Lagos to Enugu by Road: Bus Price & Other Details (2023)

Enugu is seen as one of the most popular States in Eastern Nigeria. Whether for personal reasons, business, or other official purposes, a lot of people travel from Lagos to Enugu every day. With a lot of road transport companies available today, it is essential to consider how much these companies charge for bus tickets from Lagos to Enugu.

If you are looking to travel from Lagos to Enugu by road, it is essential to consider some important details you will need for the trip. While booking a bus ticket is not in any way difficult, it is important to know how much the prices of these tickets go for.

lagos to enugu by road

To get the best deals available, it is always advisable to consider the prices of various bus transport companies available. This is what this article explains. Here, we will consider the prices of bus tickets from Lagos to Enugu and also explain other details to note pertaining to the trip.

Bus Ticket Prices from Lagos to Enugu

The good thing about travelling from Lagos to Enugu is that there are various means of transportation available between the cities. Although transportation by air is gradually becoming the most popular transportation means between these cities, road trips offer relatively more affordable prices and though more stressful and slower, can be more flexible. Just like transportation by air, there are various road transport companies available in various terminals today.

Prices of bus tickets from Lagos to Enugu vary. Although usually the difference is not usually very much, it is still significant enough to be noted. The discrepancy in the prices is typically a result of certain factors which include prices of fuel at the time of travel, number of buses available to travel that route at that particular time, rate of demand of the ticket, and some other factors.

For instance, a bus company that has its Lagos-Enugu terminal in Ajah or somewhere close to theenviron will definitely offer a more expensive ticket than a company whose terminal is at Jibowu or Ojota. Deservedly so, there is a significant distance between these terminals and hence, expect a difference in prices of bus tickets.

Here, we will take a look at different bus ticket prices from Lagos to Enugu for some popular bus companies. We will also note their bus terminal locations and the usual time the buses take off.

ABC Transport

Terminals: Jibowu

Take-off times: 07:00 am, 07:30 am

Price: From N25, 000

Old Price: N5, 500 – N6, 500

Chisco Group

Terminals: Jibowu, Empire Terminal

Take off times: 06:00 am

Price: From N24, 000

Ekesons Transport

Terminals: Ajah

Take-off times: 05:30 am, 06:30 am, 07:30 am, 05:00 pm, 07:00 pm

Price: N26, 000

Old Price: N6, 500 – N7, 500

Ifesinachi Transport

Terminals: Jibowu

Take-off times: 05:00 am, 08:00 am, 05:00 pm

Price: From N23, 000

GUO Transport

Terminals: Ajah, Ejigbo, Iyana-Ipaja

Take off times: 05:30 am

Price: N26,000

Old Price: N5, 000 – N7, 500

God is Good Motors (GIGM)

Terminals: Ajah, Jibowu

Take off times: 06:30 am, 06:45 am

Price: N27,100

Old Price: N5, 500 – N6, 000

Peace Mass Transport Limited

Terminals: Ajah, Jibowu

Take off times: 05:30 am, 06:00 am, 06:30 am

Price: From N26,000

Old Price: N2, 500 – N4, 000

Other Buses at popular parks

Terminals: Jibowu, Berger, Ojota, Yaba, Iyana-Ipaja, Ajah

Take-off times: n/a

Price: From N22,000

Old Price: N2, 000 – N5, 500


The variation in prices of bus tickets can also be dependent on the period. For instance, prices of bus tickets are usually more expensive during festive periods and vacations. During these periods, a large percentage of people move between these cities, and the rate of demand for ticket increases, and so does the prices. You should also note that conditions including the date and time at which bus tickets are booked do not really affect the prices of the ticket except in some very few scenarios.

It should be noted that the “benefits” and packages involved with each road transport company vary. Although you can pick any of these buses, it is essential to consider the packages they offer and other incentives attached to the ticket which might include feeding and other basic necessities.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Bus from Lagos to Enugu

When choosing a bus to follow from Lagos to Enugu, it is very important to consider some core factors. Although most of the registered transport companies in Nigeria are similar in terms of operation, there are still significant differences in their packages, prices, and options. Let us take a look at some of the factors you should consider before deciding on a bus to follow from Lagos to Enugu.

  • Budget: Your budget should be the first thing you consider Prices of a bus ticket from Lagos to Enugu vary. You can get one as low as N4,000 and one as high as N10,000. You should consider how much you are willing to spend on the trip.
  • Distance of Terminal: Another important factor to consider is how far the terminal is from where you stay. There are bus terminals scattered in strategic places across Lagos and for convenience, it is always better to go for one not too far from the house except other factors are involved.
  • Consider Your Convenience: This factor is as important as any other on this list. You should consider the seating arrangements of the bus you are traveling to confirm how comfortable they are. You can get reviews of most of the road transport companies online to know more about them
  • Consider the Route: Although there is one major route from Lagos to Enugu, there are other route options available. You should confirm the route the bus is following so as to pick one that follows your preferred route, if any.

How long Does it take to Get from Lagos to Enugu by Road?

The duration of the whole trip from Lagos to Enugu varies. The duration depends on the speed of the vehicle and the route. On the average, the trip is between 5 to 8 hours. This depends on the take-off terminal and the condition of the vehicle. Some vehicles get to Enugu a few minutes before the estimated time while others get there minutes later.

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