MK Oil Prices in Nigeria (June 2024)

One industry that is growing exponentially by the day is the sexual enhancement industry. The reason is that more and more people are facing sexual challenges and can finally speak out. Also, there are so many products on the market designed to deal with sexual issues these days.

Penis enlargement has become a growing issue among men all over the world. Several men feel like they need to increase the size of their penises to perform better in the bedroom. While lots of products are available for this purpose, one must be very careful in choosing the right products. One product that has gained its place as one of the most popular today is MK Oil.

This product performs several purposes even though it is designed to help in penis enlargement. How much does MK Oil cost in Nigeria? This post will answer this question, tell you about the oil, and show you some of the products on the market. Let’s dive straight in.

MK Oil Prices in Nigeria

MK Oil Prices in Nigeria

There are so many penis enlargement products on the market. Some of them are pills while others are creams and oils. Experts suggest that if you have to use these products, you should go for organic-based products. Artificial ones are known to have several side effects.

MK Oil is an herbal product that promises penile enlargement among other functions. You can purchase this product from online stores like Jumia, Konga, and Jiji. Alternatively, you can pick one up from a pharmacy close to you.

The question that begs an answer is, “How much does it cost to purchase MK Oil?” This oil comes in different package sizes that you can pick up at different prices. We have surveyed the market on your behalf and have come up with the list below. Check it out to find out the MK Oil products on the market and their current prices.

  • MK II Pure Natural Penis Enlargement Oil: From ₦3,450
  • MK Pure Natural Penis Enlargement Gel: From ₦4,000
  • MK Pure Natural Penis Enlargement Oil (2 Bottles): From ₦5,600
  • MK Pure Natural Penis Enlargement Oil X4(A Month Supply): From ₦9,999
  • New And Improved MK III Oil Penis Enlargement – 3pcs: From ₦2/8,000


Note that the prices of these products are subject to change based on several factors. Some of these factors include the location of purchase, vendor, and customs duty to mention a few. We will be on the lookout for any price changes and update this post immediately if we find any.

About MK Oil

While reading all this, you are probably wondering what MK Oil is. If this question is on your mind, you are not alone. MK Oil is an authentic male herbal penis enlargement oil that helps grow and thicken the penis. This range of products doesn’t just work for penile enlargement, it also delays ejaculation.

According to the manufacturer, this product is an all-natural supplement oil. It was manufactured with the aim of improving the sexual performance of men. Application of this oil is pretty easy as all you need to do is apply the drop and massage the male organ. MK Oil is a combination of several naturally-enhancing ingredients.

Customers have attested to the fact that this oil also helps to increase libido and improve sexual stamina. Over the last few years, this product has grown in popularity and is regarded as the best alternative for men suffering from sexual performance issues. It helps to solve premature ejaculation issues, improves sexual desire, and increases the hours of sexual encounters.

Benefits of Using MK Oil

Wondering what the benefits of using MK Oil are? We have mentioned a few already in this post. However, this section will beam the limelight on these benefits better. Check them out below:

  • MK Oil helps to increase penile length substantially. The growth could be as much as a 40% increase.
  • Solves quick ejaculation and erectile dysfunction problems that may be caused by psychological or physiological factors.
  • The product ensures a substantial increase in penile hardness while ensuring a powerful erection.
  • It helps to boost libido and improve sexual performance.
  • Cures impotence.
  • Ensures more intense sexual pleasure for the male and his partner.
  • Great for all skin types.
  • Doesn’t have any side effects since it is made from all-natural oils.

How MK Oil Works During Usage

Before we go ahead, you should know the main constituents of MK Oil. It is made up of several natural elements including:

  • Grape seed.
  • Epimedium
  • Actinolite
  • Jojoba
  • Jasmine
  • Chive seed.

This product promotes blood circulation around the penile area, promotes thicker penile girth, boosts self-confidence, increases libido, and brings back your lost charm. That being said, one question that requires an answer is, “how does MK Oil work during usage?” This section will show you the different stages.

Stage 1

This stage lasts four weeks at most. Here, the penile length increases between 0.25 cm and 0.5 cm.

Stage 2

This stage also lasts four weeks, which means it is between week 4 and week 8 of use. Here, penile enlargement is in a period known as the “probationary period.” The penis increases in length by between 0.9 cm and 2.0 cm.

Stage 3

This stage is another four weeks so it is between week 8 and week 12. At this point, the penis is significantly thicker, stronger, and longer than when the treatment first started. The enlargement is at a pronounced level and the user experiences between 2.5 cm and 4 cm growth.

Stage 4

Again, this stage spans four weeks. It is known as the concluding or consolidating stage of the enlargement process. At this point, the user can see between a 30% and 40% increase in penile length and thickness. Usually, the length must have increased between 5 cm and 7 cm.

A few things to note while using this product:

  • Follow the instructions from the manufacturer.
  • Apply either once or twice daily.
  • MK Oil reduces penile sensitivity to delay ejaculation.
  • You will notice a permanent result while applying the product religiously for three months.