Fossil Wrist Watches Review & Prices in Nigeria (2024)

Your list of the best wristwatch brands is not complete without the mention of Fossil Wristwatches. The brand has not only established themselves among the highly rated brands in the industry, they have also carved a niche for themselves, constant satisfying their customers with top-class wristwatches in all categories. Their watches are a combination of class, beauty, and quality.

Fossil Wrist Watches Review Prices in Nigeria

This post takes a look at Fossil Wrist Watches, one of the top trending wristwatch brands in Nigeria today. Here, we will take a look at some of their common wrist watches and how much they sell for in the current market.

Fossil Wrist Watches Review & Prices in Nigeria Today

Fossil wrist watches come in different types, models and ranges. Although their premium wristwatches are the most common, they also manufacture relatively affordable watches across various categories. Just like in the case of many other top wrist watch brands, they manufacture both men and women watches. They have also dived into the “His and Hers” category, where they design similar watches for say, couples. Here are some of the common Fossil watch models and how much they go for in the current market.

Fossil Wrist Watch for Men

  • Fossil Men Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch Two-Tone, Silver-Tone, Gold-Tone PR5422 – From N105, 000
  • Fossil Watches NEUTRAL CHRONO FS5708SET mens Brown –From N218, 000
  • Fossil Watch GRANT FS4832 Men’s Black – From N119, 000
  • Fossil Watches FB-03 FS5768 mens Silver – From N119, 000
  • Fossil Watches Touch screen smartwatch Generation 5 FTW4026 mens Brown –From N196, 000
  • Fossil Watches RHETT BQ1009 mens – From N98, 500
  • Fossil Watches Machine Chronograph Black Dial Men’s Watch mens FS4931 –From N98, 500
  • Fossil Watches FORRESTER CHRONO FS5697 mens black –From N147,800
  • Fossil Watch Generation 6 Touch Screen Smartwatch FTW4062 Men’s Brown – From N316, 800
  • Fossil His And Hers Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch Two-Tone, Silver-Gold Tone – From N185, 000
  • Fossil Watches collection eco Drive Pair model FRB59-2261 black –From N175, 000
  • Fossil Watches NATE JR1437 black–  From N124, 000
  • Fossil Watch NEUTRAL CHRONO FS5699 Men Black –From N192, 700

Fossil Wrist Watches for Women

  • Fossil SYLVIA AM4406 Ladies – From N189, 200
  • Fossil Women’s Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch Two-Tone, Silver-Tone, Gold-Tone PR5422 –  From N75, 000
  • Fossil Unisex Hybrid Smartwatch Q GRANT Model Number FTW1122Blue×Brown – From N193, 500
  • Fossil Watch 5295320 Ladies Black – From N167, 000
  • Fossil Watch Jacqueline 36mm Quartz Navy ES4094 Ladies– From N106, 480
  • Fossil Wrist watch unisex, products from Japan – From N86, 240


The prices as highlighted above are gathered in the current market and are largely reliable. Despite this, it is advisable for potential buyers to confirm these prices before buying as prices of watches change with time.

The list above shows some of the very common and in-demand Fossil wrist watches in the market today. There are many more models and types available. On the average, Fossil watches fall between the bracket of N75, 000 – N350, 000, depending on the type and material. Unlike many other premium wrist watch brands, Fossil Wristwatches are readily available in Nigeria, although we wouldn’t expect you to see them in all wrist watch stores across the country.

They are available for purchase from top-rated watch store across the country. For ease, they are also available for purchase in various ecommerce stores within and outside the country. Depending on where you are placing orders from, you can expect delivery within 5 – 40 days, depending on the platform you placed the order from.

Fossil Watches: What You Will Like About the Watches

  • Value for Money: There are many reasons why Fossil wrist watches have been rated among the best. While these sets of wrist watches are not the cheapest in the market, one thing is sure – they offer value for money. It is therefore no surprise that despite the amount the watches go for in the current market, they still rank among the highly sought after in the market. This is largely because they are very durable, strong and made from strong materials.
  • Lovely Designs – If wristwatch designs are among the factors you consider when buying a watch, then you should be very comfortable with Fossil wristwatches. Fossil watches are widely known and appreciated for their standout designs and styles. The details of the design, the creativity, the utmost neat finishing has been applauded by fashion lovers across the globe.
  • Available in Various Types: Just like many other premium watch brands, Fossil watches come in different types, categories and designs. Although there is a generic design that is peculiar to their watches, they come in various styles and classes. There are also some of their watches specially designed for women, while some are designed for men, some can even be worn by both sexes. If you are looking for a watch as low as N40, 000 or as high as N250, 000, you can be sure you’d get whatever you are looking for.
  • Readily Available: Premium watches are usually not readily available. Most of them are usually not very accessible. Fossil wristwatches however, can be purchased in a number of top-stores across the country. They can even be purchased on various popular ecommerce stores across the country. You should not have real problem locating where to get the watches from.

Fossil Watches: What You May Not Like About the Watches

One thing many have noticed about some of the Fossil watch models is that they can be quite difficult to fix when faulty. One might require to send back to the manufacturers before they can fix the watches.

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