Gear Oil Price in Nigeria (May 2024)

Gear oil (transmission fluid) is one of the most important lubricants every car needs. Apart from the fact that the importance is enormous, the absence of the gear oil poses a high threat to the overall functioning of the vehicle. The oil is a lubricant made precisely for transmissions, transfer cases, and differentials in automobiles, trucks, and other similar machinery.

With various types, grades, and brands of gear oil available in the market today, this post takes a look at how much these types cost. We will also consider the core factors to note when buying gear oil.

gear oil price in nigeria

Cost of Gear Oil in Nigeria

All gear oils are not the same. Although they largely perform the same function, there are disparities in terms of class, and type, hence, varying their suitability in certain cases. Thanks to the increase in the rate of demand for gear oils lately, it is easy to see why many brands have dived into this industry, introducing various types of gear oils.

While some brands have ruled this bit of the automobile industry for a lot of years, some more companies are starting to run the market with more exclusive and top-quality oils that are even more effective.

Here are some of the common Gear Oil brands and how much they go for in Nigeria today.

Toyota Gear Oils & Prices

  • Toyota Automatic Transmission Fluid Type T-IV – 1 Litre – From N5, 090
  • Toyota Automatic Transmission Fluid Type T-IV – 4 Liters – From N17, 200

Addinol Gear Oils & Prices

  • ADDINOL Automatic Transmission Fluid XN LV Automatic Transmission Fluid 1 Litre – From N3, 500
  • ADDINOL Automatic Transmission Fluid XN LV Automatic Transmission Fluid 4 Litres – From N18,000
  • ADDINOL Automatic Transmission Fluid XN LV Automatic Transmission Fluid 5 Litres – From N20,000
  • ADDINOL Automatic Transmission Fluid XN LV Automatic Transmission Fluid 6 Litres – From N22,000

Mobil Gear Oils & Prices

  • Mobil Super T&C Engine Oil 4 Litres X 4pic/carton – From N17, 500
  • Mobil Super T&C Engine Oil, 10000kM 5L X 4pic/carton – From N30,000

Honda Oils and Fluids & Prices

  • Honda Genuine Automatic Transmission Fluid ATF-Z1 – From N7, 000
  • Honda Genuine Automatic Transmission Fluid ATF DW-1 – From N6, 900
  • Honda Genuine 50/50 Prediluted Long Life Antifreeze / Coolant Type 2 – From N40,000


The list above shows the cost of common gear Oils in Nigeria. Although this list shows an estimate of prices as gathered in the current market, it is logical to go to the market to confirm the prices before you decide to purchase one. This is largely because of the discrepancy in prices of gadgets in recent times.

The variation in prices is because of various factors, which include currency exchange rate, place and period of purchase, and other related factors. Some brands are relatively expensive while some are not.

Things to Consider When Buying Gear Oil

Gear Oils, like most other lubricants in automobiles, need, to vary in type and grade. While most of the gear oils in the market today perform similar functions, some are more specific for certain types of cars and situations. Hence, it is important to consider some factors before going to get random gear oil.

The various types and brands of gear oil available in the market today can be worn, which has made it even more difficult to pick a particular type. Here are some factors to consider when buying getting gear oil.


Selecting a suitable viscosity grade is usually as easy as finding the reference in a component’s maintenance manual. Unfortunately, the manual does not usually exist or the automobile or similar machine operates outside the circumstances for which the OEM’s references were made.

Consequently, it is important to comprehend the methods for viscosity choice and the factors that impact the requirement. The viscosity for a gear oil is mainly chosen to provide a preferred film thickness between interacting surfaces at a particular speed and load.

Because it is tough to determine the load for most viscosity assortment methods, the load is presumed and the determining factor becomes speed. This should be at the back of your mind when deciding which gear oil suits your purpose.

Type and Addictive Selection

After choosing the viscosity grade, the basic type of gear oil must be chosen. While there are many variants, gear oil can largely be placed into three groups: R & O, antiscuff, and compounded. The gear oil type that best fits a particular application will be decided by the operating conditions.

Since there are no standard guidelines to help make this decision, the selection is somewhat subjective. Many manufacturers will specify a viscosity prerequisite and allow the end-user to make the final call. Some others will choose to be conventional and specify EP lubricants for the applications. It is thus significant to understand the overall conditions that impact this requirement.


There are lots of gear oils in the market today. You should be careful to go for a brand that is dependable and reliable. The best gear oil to pick is the one suggested by the car owner’s manual, although the brand might not be readily accessible. In cases like this, seek for specialist’s opinion and get as ample information about the gear oil you are looking to purchase. You can also read reviews about the specific oil you are to get.

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