Germany Visa Fees in Nigeria (2024)

Do you want to travel to Germany and you want to know what the process entails?

First things first, you need to apply for a German visa and pay the prescribed fees. If you’re able to scale this hurdle, then you’re surely on you way to Germany.

In this post, you will learn everything about the German visa, the cost and the steps you need to take.

germany visa fee in nigeria

Typically, all visa applications are processed at the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Lagos.

Also, there’s a German Embassy in Abuja where visa are sometimes issued. This happens only in exceptional cases.

The German Consulate in Lagos is located at 15 Walter Carrington Crescent, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

We have also listed the phone numbers, fax, email and website of the Embassy below:

Phone: +00234-1-280-9966

Fax: +00234-1-280-9969



The German Embassy in Abuja is located at 9 Lake Maracaibo Close, Maitama. Below are the contact details of the Embassy:

Phone: +00234-9-220-8010; +00234-9-220-8011; +00234-70-6410-8800; +00234-80-5880-8800

Fax: +00234-9-220-8009


Short‐term Schengen Visa (up to 90 days)

  • Airport Transit visa: 60 euros (approximately 30,000 Naira)
  • Tourist visa: 60 euros (approximately 30,000 Naira)
  • Business visa: 60 euros (approximately 30,000 Naira)
  • Visiting family and friends visa: 60 euros (approximately 30,000 Naira)
  • Cultural and Sports visa: 60 euros (approximately 30,000 Naira)
  • Official visit visa: 60 euros (approximately 30,000 Naira)

Long‐term National Visa (over 90 days)

  • Student visa: 75 euros (approximately 37,500 Naira)
  • Employment visa: 75 euros (approximately 37,500 Naira)
  • Family Reunion visa: 75 euros (approximately 37,500 Naira)
  • Nigeria Minded Family Reunion visa: 75 euros (approximately 37,500 Naira)
  • Research visa: 75 euros (approximately 37,500 Naira)
  • Medical Treatment visa: 75 euros (approximately 37,500 Naira)
  • Language Course visa: 75 euros (approximately 37,500 Naira)
  • Jobseeker visa: 75 euros (approximately 37,500 Naira)
  • Freelancer visa: 75 euros (approximately 37,500 Naira)

Current Fee for Verification of Documents Needed for Germany Visa in Nigeria

Earlier this year, the fees for verification of documents needed for applying for a Germany visa in Nigeria were reviewed. In this section, we will show you the new fees for verifying documents for Nigerian internationals seeking German visas. Before then, you should note that the verification fee depends on the location of the person or institution that needs to be verified. The fee is 250,000 Naira for the following northern states:

  • FCT
  • Niger
  • Kwara
  • Kogi
  • Nassarawa
  • Benue
  • Taraba
  • Plateau
  • Adamawa
  • Gombe
  • Bauchi
  • Kaduna
  • Zamfara
  • Kebbi
  • Sokoto
  • Katsina
  • Kano
  • Jigawa
  • Yobe
  • Borno

For any other location not mentioned above, the fee is 180,000 Naira. Kindly note that the fees are subject to change depending on the adjustment of policies by the German Embassy in Nigeria.


Types of Germany Visas Available to Nigerians

There are different types of visas, and you need to know the appropriate category for you. If you book in the wrong category, you will be disqualified for 6 months.

Below is a list of the visa types:

Short term visa

A short term visa is applicable to a short term visit to Germany (less than 90 days). This visa is applicable to visiting friends and family or attending a business meeting.

If you will be staying longer than 90 days then you should apply for a long term visa. This is applicable for individuals who intent to join a member of their family in Germany or those seeking to work in the country. This visa is not applicable for students.

Student Visa

This is applicable to students that intend to study in Germany or want to conduct research at a German university. The language courses for the duration of more than three months also fall into this category.

When applying as a student, you have to come to the Consulate with the following:

  • Letter of admission from your university/language school/Studienkolleg
  • Opening confirmation for your blocked account/copy of Verpflichtungserklärung/scholarship confirmation
  • Copy of your passport data page

Also, it is important to note that you can only book the student visa for the winter session via this email – and not online.

Additionally, you will not be able to book an appointment for your visa if you have less than 6 weeks to your enrollment date.

Au Pair Visa

If you wish to travel to Germany as an Au-Pair or do voluntary work for one year, this is the category you would apply for.

Work visa

If you intend taking up a job in Germany, you need to apply for a work visa.

Germany Visa Application Guidelines for Nigerians

Usually, the online booking for your appointment takes only a few minutes. You should carefully read the information and provide the right information to avoid your appointment being cancelled.

If you’re applying with your family, it is necessary that every applicant books an appointment separately.

Also, you should ensure that you don’t miss your interview because if you fail to appear for your interview, the Consulate General may bar you from further bookings for a period of up to 6 months.

Additionally, your application may be rejected on the day of your interview, if your documents are incomplete.

There are certain categories of people that don’t need to apply for a visa. These include:

  • Applicants for transit visas
  • Applicants on official duty (this applies to note verbale holders only)
  • Applicants traveling urgent medical treatment
  • Experts participating in scientific/academic conferences (only if capacity of the visa section permits)
  • Regular travelers (applicants who have travelled to Schengen states, USA, UK or Canada at least three times within the last 24 months)

Also, you can apply for an interview waiver if you have travelled within the last 24 months at least 3 times to the Schengen States with a Schengen visa or once with a one-year multiple entry visa issued by this Consulate General and you have submitted a previous application at this Consulate General since on or after the 14th of March 2013.

You’re expected to book an appointment, but you’re not required to submit their applications in person, you can submit the application through a third party but a written letter of authorization from the applicant is required!

If you have to go through the regular process, you’re expected to book online after completing your application form.

You’re also expected to bring along your completed application form in addition to all the requisite documents (including one copy of every original).

It is important you arrive at the visa office early because there’s a limit to number of admitted applicants daily. However, it is a general rule that if you come along with your completed application form you will be admitted.

Additionally, the visa office experience high traffic during the summer months so if you’d be travelling during this period, you should book your appointment early.

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