Groundnut Oil Extraction Machine Prices in Nigeria (2024)

Until recently when vegetable oil became more commonly used in households across Nigeria, groundnut oil was what you could refer to as the mainstay of Nigerian kitchens. From frying eggs, meat, fish and plantain, to jollof rice, spaghetti, and several other meals common to Nigerians, there’s so much groundnut oil is used for.

Before I forget, it is also a major ingredient for margarines. Apart from palm oil, it is the most commonly used cooking oil in Nigeria. The fact that it is called groundnut oil already gives an idea of its source, but do we even know how it is extracted?

groundnut oil extraction machine price in nigeria

People who deal in groundnut oil can clearly tell you how lucrative it is. A lot of the time, there are certain things we enjoy in life with no knowledge or idea of how they are made and what effort has gone into them. Groundnut oil for example requires an extraction process using an extraction machine. If you’re into groundnut oil production or you intend to start, a quality extraction machine is required. But just how much is it?

Groundnut Oil Extraction Machine Prices in Nigeria

Listed below are selected groundnut oil extraction machines in Nigeria and their prices.

  • Rapeseed Oil Press Machine Sunflower Oil Seed Press Machine Groundnut Oil Expeller: From N1,518,400
  • Hot And Cold Oil Processing Machine/Commercial Soybean Coconut Oil Press Machine/Groundnut Sunflower Oil Extraction Machine: From N336,870
  • Vegetable Coconut Oil Pressers Full Automatic Groundnut Moringa Seed Soybean Cooking Oil Extraction Machine: From N55,014
  • Hot Selling Multi-Function Commercial Oil Presses Machine 220v Soybean Olive Oil Expeller Groundnut Oil Extraction Machine: From N76,384
  • B02 Double Heads Peanut Rapeseed Groundnut Oil Press Pressing Extraction Machine: From 74,184
  • Automatic Mustard Olive Oil Expeller Cocoa Butter Extract Processing Machine Groundnut Oil Milling Machine: From N1,422,550
  • Small Automatic Vegetable Rice Bran Oil Extraction Machine Palm Kernel Groundnut Oil Press Machine: From N758,400
  • Mango Butter Oil Processing Machine High Quality Cottonseed Oil Extraction Machine Groundnut Seeds Oil Press Machine Price: From N749,430
  • 6YL-68 Cold Press Castor Groundnut Sunflower Seed Oil Extraction Machine: From N421,721
  • Low Price Double Screw Groundnut Plant Olive Coconut Oil Extracting Press Extraction Palm Fruit Oil Press Machine For Home Use: From N1,541,250
  • Small Home Use 6YL-68 Groundnut Coconut Soy Oil Press Mill Extraction Expeller Machine: From N180,120
  • Christmas Promotion Cold Press Oil Pressers Groundnut Oil Extracting Machine KXY-OP02: From N47,450
  • Small Scale Maize Cooking Cold-Pressed Groundnut Oil Press Extraction Machine: From N1,422,500
  • Cold Press Castor Groundnut Sunflower Seed Oil Extraction Machine: From N474,500
  • Groundnut Seeds Screw Oil Extract Machine: From N369,930
  • Hydraulic Sesame Oil Extraction Machine Hydraulic Groundnut Oil Press Machine: From N2,133,250
  • 3 Tons Oil Expeller High Productivity Togo Cameroon Extract Groundnut Oil Pressing Machine: From N2,844,000
  • Manual Small Dry Avocado Cocoa Oil Press Groundnut Camellia Seed Oil Extraction Machine: From N36,042
  • Different Model Groundnut Essential Oil Extraction Machine With CE: From N436,260
  • Commercial With Filter Corn Avocado Cold Olive Extraction Soy Sunflower Groundnut Oil Press Machine: From N331,900
  • Groundnut Oil Expeller Soybean Oil Making Machine Sunflower Seeds Oil Extraction Machine: From N265,536
  • 140-200type Groundnut Cold Press Oil Extraction Machine: From N2,844,000
  • Mini Groundnut Coconut Oil Press Extraction Machine For Home: From N107,130
  • Mini Groundnut Cold Press Oil Extraction Machine: From N158,767
  • Edible Oil Usage Machine Type And Automatic Grade Groundnut Hot Press Oil Extraction Machine Peanut Oil Pressing Machine: From N948,000
  • Factory Price Vegetable Seeds Oil Extraction Machine Soybean Sunflower Corn Groundnut Cooking Coconut Oil Press Machine: From N379,200
  • Home Using 110V Small Olive Palm Kernel Sesame Sunflower Soybean Groundnut Peanut Coconut Oil Extraction Machine: From N82,987
  • Home Cold Press Castor Groundnut Sunflower Seed Oil Extraction Machine Manual India: From N36,042
  • Small Scale Groundnut Oil Pressing Extraction Machine And Groundnut Oil Production Line In Nigeria: From N14,157,189
  • Automatic Groundnut and Sesame Seed Oil Extraction Press Machine In Pakistan: From N1,166,940
  • High Efficiency Home Use Mini Peanut Oil Press Pressing Extraction Machine /Groundnut Oil Processing Machine: From N128,145
  • Factory Low Price Sunflower Soybean Groundnut Oil Extraction Machine For Sale: From N3,556,875
  • Cooking Oil Producing Machine Making Machine 1-3 T/H Peanut Oil Press Groundnut Oil Extraction Machine: From N654,570
  • Germany Castor Groundnut Oil Processing Soybean Avocado Oil Extraction Peanut Cooking Oil Making Machine: From N1,611,900


Groundnut Oil Extraction Process

Producing groundnut oil, using a mechanical method involves a range of technical activities. It follows a process that involves three main stages, namely;

  • Seeds Preparation
  • Pressing
  • Refining

Seed Preparation

This is a very manual process that simply involves selecting the good groundnut seeds from the bad ones. Also, cleaning is done here to take away all dust components like sand, plant debris, stalk, and tiny rock particles. Breaking the seeds into smaller pieces so they can be easily milled is also done here. Furthermore, the moisture content is controlled through a conditioning process before they are heated up and made ready for the next stage.

Groundnut Pressing

This is the second phase and it is the production stage. The presser, usually a screw pressing machine, is loaded with the selected groundnut seeds. The screw of the machine warm presses the ground as they are driven further into the narrow part of the chamber. This constant pressure and rising temperature then force oil out of the groundnut. As the temperature rises, output increases. The oil squeezed out of the groundnut is then released through small holes made under the chamber. There you have your fresh, but crude groundnut oil.

Oil Refining

This is the final process. Here, the fresh groundnut oil obtained from the presser is pumped through a filter to purify it. After filtering is done, the groundnut oil will then be taken to a refining machine for another three stages of refining. These are neutralization, bleaching, and deodorization.

However, for the sake of this post, we’re focusing only on extraction and the prices of machines you can use for the process. As I mentioned earlier, there are different types of groundnut oil extraction machines with different capacities and for different prices. Some are for large-scale industrial production. Others are for small-scale production.

Final Words

With the economic situation in the country, a lot of people are thinking of businesses to go into. You should too, and oil extraction and processing seems like a very profitable choice. It is something that people will always need as long as they continue to eat. So the market is not the problem. Your indecision is.

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