Dostinex Prices in Nigeria (June 2024)

Hormonal disorders are among the most disturbing issues reported in the medical world lately. Apart from the fact that the number of patients affected has drastically increased in Nigeria, the effects of this disorder have become issues that require urgent attention.

Dostinex has been identified to be an effective drug that curbs this disorder. This post takes a look at the drug, its possible side effects, and how much it costs in Nigeria today.

dostinex price in nigeria

Price of Dostinex in Nigeria

Dostinex is available in various types, brands, and milligrams, which makes it very difficult to estimate how much they go for. They are available in packs and sachets and vary in the number of capsules.

On average, though, you can purchase a pack of Dostinex for anything from N29,500 depending on the brand and the number of capsules in the pack or sachet. A pack of 4 pills costs anything from N15,000 while a pack of 56 pills, which is the highest so far, costs anything from N58, 500 depending on the brand.


Dostinex: What You Should Know About the Drug

Dostinex is becoming more common in Nigeria today. This drug is used to treat high hormonal imbalances in the body. High levels of prolactin in females can result in symptoms such as surplus breast milk and missed periods, which can also lead to difficulty becoming pregnant.

For men, high levels of prolactin can lead to symptoms, which sometimes include enlarged breasts and reduced sexual abilities. Cabergoline, the main content of the Dostinex drug, is an ergot pill, which majorly functions by obstructing the discharge of prolactin from the pituitary gland.

The medication is usually taken by mouth and works without or with food. Usually, medical practitioners instruct patients to use this drug twice a week. The dosage is purely dependent on the patient’s medical condition and response to treatment, depending on the prolactin levels.

Usually, the doctor starts at a low dose and slowly increases the dosage over several months to help curb possible side effects. This is a very careful treatment process that requires patients to follow their doctor’s prescriptions carefully to avoid adverse side effects. Also, the treatment is a gradual process that could span for months, depending on the hormonal imbalance being treated.

Side Effects of Dostinex

Like most other sensitive drugs, Dostinex has its side effects. These side effects come in various types and vary heavily per person. Also, while some are temporal and last within days and weeks, patients might need to cope with some for months. Depending on the patient’s response to treatment, the side effects vary.

Based on reports over the years, the most common side effects to have been reported include stomach upset and constipation, vomiting, lightheadedness, fatigue, and nausea. While not all patients feel these effects, a large chunk of users has experienced at least one of these effects.

These effects are not harmful and are very temporal, most of them occur at the start of the use of the drug. In cases where these effects get worse or painful, it is required that the patient visits his or her doctor as soon as possible.

In cases where patients start experiencing more serious side effects like persistent cough, mental and mood disorders, nervousness, and unusual urges, patients must see the doctors immediately as this could lead to more serious issues. Strong urges such as increased sexual or gambling urges have also been experienced and reported by a few users of the drugs. In delicate cases like this, doctors might require the patient to stop the use of the drug for a period.

Some other cases that have been reported recently include breast pain, chest pain, shortness of breath, swelling of the feet and ankle, unusual weight loss or weight gain, serious issues with the vision that could lead to vision loss, painful menstruation in women and other similar symptoms.

Some patients have also reported side effects that affect their kidneys, which include obvious signs of kidney issues including a noticeable change in the amount of urine and colourful urine.

While these serious effects are very rare, they are not completely out of the box. This largely depends on how the body reacts to the drug. Some more harsh effects are felt almost immediately. These include rash, itching, and swelling on and around the face, tongue, and throat, severe wooziness, and issues with breathing. In these cases, the patient must see the doctor immediately

Precautions to take When using Dostinex

Dostinex is not a regular drug and should be taken with caution. Before taking a drug, it is essential to let your doctor or medical practitioner know things you are and could be allergic to. This is because the product may contain sedentary ingredients that could cause allergic reactions.

It is also very important to tell your doctor, pharmacist, and other medical practitioner your medical history before venturing to use the drug. Issues like high blood pressure, heart diseases, liver diseases, and kidney diseases could become more complicated with the use of the drug. The doctor will advise on what to do in situations like this.

Based on reports, it should be noted that the drug could cause dizziness. This means users might need to abstain from or reduce the intake of alcohol during the period of use because it could cause complications.

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