Covenant University School Fees (2023)

In terms of tuition fees, there are lots of private universities that come before Covenant University. In fact, they barely rate among the top ten most expensive tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

Although the tuitions are relatively on the high side when compared to how much state or Federal schools pay, their serene environment, education-friendly surrounding and amazingly equipped laboratories show why the tuitions shouldn’t be questioned.  The school was established to groom leaders in all spheres and has since lived up to the expectation in various spheres.

covenant university school fees

Here, we will take a look at the current tuition fees of the students in Covenant University. We will consider how much students in various departments are supposed to pay and highlight if there are additional fees to be paid. We will focus on school fees for fresh students although there are usually no real difference between the tuition fees except for registration charges and other charges already included for fresh students. We will consider the charges per session (per year).

Covenant University School Fees for Undergraduates

  • Accounting: N857,000 (fresh students)
  • Banking & Finance: N817,000 (fresh students)
  • Demography & Social Statistics: N817,000 (fresh students)
  • Business Administration: N817,000 (fresh students)
  • Economics: N817,000 (fresh students)
  • Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management: N817,000 (fresh students)
  • International Relations: N857,000 (fresh students)
  • Political Science: N857,000 (fresh students)
  • English Language: N857,000 (fresh students)
  • Psychology/Counselling: N857,000 (fresh students)
  • Sociology: N817,000 (fresh students)
  • Mass Communication/Public Relation and Advert: N857,000 (fresh students)
  • Architecture: N857,000 (fresh students)
  • All Engineering Courses: N882,000 (fresh students)
  • Computer Science: N857,000 (fresh students)
  • Biochemistry: N865,000 (fresh students)
  • Microbiology: N865,000 (fresh students)
  • Industrial/Physics: N865,000 (fresh students)
  • Mathematics: N865,000 (fresh students)
  • Industrial Chemistry: N857,000 (fresh students)
  • Building Technology: N857,000 (fresh students)
  • MIS: N857,000 (fresh students)
  • Estate Management: N857,000 (fresh students)
  • Biology: N857,000 (fresh students)

Engineering courses are the most expensive in the university. Deservedly so, the engineering students tend to be more involved in more activities than other students. They also offer courses that require practical exercises.

Covenant University: Things You Will Like About the University

If you still doubt why Covenant University is rated among the best in Nigeria, stick around and go through this section. Let us take a look at some of the reasons you cannot but appreciate this university.

  • High Education Standard: You’d be right to rate this school as the Harvard of Nigeria. Although some will argue they are still some way off popular Federal Universities like University of Lagos, Obafemi Awolowo University, University of Ibadan, to mention a few, Covenant university has entered that light in recent months with amazingly bright alumni doing well in their respective fields. Give it to this University when it comes to academic standard.
  • Learning-Friendly Environment: From the campus gate through the campus, Covenant University maintains such a serene environment. You can practically comfortably read anywhere. In terms of beauty, only few schools rate above this school.
  • Discipline: What else would you expect from a school owned by one of the most popular pastors in Nigeria? Discipline is one thing the school hold in high esteem and their alumni are living proofs of the positive impact the school has had in terms of discipline.
  • Fast Academic Calendar: One key thing private universities bring to the education system in Nigeria is a swift academic calendar. Like other private institutions, Covenant University observer a fast academic calendar and they are not involved with any nationwide strike.

Covenant University: Things you may not like about the University

In one word – expensive tuition fees.

Some details worth knowing about Covenant University

Covenant University is one of the schools in Nigeria you mention with a smile on your face. Whatever great thing you have heard about this tertiary institution is probably true. When it comes to educational standards and discipline, it is hard to find a university that tops Covenant in Nigeria.

You would expect nothing less from a private university that arguably stands among the very best private tertiary institution to be ever established in Nigeria and rates highly among the overall best universities in the nation at the moment. Their alumni know it; the students savour it; the management can’t get enough of it; the nation appreciates it; and the people are beginning to accept the fact that the university has come to stay and dominate.

Gone are the days when private schools were seen as pushovers in the education sector. These days, they are becoming a real force, giving Federals Universities a go for their money. In fact, at least two private universities are now rated among the top ten universities in Nigeria with a lot more among the top 20. Of course, Covenant University top the list of private universities in Nigeria and it is so easy to know why.

While their educational standard, level of discipline, facilities and overall display of excellence have undoubtedly stamped the school’s name among the very best, the school’s tuition fees remain somewhat controversial. Don’t get this wrong, Covenant University is not the most expensive university in Nigeria, although it is also not the most affordable. Unlike some private schools, Covenant University does not feed the students as feeding charges are not included in the school fees. Despite this, the school remains among the most patronized private schools in Nigeria.

The question is, how much does Covenant University students pay as school fees? This post answers that question. Here, we will take a quick look at how much students in various departments are expected to pay as tuition per year. We will also consider reasons why they are seen as one of the best schools in Nigeria. Shall we begin?

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