Mackerel Fish Carton Prices in Nigeria (March 2024)

Fish is a very important source of animal proteins. Nigerians are becoming more interested in eating fish because of the immense health benefits, cost, and availability. Little wonder why there are so many species of fish on the Nigerian market including Mackerel.

Mackerel fish have been sold on the Nigerian market for several decades. When one thinks of this fish, certain questions come to mind such as, “Where can one buy Mackerel fish?” “How much does it cost to buy a carton of Mackerel fish in Nigeria?” “What are the health benefits you derive from eating Mackerel fish?”

Would you like to know the answers to these questions? Grab a seat and continue reading this post.

Mackerel Fish Carton Prices in Nigeria

Mackerel Fish Carton Prices in Nigeria

Not many people know this but Mackerel fish is the same as Titus fish. It only has a different name because it looks a little different. This fish has been popular on the Nigerian market for a very long time. It is used in a wide variety of local and continental dishes because of its tastiness, versatility, and nutrient content.

Not everyone needs to purchase a carton of Mackerel fish. However, you may need to if you have a large family, run a food business that serves this type of fish or run a frozen food retail store. If any of this is the case, we advise that you first survey the market for prices before investing in this product.

We understand that carrying out a market survey can be quite rigorous and not many people have the time to engage in this activity. This is why we have done all the hard work on your behalf. The list below contains the different product offerings of Mackerel fish in Nigeria and their current prices:

  • Frozen Mackerel Fish 1 Carton (20 kg): From N48,000
  • Frozen Mackerel Fish Half Carton (10 kg): From N25,000
  • Frozen Mackerel Fish Quarter Carton (5 kg): From N18,000


Kindly note that the prices of these products fluctuate frequently on the market due to the action of several factors. NigerianPrice will constantly watch the market to find out the latest prices and update this post accordingly. Also, note that you may experience slight variations in the prices of these products depending on where you purchase your carton of Mackerel.

Where to Buy Mackerel Carton in Nigeria

Mackerel fish is among the most common species of fish sold on the Nigerian market. The earlier part of this post has answered the question of how much the different product offerings of Mackerel fish cost in Nigeria. This section will answer the question of where to buy this product.

As you can guess, the two main options are buying in person, or placing an order online. If you choose to buy your Mackerel by the carton in person, then you should consider any of these locations:

  • Roadside frozen food retail outlets.
  • Cold rooms.
  • Market stalls.

On the other hand, if you prefer to order online because you don’t have the time to visit the market, you can try any of these online marketplaces:

  • Buildrest Foods
  • 247 Market
  • Mile 12 Market Online
  • Yaoota
  • Pricepally
  • The Market Foodshop
  • Fresh to Dommot
  • Foodlocker

We should let you know that you may incur some extra costs as these companies may charge delivery fees. The delivery fee will depend on the distance between your location and the vendor’s store. To save money, you may choose to buy in person if you are not buying in large quantities.

Health Benefits of Mackerel Fish

Mackerel fish falls under the oily fish class and is also known as Titus fish or Maccarello. This specie is highly regarded because it contains loads of vitamins, minerals, and essential oils. It is also very rich in Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids. Here are some of the main health benefits of eating Mackerel fish:

  • Reduces the risk of developing cancer.
  • Makes the capillaries and blood vessels more elastic thus, regulating the body’s hormone level.
  • Reduces blood coagulation.
  • Eliminates cholesterol deposition in the body.
  • Helps the body to reduce bad cholesterol, hence, reducing blood pressure considerably.
  • Prevents cardiovascular diseases.
  • Eases pains resulting from arthritis, arthrosis, and migraine.
  • Enhances brain memory.