Green Coffee Prices in Nigeria (June 2024)

Green coffee is becoming a lot more popular these days, especially among people keen on health and wellness. You have possibly heard about the load of nutrients that you gain from drinking green coffee. Asides from the nutrients that you take in when you consume green coffee, there are several benefits that you enjoy.

The question that begs an answer today is, “How much does green coffee cost in Nigeria today?” It is no secret that the prices of products are skyrocketing on almost a daily basis. If you had an idea of the cost of green coffee before now, you should check again to see if it has changed or not. Not to worry, we will give you the latest prices in this post.

Green Coffee Prices in Nigeria

Green Coffee Prices in Nigeria

There are so many brands of green coffee on the Nigerian market today. Some of them are produced locally while others are imported from other coffee-producing countries. Finding the prices of these products can be quite stressful and time-consuming. This is why we took it upon ourselves to survey the market to check their prices on your behalf. After our survey, we came up with the list below containing some popular products and their prices.

  • Samira Green Tea with 100 teabags: From N12,500
  • Biogenic Chinese Green Tea (125 grams): From N4,000
  • Leptin Green Coffee 1000 Gold: From N5,000
  • Leptin Green Coffee 1000 Plus: From N7,900
  • Leptin Green Coffee 1000: From N5,040
  • Qualitea Natural Green Tea with 100 teabags: From N10,900
  • Qualitea Natural Green Tea with 25 teabags x2 packs: From N9,900
  • Ahmad Vitality Green Tea 20 teabags: From N5,000
  • Super Blend Green Tea with Orange: From N4,000
  • Super Blend Green Tea with Jasmine: From N4,000
  • Super Blend Green Tea with Ginger: From N4,000
  • Super Blend Green Tea with Garlic: From N4,000
  • Super Blend Green Tea with 25 teabags: From N3,000
  • Twinning Green Tea Pure: From N7,500
  • Twinning Green Tea Jasmine: From N5,000
  • My Health Green Tea with Ginger 25 teabags: From N4,500
  • My Health Green Tea with Lemon Grass Herbal 25 teabags: From N4,785
  • My Health Green Tea with Soursop Herbal 25 teabags: From N4,785
  • My Health Green Tea 25 teabags: From N5,000
  • Ever Green California Green Tea: From N6,520


The prices are the current prices of the products on the list. However, there is a possibility that these prices can change frequently due to several factors. We will keep an eye on the market and update this post once we notice any price changes. Now that we have this out of the way, let’s discuss green coffee in some more detail.

Explaining Green Coffee

How does green coffee come about? Green coffee is just normal coffee that doesn’t go through the normal roasting process instead is left completely raw. The extract from this coffee is popularly used as a dietary supplement. However, you can purchase green coffee in a whole-bean form and then use it to prepare a hot beverage.

The chemical profile of green coffee is different from regular roasted coffee despite being of the same origin. Green coffee contains a lot of chlorogenic acids (these are compounds that contain potent antioxidants and possess strong anti-inflammatory effects).

Benefits of Green Coffee

By now, you must be wondering why there is so much craze about green coffee. It is because green coffee presents you with so many benefits. In this section, we will take a look at some of these benefits.

Facilitates weight loss

Have you been struggling with obesity or do you just want to lose excess fat? You should consider taking green coffee. Several studies reveal that green coffee helps to combat obesity because it lowers the accumulation of excess fat. The green coffee extract was administered to obese mice and within a short time, it reduced their body weight gain significantly. While green coffee has proven to be very potent in this regard on animals, studies are still going on for humans. Notwithstanding, many people are already using green coffee for weight loss and the results are amazing.

Aids in diabetes treatment

As we mentioned above, green coffee contains chlorogenic acid that possesses strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Interestingly, chlorogenic acid has also been proven to affect blood sugar levels significantly. During a study conducted, doses of the green coffee extract were administered to the participants. It was recorded that the participants who got the highest dose showed the highest drop in their blood glucose levels.

We recommend that you take between three and four cups of green coffee daily to reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The chlorogenic acid present in green coffee also helps to stimulate the secretion of insulin which is renowned for its anti-diabetic abilities.

Regulate blood pressure

The chlorogenic acid in green coffee also helps in inhibiting the production of active cortisol. Cortisol is one of the hormones that increase blood pressure levels in the body. A study carried out on hypertensive rats showed that by taking green coffee, they were able to reduce their blood pressure levels. When the same study was carried out on humans, it produced similar results.

Aside from inhibiting the production of active cortisol in the body, consuming green coffee improves arterial elasticity. This helps to reduce blood pressure levels considerably.

Anti-ageing benefits

If you are worried that you are aging too fast, you should add green coffee to your daily diet. Green coffee is known to possess antioxidant properties which are very important to slow down ageing. The chlorogenic acid in green coffee helps to improve microcirculatory function and skin properties in humans. Consumption of green coffee helps to decrease skin dryness as well as reduce transepidermal water loss. It also helps to improve the pH levels of the skin surface.

Side Effects of Green Coffee

While green coffee has so many benefits, it is not all good news about this product. There are a few side effects but not everyone experiences these side effects. Some of these side effects include:

  • Abnormal increase in blood homocysteine levels.
  • Excessive consumption can result in excess caffeine and result in high blood pressure, bleeding disorders, diarrhoea, thinning bones, etc.
  • Pregnant women and nursing mothers are advised to stay away from green coffee to avoid complications. However, studies are still ongoing in this regard.

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