Nasarawa State University School Fees (2024)

The northern part of Nigeria has drawn so much attention in recent times. While there are issues around security in the area, there is a lot to smile about in the educational sector. The educational sector, for sure, has experienced a resurgence.

The rate at which education is growing in the northern part of Nigeria is simply superb. This massive progress in the area attributed to the desire of the Federal and northern State Government’s desire to grow the level and people’s interest in education in the area. Ahmadu Bello University, University of Maiduguri, and Nasarawa State University are few proofs that the level of education in the north has developed.

nasarawa state university school fees

The establishment of Nasarawa State University only emphasizes the rise of education in the northern part of Nigeria. Since its establishment in 2001, the university has been regarded as one of the best state universities in area. With excellent and outstanding facilities, the university is poised to producing graduates that can compete with any other graduates in various fields.

The University admits students from all over the country, irrespective of cultural or religious background. The University offers bachelor’s degree programs in Sciences, Social Science, Education, Arts and Management. The University also offers a one-year pre degree programme which prepares students for the first year in the school before enrolling into the institution.

Nasarawa State University School Fees for Undergraduates

Here, we will take a look at the tuition fees of the students in Nasarawa State University as at 2023. We will consider how much students in various faculties pay and highlight if there are additional fees to be paid. We will highlight school fees for fresh students and returning student, although there are usually no real difference between the tuition fees except for registration charges and other charges already included for fresh students.

The University has given a special privilege to indigenes of the state, allowing them to pay lesser than non-indigenes. This is done to further encourage education in the state and improve overall level of literacy among its people. Nasarawa State University, like many other state Universities, offer affordable school fees, although not as cheap as tuition paid in Federal Universities.

Nasarawa State University School Fees 2023/2024 Academic Session

The table below shows the school fees schedule for Nasarawa State University for the 2023/2024 academic section. This table provides the school fees schedule for 100 level UTME students (indigenes and non-indigenes), 200 level direct entry students (indigenes and non-indigenes) and returning students (indigenes and non-indigenes).

School Fees For 100 Level (UTME) Indigenes Amount In Naira
a) School Fees For Faculty of Arts/Humanities N65,100.00
b) School Fees For Faculty SciencesN68,100.00
School Fees For 100 Level Non-Indigenes
a) Arts/HumanitiesN100,000.00
b) SciencesN103,000.00
School Fees For 200 Level (DE) Indigenes
a) Arts/HumanitiesN67,100.00
b) SciencesN70,100.00
School Fees For 200 Level (UTME) Non-Indigenes
a) Arts/Humanities N100,000.00
b) SciencesN103,000.00
School Fees For Faculty 200 Level (DE) Non-Indigenes
a) Arts/HumanitiesN102,000.00
b) SciencesN105,000.00
NSUK School Fees Schedule For Returning Students
School Fees For 200 Level and above Indigenes
a) Arts/Humanities N30,600.00
b) SciencesN32,600.00
School Fees For Faculty 200 Level Non-Indigenes
a) Arts/HumanitiesN38,750.00
b) SciencesN41,250.00
School Fees For 300 to 500 Level Indigenes
a) Arts/HumanitiesN26,700.00
b) SciencesN27,700.00
School Fees For 300 to 500 Level Non-Indigenes
a) Arts/HumanitiesN35,800.00
b) SciencesN36,800.00

Nasarawa State University Acceptance Fee

As it is with other universities, Nasarawa State University requires new students to pay an acceptance fee. Both new students in 100 level and 200 level are expected to pay this non-refundable fee. Paying the acceptance fee shows that you have accepted to become a student at the institution. The current acceptance fee for new students at Nasarawa State University is set at N15,300.


Departments and Faculties in Nasarawa State University


  • Economics
  • Political Science
  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Mass Communication
  • Geography


  • Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
  • Biological Sciences
  • Chemistry
  • Geology and Mining
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Microbiology
  • Plant Science and Biotechnology,
  • Zoology
  • Computer science
  • Statistics



  • English
  • History
  • Linguistics
  • Islamic Studies
  • Arabic Studies
  • Theatre & Cultural Studies
  • Arabic Studies
  • French
  • CRS


  • Accounting
  • Business Administration
  • Public Administration
  • Entrepreneurship Studies
  • Banking and Finance
  • Taxation


  • Agric Economics and Ext
  • Agronomy
  • Animal Science
  • Fisheries
  • Forestry and Wildlife
  • Home Science and Management


  • Arts and Social Sciences
  • Arts Division
  • History Education
  • English Education
  • CRS Education
  • IRS Education
  • French Education
  • Social Sciences division
  • Economic Education
  • Geography Education
  • Social Studies Education
  • Science Technology and Mathematics
  • Biology Education
  • Chemistry Education
  • Integrated science Education
  • Mathematics Education
  • Physics Education

School Fees of Other Nigerian Institutions


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