Designer Perfumes & Prices in Nigeria (June 2024)

Dressing well is good business. While we should concentrate on what we wear, we must also pay attention to how we smell. A good fragrance completes your look and adds to your aura.

For several centuries, perfumes have been vital to how humans present themselves. There are different types of perfumes on the market. This post will focus on the latest prices of designer perfumes and prices in Nigeria.

Designer Perfumes & Prices in Nigeria

Designer Perfumes & Prices in Nigeria

You only have one chance to make a first impression. One of the best ways to leave a lasting first impression is to have a great fragrance. Perfumes come with several pheromones that help to make the wearer more attractive.

Before choosing a perfume, you need to check several factors including the price. Finding out the price will determine if you can afford it or not. The easiest way to find out prices is to run market surveys. While carrying out surveys can be difficult, we have helped you with the process. Check the list below to find out the latest designer perfume prices in Nigeria:

  • Boucheron Pour Homme EDT 100ml: From ₦33,999.00
  • Coach New York Blue EDT 100ml 3-Piece Gift Set: From ₦50,999.00
  • Mont Blanc Legend Red EDP 100ml For Men: From ₦50,999.00
  • PacoRabanne 1 Million Parfum 2020 Edition 200ml For Men: From ₦90,999.00
  • Mont Blanc Ultra Blue EDP 100ml For Men: From ₦60,999.00
  • Parfums De MarlyHaltane Royal Essence EDP 125ml: From ₦215,999.00
  • TizianaTerenziSpiritoFiorentino EDP 100ml: From ₦115,999.00
  • Issey Miyake L’eauD’Issey Pour Homme Eau &Cedre EDT Intense 100ml: From ₦60,999.00
  • Bond No 9 New York EDP 100ml: From ₦139,999.00
  • Nishane Mana Extrait de Parfum 50ml: From ₦260,999.00
  • Lattafa Rave Now EDP 100ml: From ₦22,999.00
  • KorloffEclats de Patchouli EDP 100ml: From ₦150,999.00
  • LattafaKhamrah EDP 100ml: From ₦29,999.00
  • Ard Al ZaafaranSaheb EDP 100ml: From ₦23,999.00
  • Marc Joseph Killer Intense EDP 100ml: From ₦23,999.00
  • Marc Joseph Killer EDP 100ml: From ₦23,999.00
  • LattafaMuna Eau de Parfum 100ml: From ₦20,999.00
  • Al Hambra Crafted Oud Zaffiro Collection EDP 100ml: From ₦23,999.00
  • Terro Pura EDP 70ml Perfume: From ₦20,999.00
  • Fragrance WorldL’Uomo Le Intense EDP 100ml: From ₦21,999.00
  • Lattafa Pride Nebras EDP 100ml: From ₦30,999.00
  • EtatLibred’OrangeExperimentumCrucis EDP 100ml: From ₦160,999.00
  • EtatLibred’Orange Spice Must Flow EDP 100ml: From ₦160,999.00
  • EtatLibred’Orange 500 Years EDP 100ml: From ₦160,999.00
  • Riggs London Patrol EDP 100ml: From ₦11,999.00
  • Tom Ford Noir Extreme Parfum 100ml: From ₦180,999.00
  • AmouageOpus XII Rose Incense EDP 100ml: From ₦190,999.00
  • Amouage Opus VII Reckless Leather EDP 100ml: From ₦200,999.00
  • Al HaramainAmber Oud Gold Edition EDP 60ml: From ₦78,999.00
  • Ghaaya Be A Legend EDP 100ml: From ₦20,999.00
  • Azzaro The Most Wanted Parfum 100ml For Men: From ₦80,999.00
  • Azzaro The Most Wanted Parfum 50ml: From ₦50,999.00
  • Hermes H24 EDP 100ml For Men: From ₦90,999.00
  • AlysonOldoiniChocman Mint EDP 100ml: From ₦80,999.00
  • AlysonOldoiniDiafana Skin EDP 100ml: From ₦80,999.00
  • Alyson Oldoini Crystal Oud EDP 100ml For Men: From ₦80,999.00
  • AlysonOldoini Marine Vodka EDP 100ml: From ₦80,999.00
  • Alyson OldoiniCuird’Encens EDP 100ml For Men: From ₦80,999.00
  • Escentric Molecules Escentric 01 EDT 100ml: From ₦60,999.00
  • Acqua Di ParisisEssenzaIntensa Musk Sultan 100ml Concentrated Perfume: From ₦50,999.00
  • Acqua Di ParisisEssenzaIntensa Oud Lumineux 100ml Concentrated Perfume: From ₦50,999.00
  • Giorgio Armani Code Parfum 125ml: From ₦110,999.00
  • Emper Protocol Intense EDT 100ml For Men: From ₦21,999.00
  • Emper Protocol EDT 100ml For Men: From ₦20,999.00
  • LattafaAsad EDP 100ml For Men: From ₦20,999.00
  • Jean Paul DupontChezari EDT 100ml For Men: From ₦15,999.00
  • AsdaafMudathee EDP 100ml: From ₦11,999.00
  • Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme Eau de Parfum 100ml: From ₦80,999.00


The prices of the designer perfumes above fluctuate frequently due to the action of market forces. We will be on the lookout for the latest prices for each of these items and update this post once we notice any. Kindly note that you may likely experience a little price variation depending on your location and who you patronize.