Nivea Lotion Price List (June 2024)

Skincare is a very important routine. If you want your skin to glow and to look good, you must make use of high-quality skincare products. One company that has excelled in this area is Nivea.

Nivea is a brand that has been on the skincare market for over 130 years. It presents its customers and prospects with a wide range of products to help them cater to the needs of their skins. One such product is the Nivea Lotion. How much does Nivea Lotion cost in Nigeria? Keep reading if you would like to find out.

Nivea Lotion Price List

Nivea Lotion Price List

Nivea has so many products on the market, however, we will focus on Nivea Lotion in this post. There are several types of Nivea Lotion available today, so it is difficult to know all their prices. Notwithstanding, we have helped you to check different stores (both online and offline) to find out the prices of some of the popular Nivea Lotions. Check them out in the list below:

  • Nivea Natural Glow Even Tone Lotion 400ml: From N6,500
  • NIVEA Body Lotion Firming Q10+ Vitamin C Firming Normal Skin: From N10,000
  • Nivea Natural Fairness Body Lightening Lotion (400 ml): From N3,200
  • NIVEA Crème Tin – 150ml (Pack Of 2): From N6,700
  • NIVEA Perfect & Radiant Micellar Water And 3 In 1 Face Cleanser For Women – 400ml: From N11,300
  • NIVEA Perfect & Radiant Micellar Water And Cleansing Foam For Women – 400ml: From N10,350
  • NIVEA Strawberry Shine Lip Balm For Women – 4.8g (Pack Of 3): From N4,650
  • NIVEA Perfect & Radiant EvenTone Day Cream And Face Cleansing Foam For Women -150ml: From N8,600
  • NIVEA Flash Sales Deep Anti-Perspirant Roll-on For Men, 48h – 50ml (Pack Of 3): From N4,500
  • NIVEA Perfect & Radiant Luminous630 Anti Dark Marks Serum 30ml & Anti Dark Marks Day Cream SPF50 (bundle Pack): From N22,000
  • NIVEA Deep Impact Body Lotion 400ml + 50ml Roll-on: From N4,600
  • NIVEA MEN Deep Impact Body Lotion – 400ml (Pack Of 2): From N6,300
  • NIVEA DoShakara Pack – Nourishing Cocoa Body Lotion – 400ml (Pack Of 3): From N8,700
  • NIVEA Radiant & Beauty Advanced Care Body Lotion For Women – 400ml – Pack Of 2: From N7,000
  • NIVEA Perfect & Radiant Body Lotion For Women – 400ml (Pack Of 2): From N6,400
  • NIVEA Perfect & Radiant Luminous630 Anti Dark Marks Day Cream SPF50 – 40ml (Pack of 2): From N22,000
  • NIVEA Watimagbo Pack- Perfect & Radiant Body Lotion – 400ml (Pack of 3): From N9,515


Note that these prices are quite volatile depending on several factors. Some of these factors include company policies, location of purchase, vendor, and government policies. We will update this post once we notice any price changes.

How to Choose the Best Lotion for Your Skin

Great job, you now know the prices of the different Nivea Lotions on the Nigerian market. The next question you must answer is, which of these lotions is the best for your skin? Many times, people pick a lotion without checking if it suits their skin type or not. In the end, they give the product bad reviews because it produced poor results not knowing that it was their mistake all along.

In this section, we will share a few tips on how you should choose the best lotion for your skin.

Tip 1: The first thing to know about choosing lotions is that you must know your skin type. There are different types of skin such as oily skin, sensitive skin, dry skin, and normal skin to mention a few. If you have oily skin, for example, you should choose a lighter texture lotion and vice versa for dry skin.

Tip 2: You are probably wondering how you will know your skin type. A simple method is to wash your face with clean water and pat it dry with a clean towel. After doing this, examine your face to check how it feels. If it is uncomfortable and tight, then you have either dry or dehydrated skin. On the other hand, if it is supple and fine, then it is likely oily or combination skin.

Tip 3: What is the purpose of the lotion? The purpose of the lotion will determine what kind of lotion you need. If you need a morning cream, then you should choose a lotion with broad-spectrum SPF protection. On the other hand, if the lotion is for evening use, then it is best to stick with one that doesn’t have SPF protection. If you need a lotion to slow down the aging of your skin, then we recommend that you go for one with lots of antioxidants.

Tip 4: Consider the season of the year. Do you know that your skin acts differently depending on the season of the year? Experts recommend that if you reside in the tropics, you should have two different types of lotion for the different times of the year. Choose a more hydrating lotion for the harmattan period while the lighter lotion is just perfect for the humid rainy season. Also, if you are migrating to a new country, find out the prevalent season at that time and choose the right lotion to match it.

Tip 5: Many people don’t know this but one of the most important factors to consider when choosing lotions is age. You don’t expect that the lotion that you used when you were 20 years old will suit your skin at 40. The reason is that your skin is a breathing, living organism, and it changes with time. As such, the same way you adjust your wardrobe as you advance in age, you must alter your skincare products. Your skin slows down in the production of natural sebum with age, so it naturally becomes dryer. This means that you need to invest in more hydrating lotions as you get older.

Skincare Tips You Should Know

Everyone dreams of having flawless skin. For this dream to become reality, you must understand how to care for the skin. Below are some helpful skincare tips:

  • Avoid using too many products.
  • Moisturize the skin day and night.
  • Stop touching your face or peeling off acne and scars.
  • Stay away from exposure to direct heat.
  • Exfoliate the skin at least twice every week.
  • Use lotions that contain lots of vitamins and antioxidants.
  • Eat healthily.
  • Ensure that you make use of clean makeup equipment.

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