JAC Motors Price List (June 2024)

It is no secret that Nigerians love to invest in automobiles. There are so many popular brands and several unpopular ones on the Nigerian automobile market. JAC Motors may not be too popular in Nigeria today, but this company produces and distributes some of the best cars in the world. This company is gradually becoming one of the top brands in the Nigerian automobile scene. It owes this rapid rise in fame to the high quality of its vehicles and its ability to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the customers.

A question that is quite common among automobile lovers in Nigeria today is, “How much do vehicles from JAC Motors cost?” We will answer this question in this post along with several others. Without further ado, let’s get to the crux of this article.

JAC Motors Price List

JAC Motors Price List

JAC Motors is an offshoot of JAC, a Chinese automobile company. The company was established in 1964 and has since become a force to reckon with in the automobile industry. This brand has an array of vehicles some of which you can find in Nigeria today. We have researched the market on your behalf to find out the prices of vehicles from JAC Motors in Nigeria. Note that the prices in the list below are for new vehicles only.

  • JAC J4 2022: From N20.4 million
  • JAC S5 2022 : From N25 million
  • JAC J4 2022 : From N20 million
  • JAC J4 2020: From N18 million
  • S2 2019 (Fairly Used): From N8.2 million
  • J4 2018 (Fairly Used): From N10 million
  • T6 2017 (Fairly Used): From N5.15 million


It is possible to get a second-hand JAC vehicle in Nigeria even though the chances are quite slim. We cannot give you a specific price for a fairly used JAC vehicle as several factors determine the price. Some of these factors include the seller, condition of the vehicle, year of production, etc. If you have to purchase a second-hand vehicle, we suggest that you go along with a trusted mechanic. They can help check the condition of the vehicle so that you don’t purchase a bad vehicle.

JAC Motors Series

JAC Motors produces all kinds of vehicles including passenger vehicles, vans, pickup trucks, SUVs, heavy trucks, sedans, and electric vehicles. In this section, we will describe some of the popular series from this company that you can find in Nigeria.

JAC A60 Series

The A60 Series is largely regarded as the best and most luxurious product line from JAC that you can find in Nigeria. This series offers users several high-end features such as an impressive grille that comes with shiny bling. One of the more amiable features of the vehicles in this series is the small and fashionable headlights.

The cars in this series feature the beautiful new JAC logo (bright-blue colour). JAC A60 comes in two four-cylinder engine variants and they are:

  • 5 turbo and 174hp with 251nm.
  • 0 turbo and 190hp with 280nm.

JAC IEV7S Series

The IEV7S series falls into the mid-range price division of JAC vehicles. Despite being in the mid-range price class, it comes with several interesting features that make it worth the investment. One such feature is the all-electric range of 280km/173 miles. With this comes different onboard charging options including:

  • 0% to 80% in 1 hour
  • 0% to 100% in 1.5 hours

The motor power of this vehicle is 113hp or 85 kW. It also has a torque of 199 lb-ft or 270 nm. The battery capacity of the IEV7S is 39 kWh and it is equipped with a ternary lithium battery. This car has a top speed of 130km per hour or 80 miles per hour. When you consider these features, you will agree that this vehicle is worth the hype.

JAC J4 Series

The final series we will talk about in this post is the J4 series. This series is regarded as the most affordable of all the JAC Motors series available in Nigeria. One of the perks of this vehicle is the very large interior space that has a height of about 1505 millimetres. What this means is that there is about a fist’s clearance between the seats in the front row and a 178cm passenger sitting behind.

Categories of JAC Motors

JAC Motors splits its vehicles into different categories and they are:

  • Passenger Vehicles
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Light Duty Trucks

We will look at these different categories and the types of vehicles under them below.

Passenger Vehicles

  • Sedan: Model J4
  • SUVs: Model S2, Model S3, Model S4, Model S5, Model S7

Commercial Vehicles

  • T6, T8, Sunray Bus or Van.

Light-Duty Vehicles

  • Trucks: X5 (1-ton truck), N-Series, 10 Tons Truck

Advantages of JAC Vehicles

By now, you must be wondering what all the fuss is about the vehicles from JAC Motors. Well, we will show you a few advantages of owning a JAC vehicle in this section.


This is one of the major advantages of using a JAC vehicle. The cars from this company are very easy to use because of their simple design. Don’t let this fool you because its simplistic design doesn’t mean it lacks top-notch technological features. The build quality of these vehicles is quite impeccable making them perfect for Nigerian roads.


If you love to own a versatile vehicle, then you should consider picking something from JAC Motors. One of the main reasons for its high level of usability is the position of the seats. They allow for excellent visibility regardless of the driver’s height. This aside, the vehicles from this company also provide users with excellent optics as the headlights illuminate the road considerably well.


Why spend so much money on a car if it isn’t comfortable? JAC Motors understands this and has made provision for utmost comfort in its vehicles. The interiors of these vehicles are heavenly and designed with some futurism in mind. It is easy to read the instrument cluster and the vehicles have very good electronics.

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