List of Cheap Perfumes in Nigeria & Prices (June 2024)

You must have heard the phrase, “Dress the way you want to be addressed.” What you must know is that smelling good is part of dressing well. Perfumes are very important to our dressing because they help us to smell so good.

Most of us want to purchase perfumes, but we have to stay away because they are quite costly. The good news is that there are some very affordable perfumes in Nigeria. In this post, we will at a list of the cheap perfumes in Nigeria and their prices. Let’s get started.

List of Cheap Perfumes in Nigeria

List of Cheap Perfumes in Nigeria & Prices

Perfumes are fragrant liquids derived from essential oils that have been extracted from spices and flowers. These liquids are designed to give the human body a pleasant smell based on their fragrance.

When you want to buy a perfume, you should endeavor to find out the prices of several before making your choice. It is no secret that perfumes are quite costly, but you can always find very affordable perfumes. Have you been in a position where you need to purchase perfume but you don’t have much cash at hand to do so? Then you can check below for a list of some of the most affordable perfumes in Nigeria:

  • Smart Collection for women: From N2,000
  • Active women’s perfume: From N2,800
  • Yves Perfume: From N2,400
  • Avon Perfume (50 ml bottle): From N2,300
  • Red Diamond (100 ml bottle): From N3,000
  • Givanas (100 ml bottle): From N1,000
  • Passport for Love by Fragrance World: From N2,450
  • Color Me Perfume (Femme Gold): From N2,500
  • Revolution Perfume for Women (100 ml bottle): From N2,000
  • Sivop Marquise Bleue Perfume (100 ml bottle): From N2,000
  • Adidas Pure Game EDT for Men (100 ml bottle): From N3,500
  • Emper Lady President Perfume for Women (100 ml bottle): From N3,500
  • Fragrance World Brown Orchid Oud Edition Unisex EDP (100 ml bottle): From N3,000
  • Elizabeth Arden Beauty EDP for Women (100 ml bottle): From N6,500
  • Black Leather EDP for Him (100 ml bottle): From N4,500
  • Night OUD EDT for Men (100 ml bottle): From N4,500
  • Midnight Oud EDP Perfume for Men: From N3,500
  • Adidas Intense Touch EDT (100 ml bottle): From N4,000
  • Euroluxe Red Soul EDT for Men (100 ml bottle): From N4,500
  • Prestige Cosmetics Perfume for Men (100 ml bottle): From N3,000
  • Jeanne Arthes Jeane Arthes Rocky Man EDT (100 ml bottle): From N5,500
  • Pure Black Perfume for Men (100 ml bottle): From N5,500
  • 24k Perfume for Men: From N3,000

You are likely to experience a slight price variation depending on your location and the vendor that you purchase from. What if you don’t like any of the perfumes listed above? There is a wide array of other perfumes available in the Nigerian market. We have also created a list of perfumes with their latest prices to help you. Check them out below:

  • 24kunisex Perfume 30 Ml: From ₦5,500
  • Aichun Beauty Papaya Breast Firming And Enlargement Essential Oil: From ₦1,776
  • Al Haramain Urbanist Femme – EDP: From ₦22,150
  • Arabiyat Lamsat Harir Eau De Parfum: From ₦7,150
  • Asdaaf Andaleeb EDP 100ml For Women: From ₦12,000
  • Berries Weekend Pink Edition For Women And Body Spray: From ₦9,150
  • Berries Weekend Pink Edition For Women With Free Deo (Free Spray): From ₦10,150
  • Calvin Klein Eternity EDP For Women 100ml: ₦From ₦16,000
  • Calvin Klein Eternity For Men EDT 100ML: From ₦14,809
  • Calvin Klein Euphoria Intense For Men EDT 100ML Perfume For Men: From ₦20,000
  • Calvin Klein IN2U EDT 100ml For Women: From ₦17,677
  • Elizabeth Arden Arden Beauty EDP Perfume For Women 100ml: From ₦20,000
  • Fragrance World Guvvic Perfume: From ₦16,000
  • Fragrance World La Vida Es Bella For Women EDP – 100ml: From ₦12,000
  • Fragrance World Ophelia Perfume With Free Body Spray: From ₦9,150
  • Fragrance World Sheik Al Sheik Platinum EDP 100ml Perfume: From ₦11,150
  • Givanas INSPIRE EAU De PARFUM 100ml: From ₦8,500
  • Givanas PERFUME EDP For Women Wave Collection Bahamas: From ₦3,500
  • Givanas Perfume For Women (Change EDP): From ₦2,800
  • Givanas Perfume For Women (Pyramid April): From ₦2,800
  • Givanas Pyramid April Perfume For Women – 100ml: From ₦5,000
  • Givanas Wave Collection Hawaii EDP – 100ml: From ₦3,000
  • Hemani 2pcs In 1 Premium Black Seed Oil – 100ml: From ₦10,150
  • Hemani Fenugreek Oil (ESSENTIAL OILS) – 30ml: From ₦3,000
  • Hemani Lavender Essential Oil: From ₦6,000
  • Imperio Lagom For Her 100ML Baron De Bellefleur: From ₦8,000
  • Incidence PERFUME FOR WOMEN PINK – 100ml: From ₦7,950
  • Inspire 2 In 1 (GIFT COMBO) INSPIRE + TEMPTATION PERFUME For MEN And WOMEN (Gift Combo): From ₦6,000
  • Inspire EAU De PARFUM 100ml: From ₦5,000
  • Inspire Perfume Fragrance Eau De Parfum 100ml.: From ₦4,150
  • Inspire Perfume Fragrance INSPIRE EAU DE PARFUM 100ml: From ₦3,500
  • Kate Spade NY Twirl: From ₦21,150
  • Lattafa Asad Eau De Perfume: From ₦16,150
  • Ophelia Perfume For Women 25ml: From ₦6,500
  • Perfume 5ml Atomiser Bottle: From ₦6,500
  • Perfume For Women 50ml – EDP: From ₦5,500
  • PHILOS OPUSNOIR: From ₦12,150
  • Red Diamond Perfume EDP For Ladies – 100ml: From ₦6,000
  • Smart Collection Eau De Parfum For Women No 475-25ml: From ₦5,150
  • Smart Collection EAU DE PERFUME FOR WOMEN NO 475-25ML: From ₦5,500
  • Smart Collection No 486 EDP 25ML: From ₦4,150
  • Smart Collection ONE MILLION PERFUME FOR MEN 25ML: From ₦4,150
  • Smart Collection SC 275 Long Lasting Perfume EDP 100ml: From ₦7,150
  • Sugar Baby (fragrance) 72 Hours Undiluted Oil Perfume: From ₦9,000
  • Wave Collection Perfume For Women (TAHITI) 100ML: From ₦4,250


Kindly note that these prices are subject to change depending on the action of certain factors. These factors include government policies, customs duties, and exchange rates. We will be on the lookout for price changes and update this article accordingly when we notice any.