Fish Drying Machine Prices in Nigeria (June 2024)

There are several ways of preserving fish. Two of the most important methods are smoking and drying. Why do we need to dry or smoke fish?

When we do, it helps to rid the fish of its moisture. This increases the shelf-life of the fish. Asides from the preservation benefit, drying or smoking fish also gives us the opportunity to enjoy fish in different ways.

There are several local methods of drying and smoking fish. The challenge is that these methods are slow and not 100 percent efficient. Technology has presented us with a more efficient option in fish drying machines.

How much is a fish drying machine in Nigeria today? We will answer this question and many others in this post. Let’s dive straight in.

Fish Drying Machine Prices in Nigeria

Prices of Fish Drying Machines in Nigeria

The market is filled with different kinds of fish drying machines. They are categorized according to their sizes and capacities. We understand that it is quite difficult trying to find out the prices of these machines. This is why we took the pain to do it on your behalf.

After surveying the market, both online and offline, we came up with a list of fish drying machines and their prices. Check the list below to see them:

  • Multi-purpose Smoke kiln fish dryer: N55,000 – N65,000
  • 3-Deck Fish Drying Industrial Oven: N1 million – N1.1 million
  • 30-inch Coal and Gas locally fabricated oven: N60,000 – N70,000
  • 150kg capacity locally fabricated Coal and Gas fish drying machine: N250,000 – N300,000
  • 3 feet Industrial Fish Drying Oven: N850,000 – N1 million
  • Fish Smoking kiln Dryer: N230,000 – N290,000
  • Fish drying oven 200 capacity stainless steel materials: N460,000 – N500,000
  • Fish Kiln and Dehydrator: N270,000 – N310,000
  • 500kg Stainless Steel Fisk Smoking and Drying Kiln: N880,000 – N950,000
  • Four layers fish dryer oven: N40,000 – N65,000
  • 200 capacity Fish Drying Oven: N130,000 – N180,000
  • 2-deck 4-tray Fish drying gas oven: N520,000 – N600,000

Note that there may be a little difference in the prices of these machines when you visit the market. This may happen because of the difference in location and vendor as well as the prevailing market conditions. Now, let’s look at other important pieces of information about fish drying.

What is fish drying?

Fish drying, just the name implies, is removing water from fish. The regular method of doing this is by evaporation. This is the way it was done in the old times, mostly through placing the fish in the sun or over a fire.

While these methods are in use today, there are several other methods of drying fish. Two very common methods include the application of pressure and the use of salt.

Why do we remove water from fish? The main reason is for preservation and to increase the shelf-life of the fish. It is no secret that water is important for the action of all organisms. As such, ridding the fish of water slows or stops the action of organisms that may act on the fish.

These days, more artificial methods of fish drying are being used. Some of them include controlled artificial dehydration and the use of fish drying machines.

Factors to consider when choosing a fish drying machine

If you want to start a fish drying business, the main equipment that you must invest in is a fish drying machine. As explained above, this machine helps to rid the fish of water to prolong its shelf-life. There are so many machines on the market. As such, choosing one is a herculean task.

The only way to make your job easier is to follow a guide. This is why we came up with this part of this post. We will show you some factors to consider when choosing a fish drying machine.

Locally fabricated or imported

The fish drying machines on the market are either locally fabricated or imported. As you can tell, the imported machines are costlier. However, they are not necessarily more efficient.

Most times, this decision is the first that you make before any other when choosing a fish drying machine. Check the machines on the market then decide on which one you prefer.

Features of the machine

Whether the machine is locally fabricated or imported, it must come with certain features. These features determine how versatile the machine will be. To determine which features to look out for, you must first determine the purpose of the machine.

Why are you getting this machine? Is it solely for fish drying or you want to use it for other kinds of food processing? If you need the machine for fish drying alone, then you may not need so many features. However, if you will use it for other kinds of food processing, then you should check for a machine with the necessary features.

Materials used

The materials used in fabricating a fish drying machine will determine how durable and sturdy it is. They will also determine how attractive the machine will be. You don’t want to purchase a machine now and be back in the market for a new machine almost immediately.

Ensure that the machine that you purchase is made from premium quality materials. Your best bet is stainless steel metal. With this, you are sure that the machine will last several years while looking attractive as well.

The capacity of the machine

The capacity of the machine will also depend on the purpose of buying it as well as the size of your business. At what level is your business operating currently? Would you need to expand anytime soon?

You shouldn’t buy a small machine if your machine is operating on a large scale. For example, you need to process 200 fish at a time. You shouldn’t purchase a machine that can only dry 50 at a go. Also, you need a machine that is quick enough to process fish so that you can handle several orders daily.


This is the final factor to consider when choosing a fish drying machine. How much can you afford for a fish drying machine at this time? This will determine what machine to purchase. Ensure that you check the market for different options before you fork out money for a fish drying machine.

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