Maritime Courses in Nigeria & Prices (June 2023)

Maritime training focuses on providing students with practical skills that they can put into use mostly on the ocean. The knowledge acquired can also be used for jobs related to the ocean. Maritime courses are usually undertaken by sailors and other members of the cabin crew.

At the maritime academy, students will learn about technology, engineering, international business, maritime law, and several other fields related to ocean work. Upon graduation, students can pick up careers in the merchant marine, shipping, or any other maritime job. What are the maritime courses in Nigeria? This post will provide some insight regarding maritime courses in Nigeria and prices.

Maritime Courses in Nigeria & Prices

Maritime Courses in Nigeria & Prices

Maritime academies offer a balanced mix of classroom training with hands-on experience. These academies have a minimum of one learning vessel that students use for both short and long cruises to learn the ropes of handling commercial vessels, function as members of a cabin crew, and conduct maritime business.

Topics studied fall under different categories including weather science, navigation, business, law, engineering, and so on. The students also interact with shipping equipment and explore commercial offices and shipyards. While at it, students of maritime academies are expected to attain a level of physical courses and take several key maritime courses.

This brings us to the question, “what are the different maritime courses in Nigeria?” We will discuss some of them in this section.

Mandatory Courses at the Maritime Academy of Nigeria

1.Elementary First Aid
Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities
Personal Survival Techniques
Basic Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting
5 days
2.Medical Care5 days
3.Medical First Aid5 days
4.Advanced Fire Fighting4 days
5.Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats (Other than Fast Rescue Boats)5 days
6.International Safety Management (ISM) Code2 days
7.Maritime Security Course for Senior Personnel3 days
8.Maritime Security Course for Junior Personnel3 days
9.Designated Security Duties2 days
10.Security Awareness Training FOR ALL SEAFARERS2 days
11.Ship Security Officers2 days
12.Port-facility Security Officers Course3 days
13.Actions to be taken to Prevent Acts of Piracy and Armed Robbery1 day
15.Company Security Officers Course3 days
16.Security Awareness Training for All Port Facility Personnel1 day
17.Training Course for Instructors10 days


Simulator-based Courses at the Maritime Academy of Nigeria

1.Ship Maneuvering Simulator & Bridge Teamwork (SMSBT)5 days
2.Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) General Operators Certificate (GOC) Course12 Days
3.Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS)5 Days
4.Radar Navigation, Radar Plotting, and Use of ARPA (RADAR/ARPA)10 Days
5.Liquid Cargo & Ballast Handling Simulator (LCBHS)5 Days
6.Bridge Watch-Keeping Preparatory Course (BWPC)5 Days
7.Engine Room Simulator – Management Level Course(ERSML)5 Days
8.Engine Room Simulator – Operational Level Course (ERSOL)3 Days
9.High Voltage Course (HV)5 Days
10.Auxiliary Engine Familiarization Course(AEFC)3 Days
11.Boiler Familiarization Course(BFC)3 Days
12.Engine Room Watch keeping Preparatory Course (ERWPC)3 Days

Skills Acquisition Courses at the Maritime Academy of Nigeria

1.Training for Ratings forming part of a Navigational Watch2 weeks
2.Training for Ratings forming part of an Engineering Watch2 weeks
3.Maintenance and Repairs of the Outboard Engine6 Months
4.Welding and Fabrication6 Months
5.Electrical/Electronic Instrumentation3 months
6.Electrical Installation and Maintenance Works6 months
7.Information and Communication Technology Management6 months
8.Diesel and Petrol Engine Maintenance6 months
9.Industrial Safety4 Weeks
10.Oil spill Management and Environmental Remediation6 Weeks

Specialized Seafarers Training Courses at the Maritime Academy of Nigeria

1.Preparatory course for Officer in charge of a Navigational Watch (OOW) Examination
a. NCV
b. Unlimited
6 Months
2.Preparatory course for Officer in charge of an Engineering Watch (OOW) Examination
a. NCV
b. Unlimited
6 Months
3.Preparatory course for Chief Mate Examination
NCV <3000GRT
NCV >=3000GRT
6 Months
4.Preparatory course for Second Engineer Examination
NCV <3000KW
NCV >=3000KW
6 Months
NCV <3000GRT
NCV >=3000GRT
6 Months
6.Preparatory course for Chief Engineer Examination
NCV <3000KW
NCV >=3000KW
6 Months
7.River Master11 Weeks
8.Quarter Master Preparatory15 weeks
9.Marine Engineer Assistant Preparatory15 weeks
10.Pump and Valve Maintenance3 days
11.Training for Rating Forming Part of a Navigational Watch2 weeks
12.Training for Rating Forming parts of an Engineering Watch2 weeks
13.Able seafarer (Deck or Engine) Preparatory4 weeks
14.Power Driven Small Craft11 weeks
15.Coxswain3 days
16.Efficient Deck Hand10 days
17.Oil Chemical Tanker Familiarization and Cargo Operation (OCTCO)5 days

Courses Offered at the Nigerian Maritime University

The Nigerian Maritime University, also known as NMU, is located in Delta State. This paramilitary university was established to address the shortage of professional human resources in the maritime industry. It has thirteen departments under three faculties. Below are some of the courses at the Nigerian Maritime University:

Faculty of Engineering

  • Petroleum and Gas Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Marine Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering

Faculty of Transport

  • Marine Economics and finance
  • Nautical Science
  • Port Management
  • Transport Logistic Management

Faculty of Environmental Management

  • Environmental Management and Pollution Control
  • Fisheries and Agriculture
  • Marine Geology
  • Meteorology and Climate Change

Other Maritime Courses in Nigeria

Below are some of the other maritime courses in Nigeria that you can enrol for:

  • STCW 2010: STCW Basic Safety Training (Duration: 5 Days)
  • STCW 2010: Crew Security Awareness with Designated Duties (Duration: 1 Day)
  • STCW 2010: Basic Oil and Chemical Tanker Cargo Operations (Duration: 5 Days)
  • STCW 2010: Efficient Deck Hand (Duration: 5 Days)
  • STCW 2010: Ship Security Officer (Duration: 2 Days)
  • STCW 2010: Advanced Fire Fighting (Duration: 5 Days)
  • STCW 2010: Medical First Aid (Duration: 3 Days)
  • STCW 2010: Medical Care (Duration: 3 Days)
  • STCW 2010: Survival Craft and Rescue Boat other than Fast Rescue Boats (Duration: 10 Days)

Maritime Courses in Nigeria Prices

How much does it cost to enrol as a student in any of the courses mentioned above? These courses are offered by different bodies and these bodies have not made the cost of these courses public. However, you can find out the cost of the courses by visiting the website of the institution you choose.