Molfix Diapers Price in Nigeria (June 2024)

Diapers are one of the most important pieces in a baby’s wardrobe. Apart from the fact that mothers especially appreciate the vitality of diapers, they are one piece they cannot be without. While there are many types and brands of diapers in the market today, Molfix diapers are among the most sought-after.

In this post, we will take a look at some of Molfix’s most common diapers in the market today.

molfix diapers price in nigeria

Prices of Molfix Diapers in Nigeria

There are different brands of diapers in the market today and Molfix diapers are among the most common. Molfix diapers are available in various sizes and types. Although the different types of Molfix diapers vary in shape, material, design and features, they relatively perform the same function, although in varying manners.

We will take a look at the common Molfix diapers and their prices in the Nigerian baby product market today.

  • Molfix Comfort Fix Diapers Size 1 – 50 Counts (×4) – From N18, 000
  • Molfix Comfort Fix Diapers Size 2 – 96 Counts (× 4) – From N28,000
  • Molfix Comfort Fix Diapers Size 2 – 68 Counts (× 3) –From N18, 500
  • Molfix Comfort Fix Diapers Size 2 – 10 Counts (× 3) – From N2, 340
  • Molfix Comfort Fix Diapers Size 3 – 88 Counts (× 4) – From N28, 500
  • Molfix Jumbo Pack Diapers Size 3 – 62 Counts – From N6,000
  • Molfix Jumbo Pack Diapers Size 4 – 56 Counts (× 4) – From N28, 500
  • Molfix Diapers, Size 4 (Total 84 Count) – From N8, 500
  • Molfix Jumbo Pack Diapers Size 5 – 48 Counts (× 3) – From N18, 000
  • Molfix Pants Size 5 Small Pack (7pcs) X 5 – From N3, 900
  • Molfix Comfort Fix Diapers Size 5 pants – 48 Counts – From N6, 700


Things to Consider Before Buying a Diaper

The demand for diapers in Nigeria, and other parts of the world in general, has massively increased in recent times, thereby expanding its market. New products are being released into the market. With this, it is always vital to take note of some basic factors before buying a baby carrier.

There are different types of diapers in the Nigerian market today and determining the exact one that suits your needs can be an overwhelming task. It is important to note that there might not be a right “one” diaper. It is always essential to know the exact type you need that both matches the occasion and suits your needs.

Consider Your Budget – First factor of all, the price has to be on point. While safety and coziness are important factors to always note, the cost of diapers is just as important for parents to ruminate as well. Diapers are available at various prices, and it is essential for you to set a budget you are looking to spend. The most expensive diaper might not necessarily be the best for some situations. To get a very amazing diaper, you might need to set aside something reasonable.

Consider the Size – The size of the baby is another core factor to consider when determining the type of diaper to purchase. This is important, especially for safety and comfort. When selecting the right size diaper it is also important to have a few things in mind including growth, price, and coziness. Babies will understandably require bigger diapers as they grow, which is one thing to also consider when picking a long-term diaper.

Consider the Age of the Baby – The baby’s age is another vital factor to consider. This makes it very important to purchase diapers and pull-ups that are suitable for the baby’s age, size, and stage of growth. All babies do not progress the same way. While some may still be wearing diapers, some others of the same age bracket are already on a different growth level. It is essential for parents to take their baby’s growth rate into consideration when buying certain kinds of diapers.

Usability and Eco-Friendliness – The sustainability and eco-friendliness of diapers are very vital factors to put into consideration when buying a diaper. The primary essence of getting a diaper is for the baby’s comfort. A diaper, no matter how useful, defeats this objective if it feels very uncomfortable for the baby, whether it is too hot or too puffy. You should consider the eco-friendliness of the diaper and be sure it does not make the baby uncomfortable. Consider the weather as well and make sure the diaper you are getting does not act against the weather or does not make the baby feel hot and uneasy.

Consider the Baby’s response to the Diaper – This is one very important factor parents should not ignore when deciding on a diaper to buy for their babies. It is always essential to take note of the baby’s reaction to the diaper. An uncomfortable or tight diaper can lead to a lot of stress for babies and even the parents. Babies generally have delicate skin, and they tend to reach uncomfortable situations easily. You should consider the material and chemicals the diaper is made of and check whether they could cause allergic reactions like diaper rash, and skin tears.

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