LG TV Prices in Nigeria December 2023 (LED, Plasma, etc.)

If you desire a television that offers you huge picture quality, standard sound quality and impeccable overall operation, they you should look to LG televisions.  Whatever great thing you have heard about LG TVs are true. When it comes to true excitement and overall TV experience, only a few TV brands in the world can match LG. Apart from the fact that this brand offers you almost everything you want in a standard television in terms of functionality, their products can last for a very long time. Televisions remain on of the most core parts of entertainment and LG TVs only take your experience to a new level.

Are they the best ever television brand in Nigeria? Over 50 percent of TV and gadget lovers will most likely say yes. This is beyond the name, this is beyond the legacy they stamped, this is far more than the reviews, when it comes to televisions, LG only makes life better. Talk about amazing picture quality, talk about smooth sound quality, you get all these and lots more with LG.

lg led tv price in nigeria

It is easy to see why LG has won people’s hearts and the overall gadget market in Nigeria. They are arguably among the top three most sought after televisions brands in Nigeria and as it looks, will remain on top of the market chain for years to come. Although LG TVs are not the cheapest in the market, the go for prices that are relatively competitive despite their outstanding features and first-class quality.

LG TVs are available in various types and grades. They are come as smart TVs, LEDs, LCDs and other types of televisions. Interestingly, LG TVs vary in features, designs and styles. Some of their available TVs feature USB ports while some are internet enabled. This means they can be used to browse, surf the net and even stream live videos. The TVs also vary in sizes. They manufacture televisions as small as 20 inches to as high as 89 inches. The variety of LG TVs available today only make the brand stronger, brighter and better.

The big question is; how much do LG TVs go for in the market? There have been lots of guesses about prices of LG TVs in Nigeria. Well, this post brings to you the market prices of various sizes of LG televisions in Nigeria today.

Prices of LG TVs in Nigeria

LG products speak for themselves. Just like some few other TV brands in Nigeria, LG are one of the early birds to stamp their authority in the electronic gadget market. Their TVs remain one of the most sought after in Nigeria. Their sound systems come in various sizes, shapes, sound qualities and designs. It should be noted that the prices of these TVs are strictly dependent on the type of TVs. Plasma TVs are generally more expensive than LEDs and LCDs. Also, curved TVs are generally more expensive than regular TVs of the same inch. For instance, a 55-inch curved TV will be more expensive than a regular 55-inch TV.

LG TVs can be purchased directly from the manufacturer or distributors around the country. They can also be gotten from online stores and contemporary gadget suppliers. Although LG products are highly reliable and durable, it is always advisable to get these gadgets from official LG distributors or directly from the manufacturer.

Here, we will take a look at prices of various types and models of LG TVs available today.

  • 24 inches LED TV: From N40, 000
  • 26 inches LED TV: From N55, 000
  • 32 inches LED TV: From N75, 000
  • 43 inches smart TV: From N219, 000
  • 49 inches HD LED TV: From N190, 000
  • 49 inches Ultra HD TV:From N230, 000
  • 55 inches smart LED TV: From N360, 000
  • 55 inches full HD TV: From N460, 000
  • 55 inches OLED TV :From N690, 000
  •  60″ Television Inch HD Smart Satellite TV + Magic Remote:From N700, 000
  • 65 inches Ultra HD TV: From N560, 000
  • 70 inches Ultra HD TV: From N750, 000
  • 75 inches Ultra HD TV: From N1, 070, 000
  • 82 inches Ultra HD TV: From N1, 250, 000
  • 86 inches Ultra HD TV: From N1, 500, 000
  • 98 inches Ultra HD TV: From N8, 550, 000


It should be noted that the variation in prices is as a result of certain factors which include currency exchange rate, place and period of purchase and other similar factors. Numbers of inches are also factors that affect the prices. The prices of TVs are unstable, although prices have been stable over the last few years. You should also know that prices shoot up in festive periods, especially towards the end of the year. Also, prices vary per location; you can get a TV for N70, 000 in Lagos or Abuja and get the same TV for N50, 000 in other parts of the country.

Things You Will Like About LG TVs

  • Sleek Designs: One thing LG TVs don’t lack, irrespective of the model of television, is style. With LG, be sure of a classy design that adds extra elegance to wherever you place them. In fact, are among the classiest TVs around. With LG, be sure to add beauty to your apartment.
  • Amazing Picture and Sound Quality: If picture and sound qualities are among factors you seriously consider when buying a TV, then LG TV ticks the mark for you. Your movies, football matches, or your favourite TV program just get more exciting with LG TVs.
  • Durable: LG TVs are among those few TVs you can use for ages and not have any problem with. They are strong, reliable and ultimately easy to maintain. They are built with strong panels and some even feature screens that are protected.
  • Options: LG TVs are available in different grades. You can get one as low as N40,000 and as high as N10,000, 000 and they all boast of steady standard qualities, although they vary in features and overall picture and sound quality.

Things You Might Not Like About LG TVs

  • There is a huge difference in picture and sound qualities between the cheap and expensive ones.

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