Gym Equipment Prices in Nigeria (June 2023)

Exercising regularly comes with several advantages such as decreasing blood pressure and improving cardiovascular fitness. As a result, having a gym membership these days is one of the things most people want. The challenge is that we may not all have the time to go to the gym every day.

If you don’t have the time to go to the gym every day, you may choose to purchase gym equipment. With these, you can exercise from home in your spare time. You may also consider purchasing gym equipment if you want to start a gym for commercial purposes. How much does gym equipment cost in Nigeria? Read on to find out.

Gym Equipment Prices in Nigeria

Prices of Gym Equipment in Nigeria

The Nigerian market is filled with several kinds of gym equipment from different brands. Finding out the prices of these equipments before going to the market is very important. Doing this helps you to plan so that you don’t exceed your budget. We have surveyed the market on your behalf and these are the top gym equipment in Nigeria and their prices.

  • Body Fit Manual Treadmill Runner with Stepper N Twister: N140,000 – N170,000
  • L-700 Semi Commercial With High-Quality USA Lesson Moto: N490,000 – N550,000
  • Bodyfit Bodyfit Standard Weight Bench With Butterfly. 30KG Weight Plate And Bar Included: N140,000 – N200,000
  • Wonder Core: N70,000 – N80,000
  • Bodyfit Fitness Mini Stepper: N74,500 – N77,000
  • Situp Bench: N61,000 – N72,000
  • Orbitrack Elliptical Bike GAST: N170,000 – N210,000
  • Bodyfit Magnetic Bike For Fitness Exercise With Meter: N96,900 – N120,000
  • Bodyfit Recumbent Bike W + Free Free Yoga Mat: N160,000 – N190,000
  • BF 8.2 GAH Orbitrac Bike: N120,000 – N150,000
  • Bodyfit Magnetic Bike For Fitness Exercise: N90,000 – N110,000
  • Commercial Standing Elliptical: N90,000 – N105,000
  • Bodyfit Spinning Bike: N230,000 – N250,000
  • Bodyfit Magnetic Bike For Exercise With Meter: N94,500 – N107,000
  • Gym Ball: N10,500 – N15,000
  • Motorized-Power-Running-Home-Fitness-Machine-Electrical-Treadmill-1-5HP-BF1025S: N140,000 – N250,000
  • Cross Trainer: N296,000 – N330,000
  • Assault Air Bike for Commercial Gym Use /High Quality: N660,000 – N710,000
  • Commercial AC Power 6HP Treadmill With WIFI: N1.3 million – N1.5 million
  • 4HP TREADMILL: N790,000 – N890,000
  • 10kg Adjustable Dumbbell with Rubber Handle: N39,000 – N42,000
  • 10 Pairs Heavy Rack: N33,000 – N42,000
  • 10kg, 5kg, 2kg Dynamic Rubber Dumbbells: N9,000 – N22,000
  • 10kg, 7.5kg, 5kg, 4kg Rubber Dumbbells: N10,000 – N33,500
  • 5kg Dynamic Chromed Weight Plates: N22,000 – N33,000
  • 20kg Adjustable Dumbbell: N32,000 – N42,000
  • 20kg Chrome Dumbbell Sets: N31,000 – N45,000
  • 20kg Pack Dumbbells Set Gray: N45,000 – N55,000
  • 4kg, 3kg, 2kg, 1kg Vinily Dipping Dumbbells: N1,500 – N20,000
  • 50kg Grey Hammer Tone Cast Iron Dumbbell Set: N87,000 – N100,000
  • 115 Weight Bench: N150,000 – N200,000
  • 6 STATION Multi-function Crossfit Folding-Home-Gym-Equipment: N720,000 – N850,000
  • 818 Heavy Duty Weight Bench: N190,000 – N250,000
  • AB Coaster Fast Sexy Waistline: N163,000 – N190,000
  • Abdominal Workout abs Roller Wheel: N6,000 – N10,000
  • Adjustable Dumbbell Bench: N56,000 – N66,000
  • BF 105-1 Over Size Sit-Up Bench: N43,000 – N55,000

Note that the prices of these products don’t fluctuate so much. However, they could be slightly different from what you find on our list because of your location and the vendor you choose.

Benefits of Daily Fitness Exercises and Gym Workouts

Staying fit has become very fashionable these days. You see people all over social media showing off their wonderful bodies and you just want to join in. There’s more to staying fit than just having a great body. Daily fitness exercises and gym workouts present you with the following benefits:

Weight loss

There are so many products out there that promise weight loss. From slimming teas to waist trainers and all the others. While these items present us with good results, none is as healthy as daily exercises.

Exercising daily helps to speed up your body metabolism. The effect of this is that your body burns up more calories every day. In the end, you get to lose weight and maintain a healthy muscle mass.

Facilitates brain health

Wondering how exercising daily will improve your memory and brain health? Well, when you exercise, you improve blood flow into different parts of your body including the brain. The benefit of this is that it helps to maintain brain health and improve your memory.

This is very important for older adults as it protects their mental function. Regular exercise also acts as a strong energy booster. With this, you can save yourself from frequent fatigue and raise your energy levels significantly.

Improves balance

Balance exercises help you to stabilize your body and prevent falls. They ensure that you have more control over your body position. These exercises become a lot more important as we age. Examples of balance exercises include walking heel to toe and standing on one foot.

Many gyms offer balance training exercises such as yoga or tai chi. You can improve your body balance by enrolling in such classes.

Strength training

Have you been looking for ways to get stronger? You should try enrolling in a fully equipped gym with a gym instructor. There are several exercises that you can engage in to increase your strength. These exercises are called strength exercises.

The advantage here is that these exercises don’t just make you stronger, they stimulate bone growth. They also improve posture and balance and lower blood sugar. These exercises help to reduce pain in the joints and lower back as well as stress levels. Examples include squats, lunges, push-ups, and lifting weights, and dumbbells.

Getting the most of your Exercise Time: Helpful Gym Exercise Tips

When you enrol for a gym membership, you want to see results as quickly as possible. These results don’t come magically. However, certain tips help you to get the most of your exercise time. Here are a few of them:

Lift weights

Just doing cardio exercises doesn’t help so much for weight loss. You need to engage in resistance exercises to increase your metabolic rate and build muscle. When next you visit the gym, try lifting some weights.

Listen to music

One of the best ways to motivate yourself in the gym is by listening to your favorite playlist. There is a scientific explanation for this. When you listen to music, you boost your dopamine and serotonin hormones. These hormones foster recovery so that your heart rate and blood pressure go back to normal.

Do intervals

Experts suggest that you should have low-intensity breaks when exercising. These breaks or intervals help to burn more calories in the long run.

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