Glo Monthly Data Plans, Prices & Codes (June 2024)

Glo Nigeria is the first indigenous mobile telecommunications company in the country. Today, Glo doesn’t just provide services to Nigerians in Nigeria, it extends to other countries in Africa. Many of the Glo subscribers believe that this company has the best and most affordable data plans. The company even prides itself as the “Grandmaster of Data.”

Glo Nigeria has an array of monthly data plans that you can subscribe to. The question that begs an answer is, “what are the different Glo monthly data plans and what are their prices?” This post will answer this question and also show you how to activate each of these data plans. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Glo Monthly Data Plans

Glo Monthly Data Plans, Prices & Codes

Glo has several data packages that you can subscribe to. One of its most popular data categories is the monthly data category. The plans in this category are best for individuals that need a whole month of data commitment. We will show you the different plans, their prices, and how much data you will get in this section.

CostAmount of dataValidity period
N10003.9 GB30 days
N15007.5 GB30 days
N20009.2 GB30 days
N250010.8 GB30 days
N300014 GB30 days
N400018 GB30 days
N500024 GB30 days
N800029.5 GB30 days
N10,00050 GB30 days
N15,00093 GB30 days
N18,000119 GB30 days
N20,000138 GB30 days
N30,000225 GB30 days
N36,000300 GB30 days
N50,000425 GB30 days


That’s it for the monthly data plans from Glo. We will discuss some of these plans in the next section of this post. Before then, you should note that Glo reserves the right to make changes to these data plans.

Explaining Glo Monthly Data Plans, Prices, and Codes

We have shown you a table containing the different Glo Monthly data plans above. In this section, we will explain these data plans along with their activation codes.

Glo N1000 Monthly Data Plan

This data plan is the least of all the Glo monthly data plans. It costs just N1000 and presents users with 3.9 GB of data. Actually, what happens is that you get 1.9 GB as the data purchase and another 2 GB as a data bonus. Both come together to form the 3.9 GB that you see in your Glo data balance. Note that new Glo subscribers will even get more as they enjoy up to 4.7 GB for the same plan.

To subscribe to this plan, recharge your Glo line with N1000. After doing this, dial *777# or simply text 53 to 127. This data plan is valid for 30 days.

Glo N1500 Monthly Data Plan

This data plan is the next most affordable of all the Glo monthly data plans. It gives you 7.5 GB of data at just N1500. You get 3.5 GB as your main data and a bonus of 4 GB. In the end, it offers you a lot more data for online tasks that you can use on different devices. Activate this plan by dialing *777#.

Glo N2000 Monthly Data Plan

This plan allows you to stream videos and enjoy a lot more data at just N2000. It presents you with 5.8 GB of data where 5.2 GB is the actual data and 600 MB comes as a bonus. New customers even enjoy this package more since you get 9.5 GB as a new customer. Activating this data plan is pretty easy. All you need to do is to dial *127*55# from your dialer or text 55 to 127. As expected, this data plan has a validity period of 30 days.

Glo N2500 Monthly Data Plan

As we mentioned earlier, Glo has the cheapest data bundles on the market. When you consider how much data you enjoy from the N2500 data, you have to agree with this statement. With just N2500, you get a whopping 9.2 GB of data. You can break this down to 5.2 GB of actual data and 4 GB of bonus data.

New subscribers even enjoy this package a lot more since they get 12.75 GB instead of 9.2 GB. You can subscribe to this data plan by dialing *777# or sending 58 to 127. Note that this plan is valid for 30 days.

Glo N3000 Monthly Data Plan

This data plan seems to be quite juicy, especially if you consume a lot of data and don’t want to spend so much. With just N3000, you gain access to 10.8 GB of data that can be broken down to 6.8 GB of actual data and 4 GB of data bonus.

Ensure that you have loaded your line with N3000 worth of airtime before you consider subscribing to this plan. After doing this, dial *777# or text 54 to 127 to activate the N3000 monthly data plan. Just like the other data plans in this category, it is valid for 30 days.

Glo N4000 Monthly Data Plan

Existing Glo customers have access to 18 GB from this plan. You can break that down to 14GB of actual data and 4 GB of bonus data. The plan costs N4000 and it is valid for 30 days. New customers enjoy 19 GB of data from the N4000 monthly data plan. You can activate this data plan by dialling *777# or texting 59 to 127.

Glo N5000 Monthly Data Plan

If you are a huge data guzzler, then you should consider subscribing to the N5000 monthly data plan from Glo. The reason for this is that you get to enjoy more data at a very affordable price. This plan offers you 24 GB of data that we can break down to 20 GB of actual data and 4 GB of bonus data. Activate this data plan by dialling *777# from your phone dialer or texting 11 to 127. Note that this data plan, like the others, is valid for 30 days.

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