Cost of Traveling to Canada from Nigeria (May 2024)

Are you planning to travel to Canada from Nigeria? Then you need to find out the cost of traveling to Canada from Nigeria. Many Nigerians are migrating from the country for several reasons such as holidays, study, and the search for greener pastures. Canada is among the countries with the highest number of Nigerian immigrants.

This post will show you key pieces of information regarding the cost of traveling to Canada from Nigeria. Grab a seat and let’s dive straight in.

Cost of Traveling to Canada from Nigeria

Cost of Getting a Canadian Visa in Nigeria

The first thing you must do to travel to Canada from Nigeria after getting your international passport is to get a visa. Applying for a Canadian visa in Nigeria is not as difficult as you think. Once you have a clear understanding of the processes involved, you should complete your application easily.

The first thing you must do when applying for a Canadian visa is to pay the visa application fee. It is impossible to submit your application without first paying the visa fee. Note that the type of visa you are applying for will determine the cost of the application fee. Below are some of the top Canadian visas that you can apply for in Nigeria and their costs in Canadian Dollars and Nigerian Naira:

  • Biometric (Family) — CAN$170 (N26,400)
  • Biometric (Individual) — CAN$85 (N13,200)
  • Family rate — CAN$500 (N78,000)
  • Individual visa — CAN$100 (N15,600)
  • Study permit — CAN$150 (N23,400)
  • Work permit — CAN$155 (N24,200)

After making your application payment, you will get a receipt. Kindly note that you are expected to handle this receipt with utmost care as you will need it later on in your application process. You should also note that the visa application fee is non-refundable, whether the application is granted.

Cost of Flights to Canada from Nigeria

Another important cost that you must consider when planning to travel to Canada from Nigeria is flights. In the same way we have different visa application costs, there are also different costs of flights from Nigeria to Canada.

Several international passenger airliners convey passengers to Canada from Nigeria. To get the best prices, you have to check the different airliners and weigh your options. We have checked for the flight costs across different international passenger airliners that convey passengers to Canada from Nigeria. Check the list below to find out their latest prices:

  • British Airways: $1410From Lagos (Nigeria) to Toronto (Canada)
  • Egypt Air: $1236From Lagos (Nigeria) to Toronto (Canada)
  • KLM: $1477From Lagos (Nigeria) to Toronto (Canada)
  • Turkish Air: $1410From Lagos (Nigeria) to Toronto (Canada)
  • Lufthansa: $1236From Lagos (Nigeria) to Toronto (Canada)
  • Delta Airways: $1658 From Lagos (Nigeria) to Vancouver (Canada)
  • Brussels Air: $1432 From Lagos (Nigeria) to Halifax (Canada)
  • Air France: $1468 From Lagos (Nigeria) to Toronto (Canada)
  • Qatar Airways: $902 From Lagos (Nigeria) to Montreal (Canada)


Kindly note that there are no specific dates for these flights. You will have to check with the airliners to find out the dates that suit you. An easy way to do this is to check the official websites of the airliners mentioned above. Alternatively, you can visit their physical offices, send an email, or put a call through. We have provided some of the contact details for a few of the airliners below:

Lufthansa German airline

Abuja: Transcorp Hilton Congress Hall, Abuja

Tel: +234 9 46110657


Lagos: 24th Floor, Churchgate Tower Plot PC 30, Afribank Street, V/I, Lagos

Tel: +234 1 4612222


British Airways

Lagos: 5, Oyinkan Abayomi Drive, Ikoyi, Lagos

Tel: +234-1-279-2690,

Abuja: +234-9-810 0022

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Lagos: 1, Adeola Odeku Street, Victoria Island, Lagos

Tel: +234-1-461-0777

Egypt Air

Lagos: 22B Idowu Taylor Street, Victoria Island, Lagos

+234 (1) 2712307

Factors that Affect the Cost of Flights to Canada from Nigeria

If you are a frequent traveler, you will agree that the costs of flights are almost constantly fluctuating. Because of this, sometimes, the flight costs are quite low, and at other times, they are ridiculously high. This brings us to the question, what are the factors that affect the cost of flights to Canada from Nigeria? We will show you some of these factors in this section.


This is probably the most obvious of all the factors so it shouldn’t come as a surprise. More people travel during the festive seasons and major public holidays. During this period, you will notice that the cost of flights is generally higher. We advise that if you want to travel, you may consider not traveling around the holiday season. Instead, choose seasons when flight costs are lower.

Oil prices

One cost that airliners cannot escape is oil. Airplanes need fuel to fly and if the cost of fuel is high, it affects the cost of travel. This is totally understandable as the airliners will be running at a loss if they don’t make adjustments to their costs. In recent times, the cost of fuel has skyrocketed all over the world due to inflation, wars, and other geopolitical and economic occurrences. Unfortunately, when oil prices affect the cost of flights, there is almost nothing the passengers can do, except stay put.

Laws of demand

If you have a knowledge of economics, then you will agree that this factor shouldn’t be surprising. It is closely related to the seasonality factor. However, it looks beyond just the holiday seasons to other factors that may increase the demand for flights to specific locations like Canada. For example, Canada has been a major location for Nigerian immigrants over the last decade. Because of this rise in demand, there has been a corresponding hike in flight costs to this part of the world from Nigeria.

Time of purchase

When you purchase your flight tickets is a key factor that determines how much you get to pay at the end of the day. Travel agents will tell you that there are certain times of the month when booking flights are cheaper. It is also better to book your flights a long time ahead instead of booking at short notice.