How Much Is Flight From Lagos to Abuja? (2024)

Transportation in Nigeria has experienced some great changes over the past few decades. Although road transportation still remains the most accessible means of transportation in the country, much emphasis has been laid on transportation by air. Thanks to technology, transportation from one place to the other has been made easier through air transportation. Apart from the fact that this means of transportation is widely regarded as the fastest, it is the most convenient, smoothest, and least prone to accidents. It is no wonder this means of transportation is gradually becoming the norm in the present age.

Lagos, one of the busiest cities in the world, has not only embraced the idea of transportation by air, it has wholly maximized the opportunity it brings. It is no news that Lagos holds a large chunk of the population of Nigeria and lots of businesses are done in and around the city which means there is constant movement of people in and out of the country. One of the most popular local destinations from Lagos is Abuja. Understandably so, Abuja, just like Lagos, is among the core parts of the country. The capital city of Nigeria is also seen as the core business district of the country, hence, lot of movement into the city.

how much is flight from lagos to abuja

Although transportation by air is not the only means of transportation from Lagos to Abuja, it is arguably the fastest, most convenient and most reliable. It is also regarded as the safest. If convenience and comfort are factors you take seriously, then you will cherish flight from Lagos to Abuja. In fact, according to statistics, flights from Lagos to Abuja and back to Lagos are the busiest local flights in Nigeria at the moment. On the average, about 10 airplanes leave Lagos for Abuja every day, with various popular airlines flying at least once per day.

Are you interested in knowing how much flight tickets from Lagos to Abuja cost in various airlines? You have come to the right place and reading the right article. In this post, we will take a look at various prices of flight tickets from Lagos to Abuja for several airlines. We will also consider the estimated flight time from Lagos to Abuja and also take a look at some nice places to visit in Abuja.

How much is a Flight Ticket from Lagos to Abuja?

Transportation by air is by far the most expensive means of transportation in Nigeria. For a lot of reasons, people move from Lagos to Abuja either for vacation or business purposes. While a large chunk of the population still prefers to use the road while traveling to Abuja from Lagos, some others, understandably opt for transportation by air, largely to save time and for convenience.

Buying a flight ticket in Nigeria is not stressful. The fact that there are various airlines available today gives passengers various flight options, and hence, variations in prices. The various airlines in Nigeria offer varying flight ticket packages. Although there is usually no serious difference between these packages, some airlines offer packages that are way cheaper than others.

One major factor that affects the variation in prices of flight tickets is the time the ticket is booked. Generally, the earlier you book a ticket, the cheaper. A ticket booked one month to three weeks before the actual flight is usually some N3,000 to N6,000 cheaper than when booked a few days before the flight.

Here, we will take a look at the prices of flight tickets from Lagos to Abuja focusing on some popular airlines. Due to the varying prices of flight tickets, we will list the prices from the lowest to the highest possible range irrespective of when the flight is booked. We will focus on economy flight ticket prices in this post.

One-Way Flight from Lagos to Abuja

  • Dana Airways: From N98, 000
  • ValueJet: From N98, 500
  • Aero: From N104, 200
  • Arik Air: From N104, 050
  • Air Peace: From N109, 300
  • Green Africa: From N131, 500

Return Ticket from Lagos to Abuja

  • Dana Airways: From N98, 000
  • ValueJet: From N98, 500
  • Aero: From N104, 200
  • Arik Air: From N104, 050
  • Air Peace: From N109, 300
  • Green Africa: From N131, 500


Note that the variation in prices is a result of certain factors which include the date and time of booking. This means that it is possible for a flight slated between 12 pm and 2 pm to be more expensive than the same flight from the same airline slated for earlier hours on the same day.

How long does it take to fly from Lagos to Abuja?

Flight time varies for different airlines. Although the same distance is covered, some airplanes are known to be faster than others. On average, a flight from Lagos to Abuja is about 1 hour and 15 minutes. While some very few flights from Lagos take a few fewer minutes than the average time, some others take a few minutes more.

The calculated flying distance from Lagos to Abuja is about 536 Kilometres which equals about 333 Miles while the driving distance between these two cities is about 753 Kilometres.

Top Places to Visit in Abuja

Abuja is one of the most interesting cities to visit in Nigeria. It not only harbors some memorable tourist places, but it is also the home of some of the finest structures, playgrounds, and parks in Nigeria. Even if you are going to Abuja on a business trip, it is worthwhile to take a stop at certain places to enjoy nature and savor the beauty that comes with it. Here are some of the places you should visit in Abuja.

  • Millennium Park: talk about appreciating the beauty of nature, Millennium Park brings that in abundance. The park is one of the best and coolest relaxation centers in Nigeria. With neatly trimmed grasses and beautiful flowers everywhere, you can be sure of maximum fun and a “chat” with nature.
  • Aso Rock: Give it up for the tallest and largest building in the Federal Capital Territory. Not only is this structure a tourist attraction, it is also the house of the president of Nigeria. Aso Rock has a beautiful view from far and near and is worth visiting.
  • Magicland Amusement Park: Your visit to Abuja is incomplete without a stroll to this Park. Formerly called Wonderland Amusement Park, the Magical Amusement Park has all the shades of fun for young and old. The park will surely leave lasting memories.

Other places to visit include…

  • Jabi Lake Park
  • National Children’s Park and Zoo
  • Gurara Fall
  • Eagle Square, etc.

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