Lagos to Ghana by Road: Bus Prices & Other Details (2024)

It is easy to see why a lot of Nigerians see Ghana as their favourite destination when travelling to countries within Africa. Apart from the fact that the two countries share a lot of similarities in culture, food and general lifestyle, most Nigerians will choose Ghana because of the ease and various options of means of transportation to the country.

Whether you are travelling to Ghana for vacation, business or official purposes, it is always important to plan for the trip, crossing every T’s and dotting every i’s.

While acquiring the yellow card or international passport is seen as the main process involved in travelling to Ghana either by road or by air, getting the necessary details about how much you’d spend on transport fare is equally important.

With the fluctuating prices of transport systems in Nigeria, it is essential to note the different prices and terminals of buses from Nigeria to Ghana when travelling by road. The great news is, that this article brings you that. Here, we will consider prices of bus fare from Nigeria to Ghana and other basic information you’d need for the trip.

lagos to ghana by road

Lagos to Ghana by Road: Bus Prices   

Just like flight tickets, the prices of bus tickets from Nigeria to Ghana vary. In fact, you can book two tickets to Ghana within one month and see a variation in prices between the tickets. The variation is a result of certain factors which include prices of fuel at the time of travel, number of buses available to travel that route at that particular time, rate of demand of the ticket and some other factors.

It has also been noted that prices of bus tickets increase during festive periods and vacations. During these periods, especially towards the end of the year, a lot of people are on the move and the rate of demand for ticket increases, and so does the prices. Note that conditions including the date and time at which bus tickets are booked do not really affect the prices of the ticket except in some few circumstances, unlike prices of flight tickets.

Let us now take a quick look at some popular road transport companies that shuffle between these countries. We will take a look at how much their bus tickets cost and the terminals they take off from.

  • ABC Transport: ABC Transport is one of the most popular road transport companies in Nigeria and is regarded among the best road companies that have traded the Nigeria-Ghana route in recent years. There is at least one bus that trend the Nigeria-Ghana route daily, although two or three buses also trend the route depending on the rate of demand. Their main terminal is located at Plot 79, Oba Kayode Akinyemi Way, Amuwo Odofin, FESTAC Bypass, Lagos state. The transport fare to Ghana is anything from N53,000.
  • CHISCO Transport: This is another popular transport company in Nigeria. For anything from N61,750, you can be sure of a comfortable road trip to Ghana. The terminal is located at Jibowu International Terminal, Jibowu, Yaba.
  • God is Good Transport: Take nothing away from this transport company. They are one of the best in terms of comfort, reliability and safety. The transport fare to Ghana is between N64,500. The terminal is located at Murtala Mohammed Way, Yaba, Lagos.
  • Cross Country: Arguably the most popular inter-country road transport company. With anything from N53,000, you can be sure of a lovely trip from Nigeria to Ghana. The terminal is also located at Muritala Mohammed Way, Yaba, Lagos.
  • GUO Transport: Another great option when travelling to Ghana by road. The bus ticket is anything from N55,000. The terminal is located at Alafia, Lagos.

Summary of Bus Prices from Lagos to Ghana

  • ABC Transport: From N53, 000 (old price – N16, 000 – N20, 000 )
  • Chisco Transport: N61,750 (old price N15, 000 – N18, 000)
  • God is Good Transport: N64,500 (old price N20,000 – N25,000)
  • Cross Country:N53,000 (old price N17,500 – N22,000)
  • GUO Transport: N55,000 (old price N19,000 – N25,000)


It should be noted that the “benefits” and packages involved with each road transport company vary. Although you can pick any of these buses, it is essential to consider the packages they offer and other incentives attached to the ticket which might include feeding and other basic necessities. You should also consider your budget so you can know how much you are actually willing to spend on transportation. You should also consider how close the terminals are to your house and when the buses take off, whether in the morning or late at night.

How long does it take to get to Ghana from Nigeria by Road?

The duration of the whole trip from Nigeria to Ghana varies. The duration depends on the speed of the vehicle and the route. On the average, the trip is about 9 hours. This estimation is based on the assumption that you are moving from Lagos to Accra. The trip is usually some 3 hours shorter than someone leaving from Lagos to Abuja at the same speed.

Things You Should Know About Lagos to Ghana Travel

Ghana is one of the few countries you can travel to from Nigeria with diverse means of transportation. Although transportation by air is still arguably the most comfortable, easiest and fastest, road transportation to Ghana offers a cheaper and relatively fair alternative. Unlike transportation by air, road transportation offers more flexibility in terms of movement and depending on the type of bus and vendor you are going with, more comfort in booking a ticket.

There are various options available when travelling to Ghana by road. One of the most popular options is booking a ticket for the standard transport services which are available in some terminals across popular areas in Lagos. Another option is to hire a private car and a driver that takes you to Ghana. This option is usually very expensive and sometimes is just a few naira less than a flight ticket, especially when the ticket is booked earlier.

Although there are some other options when travelling by road from Nigeria to Ghana, including using random public transport from unregistered companies and shuttling between buses, the best option still remains travelling with a bus company that is registered and relatively well known. These buses not only offer you more comfort, they also guarantee better security and are more reliable in every sphere of it.

It is important you go with your international passport and Yellow card. You can get your Yellow cards from your local government. It is also advisable to go with an extra valid means of identification to avoid any issues at the border.

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