Gas Popcorn Machine Prices in Nigeria (March 2024)

Popcorn is a very common snack that is sold in all parts of Nigeria. You need to have a popcorn machine to make popcorn. There are two main types of popcorn machines, electrical popcorn machines, and gas popcorn machines.

We will be discussing the price of the latter in this post. Asides from the price, we will discuss several other key pieces of information about gas popcorn machines. Read on to find out.

Gas Popcorn Machine Prices in Nigeria

Cost of Gas Popcorn Machine in Nigeria

Just as the name implies, a gas popcorn machine is powered by gas. There are several kinds of gas popcorn machines on the market. They are classified according to their sizes and capacities.

We surveyed the market, both online and offline, to find out the prices of these machines. After our research, we came up with the list below:

  • Commercial Single Pot Spherical Popcorn Gas Automatic Popcorn Machine: N25,000 – N35,000
  • Popcorn Machine Single Pot Spherical Popcorn Machine Gas Automatic Popcorn: N130,400 – N150,000
  • Locally Made Gas Popcorn Machine: N37,000 – N45,000
  • Industrial Standing Gas Popcorn Machine: N820,000 – N1 million
  • Stainless Steel Gas Popcorn Machine: N750,000 – N900,000
  • Original Gas Popcorn Machine With Cylinders: N55,000 – N70,000
  • Gas Truck Popcorn Machine: N60,000 – N75,000
  • Non-stick Gas Electric Popcorn Machine: N80,000 – N100,000

Note that these prices may change slightly when you visit the market to purchase the machine. This may be because of your location, the vendor you patronize, or the prevailing market conditions. Now, let’s check out some other key pieces of information about popcorn machines.

Factors to consider before investing in a popcorn machine

It is quite difficult to find people that don’t like to eat popcorn. Popcorn is almost a universal snack. It is eaten for leisure while watching movies and between meals. As such, you find people eating popcorn at home, cinemas, picnics, social gatherings, and even on the road. It doesn’t matter the age, whether old or young, people love to eat popcorn.

If you are checking for the price of a popcorn machine, it is likely because you are planning to start a business. In this case, we have some information for you. The primary piece of equipment that you need to start a popcorn business is a popcorn machine. Where the problem lies is that there are so many machines on the market, it is very difficult to choose.

We understand that this might be a problem and want to help you out. As such, we have come up with a list of factors that you should consider before picking a popcorn machine. Use these factors as criteria to help you to narrow down your options drastically. Check the factors out below:


Before you invest in a popcorn machine, you should first check its capacity. The capacity of the machine will depend on the level at which you want to run the business. If you plan to have a very large business, then you need a machine that has the capacity to produce at that level.

You wouldn’t want to belabour the machine with more than it can handle. If you do this, then you are just setting it up for damage in the nearest future. Soon, you’d be in the market to find another machine. When considering the capacity of the machine, also put expansion into consideration. The business will not remain at the same level forever so plan for expansion.

Quality of the material

Another very important factor to consider when choosing a popcorn machine is the quality of the material. What kind of material was used in the manufacture of the machine? Is the material sturdy and durable?

If premium materials are used in manufacturing or fabricating the machine, then durability is assured. Of course, such machines are more expensive. However, when one considers the cost, in the long run, they end up being cheaper. Machines made from poor quality materials are cheaper but soon go bad. In the end, you’d end up buying several machines while trying to save money.

One very important material you should look out for in a popcorn machine is the glass. Ensure that you purchase a machine that comes with tempered glass. Why? Tempered glass is costly but it is easy to clean and scratch-resistant. This means that your machine will keep looking attractive. Also, purchase a machine that is made from powder-coated steel. This material is sturdy and beautiful and it makes you stand out among your competitors.

Speed and efficiency

One factor that will determine how well you will do in your business is your speed and efficiency. How quickly can you meet the needs of your customers? Nobody wants to visit your popcorn stand and wait forever to get popcorn. They want it as quickly as possible.

This is where the speed and efficiency of your machine come to play. You should ensure that you purchase a machine that works pretty quickly and still delivers high-quality popcorn. If the machine is fast and it reduces the quality of your popcorn, it is still not worth buying.

Also, you don’t a machine that stops working at intervals. This will slow down your work and reduce customer satisfaction. It could lead to bad reviews and a reduction in the number of customers that visit your business place.

Gas or electric

As we mentioned earlier, there are two types of popcorn machines. You can choose to purchase either a gas machine or an electric machine. Both are efficient but offer different advantages depending on your business location and capacity.

If you operate in an area with poor electricity, we suggest that you go for a gas popcorn machine. This machine is also perfect if you will be running a mobile popcorn stand. If your store is stationary and you have access to good electricity, then you can opt for an electric machine.


The final factor to consider is the cost of the machine. Your decision on what machine to purchase depends on how much you can afford to spend. Before you fork out funds for a popcorn machine, ensure that you check the market for prices. We have given you a head start by providing a list of machines and their prices in this post.

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