List of Certification Courses in Nigeria & Prices (2024)

Certification courses help you to acquire new skills or improve the skills that you already possess. Since these courses are mostly short, they are highly specialized and offer a lot of advantages. The idea behind taking certification courses is to become better at what you do so that you can increase your chances of landing better jobs in the market.

Are you considering taking a certification course in Nigeria? This post will show you some of the most prominent certification courses in Nigeria across different fields. You can pick the one that suits you and get started as soon as you can.

List of Certification Courses in Nigeria

Why Should You Take a Certification Course in Nigeria?

Many people wonder why there is a need to take certification courses in Nigeria. After all, you have attended school and gotten a B.Sc., HND, or ND. So why should you take a certification course after all of these?

The thing with certification courses is that they help you to either pick up new skills or make the ones you already have better. During the process of taking these courses, you get to study course materials that are less ambiguous than what you studied while taking a degree course. The idea is to take you straight to the point using detailed explanations via printed course materials and video resources when necessary. You will also acquire both theoretical and practical knowledge to make you a more robust professional.

The biggest benefit of certification courses is that they run within a short period. This means that you get to exhaust course materials very quickly and get a certificate that gives you better chances as a professional.

List of Certification Courses in Nigeria

Now that you have seen the reason why you should consider taking a certification course in Nigeria, let’s look at some of the top certification courses in Nigeria you can consider. Check our list out below:

  • Certified Cost Engineering Consultants: N753,000 – N900,000
  • Certified Pension Institute of Nigeria certification (CPIN)
  • Chartered Institute of Bankers: N17,000 – N74,000 (depending on the number of subjects and the level)
  • Chartered Institute of Investors at Nigeria certificate (CIBNG): N10,000 – N30,000 (annual fees)
  • Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM): N60,000 – N120,000 (depending on examination)
  • Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria (CITN): N5,000 (Application fee, then there are various costs depending on what you want. Visit the website for more details)
  • Financial Risk Management: N100,000 – N250,000 (depending on the course and training body)
  • Health Safety Environment: N45,000 – N120,000 (depending on the level and training body)
  • Human Resources Management Certification (HR): N50,000 – N650,000 (depending on the institution and the level)
  • Institute of Chartered Accountantsof Nigeria (ICAN): N53,700 – N70,000
  • Institute of Management Technology Certification: N5,250 (Exam fee. However, the tuition fee is determined by the school)
  • National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria (NIMN): N26,000 – N35,000 (depending on the examination you sit for)
  • Nigeria Institute of Estate Surveyors and Valuers (NIESV): N39,000 – N50,000 (depending on the examination you sit for)
  • Nigeria Institute of Real Estate Surveyors and Values: N39,150 – N50,400 (depending on the examination you sit for)
  • Oil And Gasoline Educated Trained Services Limited: N35,000 – N200,000 (depending on the training body and the course you are taking)
  • Project Management Professionals (PMP): N50,000 – N400,000 (the cost depends on the body providing the training)
  • West African American School of Doctors Certificate: N79,800


List of Online Certification Courses in Nigeria

Since the invention of the internet, it has taken the world by storm. Gradually, this piece of technology is changing the way to carry out several operations including communication, business, and education. Today, we have something known as e-learning. This refers to studying online.

Taking online courses gives you several advantages. One of them is that you can apply for courses across continents. All you need is to have an interest in the course and the funds to pay for it, and you can get started from the comfort of your home. Another interesting thing you should note about online study is that many of the certification courses online are free of charge. In some cases, you may need to pay for the certificate, but the tuition will be free.

There are several platforms where you can study online. Some of the most popular ones used by Nigerians include:

  • Coursera
  • Udemy
  • Alison

You can avail yourself of the courses available on these platforms to increase your skills and knowledge base. Interestingly, you can learn just about anything from these platforms. The skills that you will gather will prepare you for the marketplace or professional setting depending on where you desire to utilize them. That being said, let’s look at some of the top online certification courses in Nigeria that you can consider taking.

  • Advanced iOS for iPad Programming
  • Affiliate Marketing and CPA Marketing Training Program
  • Basics of Accounting
  • Basics of International Finance
  • Big Data and Hadoop Training
  • Bootstrap Development Mastery Training
  • Capital Market Instruments
  • Create a Mobile App for Your Business
  • E-commerce Business for Start-ups and Entrepreneurs (Types, Tools, Starting, Marketing, and Strategy)
  • E-commerce, Online Selling, Online Store
  • Email Marketing with Autoresponders
  • Finance for Managers
  • Financial Management – A Complete Study
  • Fundamentals of Accounting Study
  • Google AdWords Training
  • How to Make 10k USD Monthly through Amazon Sales
  • How to Start a Start-up Human Resource Management (HRM) Training
  • HTML5: Beginner Web Development
  • ITIL Foundation Basic
  • Marketing Management Training
  • Node JS Training – Node is an open-source, cross-platform environment for creating server-side and network applications.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist Training
  • The complete Google Analytics course for beginners
  • Ultimate Android 5.0 Lollipop Development Training
  • Ultimate JavaScript and JQuery Training
  • Unity 3D Mobile Game Development Training
  • Video Plus YouTube Marketing Training
  • White Hat Hacking and Pen Tester
  • WordPress Speed and Security Optimization
  • WordPress Website Development

Kindly note the prices for these online courses differ across platforms. You can check any of the platforms mentioned above to find out their prices.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Certification Course in Nigeria

Choosing a certification course in Nigeria can be quite tricky. This is because there are so many courses to choose from. The question most people ask is, “how do you choose a certification course in Nigeria?” This section will show you some factors to consider. Check them out below:

Desired goals

Before you pick a certification, you should ask yourself what your goals are for taking the course. Why are you seeking a certification? The goals that you want to achieve will guide your choice of certification.

Sector interest

Another important factor to consider is the sector that catches your interest. You shouldn’t choose a course that you don’t have an interest in. If you do, you may not have the zeal to complete it.


Finally, check the reviews of a course before signing up for it, especially online courses. All programs are not designed equally. Some programs have more flaws than others. Find out the best courses by reading reviews before signing up.