Kampala Fabric Prices in Nigeria June (2024)

It is easy to see why Kampala remains one of the most sought-after fabric types today. Apart from the fact the material has been widely appreciated for its top quality and durability, they are generally comfortable to wear and, of course, maintain a top class. The glow is exceptional, it is no wonder the fabric rates among the most traditional attire, even outside Africa.

Kampala Fabric Prices in Nigeria

In this post, we will take a look at the Kampala fabric and how much they go for in Nigeria today.

What are Kampala fabric prices in Nigeria?

If you are a fan of traditional attires with a touch of class and glamour, then you most likely will love the Kampala fabric. Like many other types of fabrics, Kampala comes in various types, designs, and classes. As expected, the prices of Kampala fabrics largely depend on the quality, the print on it, and the design.

On average, 4 yards of Kampala fabric, which is the standard number of yards for a standard cloth, costs anything from N4,500, depending on where you are buying it from, the quality of the material, and the design. It should be noted that there are some types of Kampala fabrics though that could go for lower prices than the ones stated above. Likewise, there are a few types that cost more.


Kampala Fabric: What You Should Know About the Fabric

Kampala fabrics are indigo-resist dyed cotton cloths that were made by women all over the Yoruba land in southwestern Nigeria. This style of fabric involves the creation of a pattern by treating specific parts of the textile in some way to avert them absorbing dye. Clothes were usually typically made up of two strips of factory-fashioned cotton shirting, hemmed together to form a roughly square shape. They were usually worn by ladies as wrappers.

While Kampala might not be the softest of fabrics, it has been praised for its silkiness to man. Even though it is lightweight, it keeps the wearer relatively warm and cozy during cold seasons, one of the reasons it remains among the top choices of people. If taken appropriate care of, top-quality Kampala fabrics can last for many years without losing their quality and lovely appeal.

Kampala fabric can be used to make different types of styles. In recent times, fabrics have even been used to make pillowcases and bags. They can also be mixed with jean materials to add more spice and class to the outfit. The fabric though is not considered official and is enjoyed mostly by people who don’t have to look corporate.

Things You Will Like About Kampala Fabric

Kampala fabric is one of the most sought-after traditional fabrics in Nigeria today. The fabric is used to make native dressing in this part of the world, there are certain things lovers of fabrics will most likely love about the fabric. Made of highly coveted fibers, Kampala fabric is one of the primary thoughts that come to mind when you want to imagine a very soft fabric. Here are some other characteristics you’d love about Kampala fabrics.

  • They are warm when worn – There is this feel with this fabric. The warmness is startling. While this might not be very well felt in this part of the world, Kampala fabric keeps you warm without necessarily feeling the heat. This is one of the core reasons the fabric is beginning to gain ground outside Africa, especially in the United States and the United Kingdom.
  • They are Not Heavy – When it comes to the heaviness, there is little to complain about with Kampala fabrics. Irrespective of the style you are looking to make with the fabric, you most likely wouldn’t feel the weight. You only feel this when you add some other type of fabrics like jeans or heavier fabric materials.
  • Their Durability is top-notch – If sturdiness and strength of fabric are things you consider when you want to purchase a piece of fabric, then you will most likely appreciate this fabric. If well taken care of, you can be almost guaranteed to use this fabric for many years without it losing its class and quality.
  • Undisputable Top-class quality – Quality products are expensive and when it comes to Kampala, you can’t say anything less. The fabric is highly rated and hence, one of the most sought after. The fact that it is also vibrant and can be used to make several designs also stands out.
  • They are Dynamic in use and silky–Kampala materials might not be the smoothest of traditional fabrics today, but their silkiness should not be questioned. They are also very flexible and dynamic, as they can be used to design various clothing styles. Some designers even use a touch of Kampala fabrics to design homes and restaurants.
  • They are relatively available – Generally, the more available a product, the cheaper it is in the market. Kampala fabrics are very much available in the market today. Although you cannot walk into a random store to purchase top-quality Kampala fabric, you can be sure to get one in top fabric stores.

Unlike what many people think, Kampala fabric is not itchy and has a great shape, which makes it great for many designs. They are not necessarily straight and tend to cling together. This makes it a perfect fabric material for both children and adults.

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