Industrial Weaving Machine Prices in Nigeria (2024)

Industrial weaving machines are absolute necessities for professional tailors and dressmakers who give refined finishing to clothes. Here in Nigeria, it is popularly called weaving machine or weeping machine, but the more correct name is overlock machine or serger.

Weaving machines help to trim and enclose the seam allowance or edge of the fabric inside a woven thread casing. This will ensure the inner edges of the cloth are not unravelled, thus enhancing the inside look of clothes and their longevity.

No matter the type of tailoring service you offer, you’ll need at least the manual type of weaving machine in order to offer of neat services.

industrial weaving machine price in nigeria

Industrial weaving machines are more advanced than the ordinary weaving machines. They have more functions and they accommodate a wide range of fabric. Working with them is easier with faster speed. They also have settings that can provide a lot of decorative serge.

Prices of industrial weaving machines in Nigeria

In case you haven’t started using an overlock on your clothes as a professional tailor, it’s high time you took your job to the next level by purchasing one. From Manual to highly sophisticated ones, prices of weaving machines vary.

To know which to go for, you’ll have to understand the functions and limitations of each type and compare it with what your job requires. Then your pocket decides whether to go for a brand new or a fairly used one.

Prices of Brand New Weaving Machines

  • SUMO overlock sewing machine:  From N45,000
  • SUMO Industrial overlock machine (3 thread): From N200,000
  • SUMO Industrial overlock machine (4 thread): From N210,000
  • Butterfly overlock sewing machine: From N50,000
  • Brother Industrial overlock machine : From N180,000
  • EMEL Industrial overlock machine (3 thread): From N230,000
  • Merrylock 3 Needle 4 Thread Cover stitch Machine: From N165,000
  • Merrylock 2 Needles 4 Thread Overlock Sewing Machine: From N250,000
  • Two Lion Industrial weaving machine: From N220,000

There are many other Chinese brands of industrial weaving machines, but the ones mentioned above are more common in the Nigerian market.

Prices of Fairly Used Weaving Machines

  • Butterfly Interlocking machine: From N40,000
  • SUMO overlocking machine: From N30,000
  • Gemini overlocking machine: From N30,000
  • SUMO Industrial overlock machine (3 thread): From N90,000
  • Two Lion Industrial weaving machine : From N100,000
  • Brother industrial overlock machine: From N90,000
  • Merrylock 2 Needles 4 Thread Overlock Sewing Machine: From N90,000


Note: Prices of fairly used weaving machines may vary depending on the extent of use and the damages on it. Be more wary when buying fairly used, make sure you check and test very well before buying.

What to Consider Before Buying an Industrial Weaving Machine

All weaving machines might provide the same basic experience all through, but some come with more sophisticated features. Things you need to consider before on deciding which type to go for are

  • Your type of (tailoring) service: What you need the machine to do is the most paramount factor to consider before buying. . If you are into native wears only, Then a simple butterfly overlock machine should suffice for your need. But if you are into making corporate wears and vests you surely need one of the industrial over lock machine in order to achieve high-end quality finish that is required of you. In fact, some vests require that you get a machine that sew and serge simultaneously. More so, the type of hem or serge of an industrial weaving machine is quite different from what comes of an ordinary weaving machine
  • Your budget: The amount you aim to spend determines the brand you can go for or whether to settle for a brand new or a fairly used machine
  • Durability: This is another important factor you must consider before buying an overlock machine. You can get facts about the durability of those brands from people already using them. Generally, brands like Brother, EMEL and Butterfly are well known for durability and high efficiency.  Beware of buying Chinese brands whose name you never heard of in the market. Most give-in within few months of purchase
  • Availability of spare parts: Just like cars and other moving machines, weaving machines do have faults too at times, and such fault might require that you change one of the components of the machine. When these components aren’t available in market, it might render the machine useless.
  • Availability of Power Supply: All industrial weaving machines need electricity to power them. If you can’t get a sure and constant source of power supply , think twice before going for an industrial machine. Ordinary overlock machines can still work with manual machine stand.
  • Complexity:  Overlock machines come with varying constructions and complexities. Passing the threads of overlocks is really cumbersome at times. Go for the ones you are familiar with to avoid unnecessary frustrations.

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