Hoverboard Prices in Nigeria (March 2024)

Hoverboards are becoming more and more popular in Nigeria, despite that they just came into being about 5 years ago. Although the first set of hoverboards had some issues such as explosion and accuracy problems (which have been fixed now), the demand for these miniature personal transporters keeps booming all over the world. And Nigeria is no exception.

For starters, a hoverboard (also known as a self-balancing scooter or self-balancing board) is a portable personal transporter that has two motorized wheels lying beneath a pair of footpads, for the rider’s feet. The size of the wheels can vary between 6.5 inches and 8 inches.

hoverboard prices in Nigeria

Under the hood of a hoverboard lie a gyroscope and a sensor pad. Hoverboards can achieve travel speeds between 10km/hour and 24km/hour, depending on the terrain (whether rough or smooth), the weight of the rider, the maximum speed of the model, and other factors. The device runs on a rechargeable battery, which can provide 3 hours of travel after each full charge (this can be more or less depending on the model).

Only a few things are easier than controlling a hoverboard. The rider simply balances himself on the board by placing his two feet on the corresponding footpads. He then powers the device and turns it in motion. To control the speed, the rider leans forward (faster) or backward (slower). To control the direction of travel, the rider simply twists the pads.

Prices of Hoverboards in Nigeria

As of the time of this writing, here are the prices of hoverboards in Nigeria.

  • Hoverboard Scooter with Bluetooth, 8-inch wheels === From N160,000
  • GOTRAX Nova Pro Hoverboard Self-Balancing Scooter With 6.5 In. Wheels === From N360,000
  • Hoverboard Scooter with LED Lights === From N135,000

Hoverboard Accessories & Prices in Nigeria

  • 42V 2A Electric Scooter Charger For Hoverboard Charger Smart Balance Wheel With UK Plug Style=== From N12,000
  • Hoverboard Switching Line And Plug Power Line Repair === From N16,962
  • Aluminum Alloy Skateboard Truck Skateboard Accessories 3.25″ === From N7,760
  • Solid Tire 6.5 Inch Hoverboard Tyres Self Balancing=== From N23,500
  • Electric Bike Scooter Accessories Motor Brushed Controller & Throttle Twist Grip 24V 250W === From N13,100
  • 10 Inch X 2.125 Inch Tire And Inner Tube For Hoverboard === From N22,200
  • Skateboard Accessories Set Truck Axle Bearing Spacers Speed Rings === From N1,400
  • 6.5 Inch Electric Scooter Sticker Hoverboard Gyroscooter === From N35,025


Prices of hoverboards in Nigeria vary based on the following factors:

  • Brand trust
  • Durability of the model
  • Maximum speed of the model
  • Speed and accuracy of response to control gestures
  • Size of the wheels
  • Strength of in-built rechargeable batteries
  • Additional fancy features such as Bluetooth speakers, remote control, GPS, smartphone companion app, etc.
  • Maximum distance range
  • Climbing capacity (30 degrees or more, depending on the model)
  • Maximum rider weight bearable

How to choose the right hoverboard in Nigeria

Unless you’re new to Nigeria, you should know that for any tech product to survive long-term use in Nigeria, it must tick all checkboxes with regard to durability and power dependability. So, here are some tips on how to choose the right hoverboard here in Nigeria.

  • Always favor a hoverboard made by a well-known brand over one made by a little-known or unknown brand. For example, if you find a Lexus hoverboard and another by a brand you’ve never heard about before, it’s better to go for the Lexus option.
  • Because most terrains here in Nigeria aren’t smooth or even, you’d be better off with a hoverboard with bigger wheels. So, where you’re able to choose, always go for 8-inch wheel hoverboards.
  • We’re in Nigeria, and we all know that electric power supply isn’t reliable. So, your best bet is a hoverboard with long battery life. You sure don’t want a hoverboard that will die out after just two hours of travel.
  • If you’ll be using your hoverboard in places where there are steep slopes, then go for one with high climbing capacity. On average, most hoverboards have a climbing capacity of 30 degrees.
  • If you’re a bit on the high side with regard to your weight, then you need to check the maximum bearable weight of any hoverboard before buying it. Be sure to go for one with higher weight bearability.
  • If you’re a stickler for additional fancy features, such as Bluetooth speaker, GPS, and smartphone connectivity, then be sure that these features are present in any hoverboard you want to buy.


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