Epoxy Paint Prices in Nigeria (June 2024)

Choosing the right paint for your projects is quite underrated, even though it goes a long way in determining the success of the project. There are different types of paints on the market, each one with its peculiarities, benefits, and demerits. One type that is fast becoming popular is epoxy paint.

Epoxy paint is gaining a lot of recognition because it is among the most durable paint materials around. If you are looking to add some extra shine to your home or office spaces, you should consider epoxy paint. How much does it cost to buy epoxy paint in Nigeria? Continue reading this post to find out.

Epoxy Paint Prices in Nigeria

Epoxy Paint Prices in Nigeria

Epoxy paint is a unique type of coating that was designed to protect surfaces from the action of solvents and chemicals. This type of paint is quite resistant and can endure wear and tear when catalyzed and properly applied.

One factor that you must consider when choosing paint materials for your projects is cost. To find out the cost of different materials, you have to carry out detailed market research. Most people have an issue with this process because it requires a lot of time and effort. We understand this and have surveyed the market on your behalf.

Check the list below for the latest epoxy paint prices in Nigeria:

  • Epoxy Coaltar (1 Liter): From N9,406
  • Epoxy Filler (1 Liter): From N18,279
  • Epoxy Finish Black (1 Liter): From N9,074
  • Epoxy Finish Grey (1 Liter): From N11,974
  • Epoxy Finish Other Colours (1 Liter): From N12,853
  • Epoxy Finish Shell Green (1 Liter): From N12,449
  • Epoxy Finish Shell Yellow (1 Liter): From N12,774
  • Epoxy Finish Shipside Grey (1 Liter): From N12,086
  • Epoxy Finish Signal Red (1 Liter): From N12,436
  • Epoxy Finish White (1 Liter): From N11,632
  • Epoxy Floor Sealer Part A (1 Kg): From N5,287
  • Epoxy Floor Sealer Part B (1 Kg): From N8,960
  • Epoxy High Build Shell Green (1 Liter): From N11,767
  • Epoxy High Build Shell Yellow (1 Liter): From N11,282
  • Epoxy High Build White/Grey/Red/Black/Yellow (1 Liter): From N11,071
  • Epoxy MIO High Solid (1 Liter): From N17,419
  • Epoxy Primer Grey (1 liter): From N8,777
  • Epoxy Primer Red (1 liter): From N7,524
  • Epoxy Splash Zone Compound (1 Liter): From N10,067
  • Epoxy Zinc Rich Primer (1 liter): From N19,133
  • Epoxy Zinc Silicate Primer (1 Liter): From N20,797
  • Epoxy mastic Aluminium (1 Liter): From N11,974
  • Self-levelling Epoxy Coating Grey (1 Kg): From N7,387
  • Self-leveling Epoxy Coating Part B (1 Kg): From N13,076
  • Self-leveling Epoxy Coating Part C (1 Kg): From N1,453


Kindly note that these prices are not constant, but we will check for price updates and provide the information in this post accordingly. Meanwhile, continue reading to learn more about epoxy paints.

Common Uses of Epoxy Paint

Different types of paints are used for different purposes. Using a type of paint for the wrong purpose can result in poor results and a waste of funds, resources, effort, and time. This is why we have put together this section to show you some common uses of epoxy paints. Check them out below:

Laboratory walls and floors

This is one of the most popular uses of epoxy paints. These paints are used in laboratories, especially contemporary laboratory spaces (dry or wet labs). There are regulatory standards for the kind of coating to be used on lab floors. The floors should be slip-resistant and chemically impermeable. Also, the walls need finishes that stay clean. These requirements make epoxy paints the perfect material for painting laboratory walls and floors.

Food handling and preparation areas

Epoxy paint is durable and doesn’t get stained easily. This class of paint is also resistant to bacteria and moisture. Because of this, epoxy paint has been recommended for use in food handling and preparation areas. This paint is perfect for the walls and floors of such areas as it can withstand acidic spills and harsh chemical cleaners.

Hospital operating rooms

Another location that can benefit from the exciting properties of epoxy paints is a hospital operating room. These rooms are required to satisfy certain conditions and hygienic standards. Using epoxy paint for these rooms makes the floors and walls easy to clean when the need arises. The paint can also withstand exposure to disinfectant cleaning solutions and heavy detergents.