Cost of Flight Tickets from Nigeria to Kuwait (2023)

If you plan on travelling to Kuwait, it is very essential you prepare well for the trip and get the necessary documentations sorted.

While lots of emphases have been placed on Visa application, processing and other activities associated with it, people often tend to forget to do their homework on actual prices of flight tickets. This not only lead to most people missing out on best deals possible, it also usually makes them spend more on flight ticket. Wouldn’t you love to avoid this pitfall?

flight from nigeria to kuwait

Flight Ticket Prices from Nigeria to Kuwait

After securing your Visa to travel to Kuwait, the next important step to take is to enquire for the prices of flight tickets to travel to Kuwait City. Although booking a flight is relatively easy, the daunting task you may face is getting the best price of flight that is great for you.

Provided you have your visa already settled, you can book a flight from Nigeria to Kuwait anytime, any day. In fact, you can book the flight ticket within the confines of your room provided you have access to good internet connection and an internet-enabled mobile device, tablet or a computer. While it is so easy to book a flight, the more pressing issue is how much the flight tickets go for.

Here, we will consider prices of flight ticket from Lagos to Kuwait City, considering prices of several popular airlines.


  • Economy: N220, 000 – N490, 000
  • Business class: N470, 000 – N600, 000

Turkish Airways

  • Economy: 250, 000 – N400, 000
  • Business class: N900, 000 – N1, 100, 000

Qatar Airways

  • Economy: N300, 000 – N400, 000

Etihad Airways

  • Economy: N400, 000 – N900, 000

Ethiopian Air

  • Economy: N300, 000 – 500, 000
  • Business class: N900, 000 – N1, 400, 000

KLM Royal Dutch Airline

  • Economy: N350, 000 – N500, 000
  • Business class: N1, 00, 000 – N1, 500, 000


  • Economy: N400, 000 – N600, 000

Emirates Airways

  • Economy: N320, 000 – N600, 000
  • Business class: N900, 000 – N1, 500, 000

Note that there is usually a significant difference in prices between the one-way ticket and return ticket. One way ticket involve only a flight from Nigeria to Kuwait while return ticket includes flight from Nigeria to Kuwait and back to Kuwait. One-way tickets to Kuwait are rarely issued because passengers are usually expected to come back to the country at some point. Usually, one way ticket is about half the price of return ticket.

How long does it take to fly from Nigeria to Kuwait City?

There is usually slight variation when it comes to duration of flight from Nigeria to Kuwait. Although there is a specific distance, flights don’t travel at the same pace. There are varying numbers and types of stopovers from Nigeria to Kuwait and the duration of the whole flight vary from place to place are based on numbers stopovers and the duration of each.

There are also various routes from Nigeria to Kuwait City. While some of these routes are fast, some others can be slow. Note that the numbers of stopovers and duration of the whole trip also affect the eventual prices of tickets. Let us consider estimated duration of flight from Nigeria to Kuwait City for various routes, focusing on trip from Lagos to Riyadh.

  • Time of flight from Lagos to Kuwait City via Doha: Estimated time – 17 hours
  • Time of flight from Lagos to Kuwait City via Dubai: Estimated time – 13 hours 20 minutes

The fastest non-stop flight from Lagos to Riyadh is about 10 hours 35 minutes. However, some airlines can even take up to 25 hours from Lagos to Toronto depending on the numbers of stopovers and waiting duration.

Nice Places to Visit in Kuwait

No doubt, Kuwait is one of the most fun countries to be. With lots of attractive places to visit and exciting activities to involve in, your stay in Kuwait is definitely going to be worth it. What is the point though if you don’t even know where to visit? Worry no more. Here we will consider some very amazing places to visit in Kuwait.

  • Kuwait Tower
  • Tareq Rajab Museum
  • National Museum
  • Al Sadu House
  • Liberation Towers
  • Kuwait House of National Works, etc.

Cost of Other Flights in Nigeria


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