career in information technology.  The certification addresses an extensive range of core technology concepts and the examinations that are intended to evaluate core technical concepts in three main areas – IT Infrastructure, Developer, and Database. The various MTA certifications available focus on these core areas.

IT infrastructure – The MTA certifications under the IT Infrastructure are designed for candidates looking to build a career in desktop infrastructure, server infrastructure, or private cloud computing. There are various examinations one is required to pass before earning the various certifications. Some of the certifications under this section include:

  • Windows Operating System Fundamentals Certification
  • Windows Server Administration Fundamentals certification
  • Networking Fundamentals certification
  • Security Fundamentals certification

Database – This Microsoft Technical Associate Certification is mainly designed for candidates looking to build a career in data platform management and administration or business intelligence. The core examination here tests the candidates’ understanding of the management of data platforms. To earn the Database Fundamental certification, the candidates are expected to pass the corresponding examination.

Developer – The Developer MTA certifications are designed for individuals who want to build and develop their careers as software developers. Candidates are advised to initiate the process with this MTA in Software Development Fundamentals and then pick the additional topics to further help them meet their career objective goals. Some of the certifications under this section include:

  • Software Development Fundamentals certification
  • Web Development Fundamentals certification
  • Microsoft .NET Development Fundamentals certification
  • Gaming Development Fundamentals certification
  • HTML5 App Development Fundamentals certification
  • Software Testing Fundamentals certification
  • Mobility and Device Fundamentals certification
  • Cloud Fundamentals certification

There are many other MTA specializations available today. Depending on the career objective and goals of the candidates, there are many other courses to choose from. Some of these include the following:

Operating System Fundamentals – This MTA certification course will help candidates develop mastery of the various types of Windows 10 editions available today, as well as their installation, troubleshooting, management, and configuration. The examination basically tests the candidates understanding when it comes to maintenance and management of the Windows operating system. Earning the certification validates the candidates’ understanding and technical ability to support, troubleshoot, and manage the Windows 10 operating system in a business environment.

Networking Fundamentals – This MTA certification course will help candidates further broaden their knowledge and understanding of network topologies and basic concepts. Here, the examination tests the candidates’ technical knowledge of basic network concepts, including routers and switches, Network protocols and Services, subnets, and many more. Candidates are also tested on basic network securities like firewalls, Virtual Private Network management, wireless and access points, and other similar topics.

Security Fundamentals – This is another MTA certification course that is aimed to help candidates understand the concept of information security.  The examination tests the candidates’ knowledge of the fundamentals of security, including authentication, authorization, and accounting. They are also tested on the security of Windows Operating system files, websites, mail servers, users, and many more.

All the highlighted Microsoft technical Associate certifications are designed to ensure IT professionals are efficiently equipped with the necessary credentials to indicate they have a basic understanding of key information Technology concepts. These courses will further equip professionals with the required knowledge to help advance their careers in the information sector.

MTA examinations are not the easiest. While some have opted to prepare for the examinations on their own with basic materials, many others have registered for various training. The training programs are aimed at adequately preparing the candidates for the MTA examination. In many cases, the training institute organizes mock examinations prior to the actual examination to help candidates assess themselves and test their readiness for the examination.

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