Cost of Prince2 Certification in Nigeria (2023)

Prince2 certification is a highly-appreciated certification in the project management sector. Apart from the fact that the certification is one of the most sought after in that space, it also ranks among the most rated. Prince2 is a tested and trusted Project Management methodology that is particularly widely used around the world. Earning the certification not only boosts candidates’ career prospects in the Project Management sector, but it also gives them the upper hand in the search for jobs and promotion opportunities.

Cost of Prince2 Certification in Nigeria

If you are looking to learn more about Prince2, you are on the right page. Here, we will take a look at how much Prince2 certification goes for in Nigeria today.

Cost of Prince2 Certification in Nigeria Today

There is no definite answer when it comes to questions about the cost of Prince2 certification. This is because the examination fee for various levels of the examination is not fixed. Institutions charge based on their discretions and services that will be provided alongside the examination. If you are looking to take the Prince2 examination, it is essential to couple the cost of the actual examination with training and preparation costs.

Prince2 examination is divided into two main levels – Foundation and Practitioner. This will be explicitly explained further in subsequent sections. Most organizations combine the examination fee and training fee for the various Prince2 exam levels. Generally, for the Foundation examination and training, most companies in Nigeria charge anything from N420,000. For the Practitioner level, they charge anything from N480,000, for both the examination and training. However, in most cases, there is always a subsidized amount for those looking to register for both the Foundation and the Practitioner levels at the same time. Usually, the combination costs anything from N880,000 for both training and examinations.


Prince2 Certification Levels

There are two main Prince2 certification levels – The Foundation Level and the Practitioner Level. In this section, we will take a look at these certification levels, who they are meant for, possible requirements, and other basic details.

Prince2 Foundation Certification – the Prince2 Foundation level is the basic level of the Prince2 certification. This certification level is specially designed for project team members or project managers or teams who are looking to understand the basics of the Prince2 structured management methodology. The main aim of the Prince2 Foundation course is to ensure that the candidates are equipped with the required skills to be effective team members of projects and gain a detailed understanding of the phrases, terminologies, and modes of operation of the Prince2 project management process. The Prince2 Foundation certification not only helps a project management professional get a more detailed insight into understanding the technique of working efficiently on projects initiated under the Prince2 framework, but it also shows the candidate is well able to effectively work in a team of professionals for the execution of projects. The Foundation certification also helps professionals get an understanding of the rudimentary methodology and terms of the Prince2 method. Prince2 Foundation certification does not have prerequisite requirements. Although there is no requirement for the certification, it is advisable for candidates to have basic knowledge of the framework.

Prince2 Practitioner Certification – The Prince2 Practitioner certification is primarily designed for project managers, senior managers, project team leads, and project analysts looking to gain an advanced understanding of the Prince2 methodology. The training focuses on enlightening these professionals about the requirements of projects based on Prince2 principles. At the end of the training and when the certification is earned, the professional should be able to confidently manage and lead teams for medium to large-scale projects. The certification validates that the candidate can effectively demonstrate practical knowledge of the implementation of Prince2 methodology when managing projects. Because this certification level is advanced, it requires some core prerequisites. Before a candidate can sit for the certification, they must have earned the Prince2 Foundation level certification, as it is the core prerequisite for the Practitioner certification. Also, the candidates are expected to have the Project Management Professional Certification (PMP) or have earned the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certification.

Prince2 Certification Preparation and Training

Just like many other certifications, the Prince2 examination requires proper and adequate preparation. What makes this easy though, is the fact that most organizations that help with the exam registration organize training alongside. In fact, the examination registration fees are usually paid with the training charges. To complement this, there are many Prince2 examination preparatory materials available to help candidates further get themselves ready for the examination.

Training comes in various kinds and modes. There is a physical in-person training that requires the candidate to attend physical classes and relate with the lecturers. There is also online training that requires the candidate to listen to and watch webinars. While the current global pandemic has restricted many to the online training mode, there are a few training centers that still conduct in-person physical classes. Many others even set up mock examinations to test the candidates’ readiness for the examination. Some have also settled for online classes and lectures. With the internet making a lot of resources available in recent times, many candidates have resolved to register for various online courses and classes to help boost their preparation. There are also various open assessments online candidates can leverage. While some of these assessments are paid for, some others are free. Regardless of whichever method suits the candidate, preparing for the certification is key.

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